Rock at Havana’s Salon Rosado de la Tropical

By Nike

Suicidal Tendencies rock concert at the Tropical in Havana.

HAVANA TIMES — Friday May 11th was an unforgettable day for rock and roll in Cuba. Those of us who follow this genre of music and could go to US band SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ concert at La Tropical, enjoyed a show which was both professional and full of good energy, from beginning to end.

From the opening played by DJ de Cuba, followed by Cuban rock band Zeus, with extremely talented musicians and a long history of rock music, followed by Juan Camacho’s ever intense words, the best presenter and entertainer this genre has in our country, who introduced the US band, it made Friday night a night we’d never forget.

Founded in 1981, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ line-up includes drummer David Lombardo who has Cuban roots, who moved everyone in the audience when he said that he was born at the Hijos de Galicia hospital in Havana, in the Luyano neighborhood. The band’s singer is originally from Chile and thanks to Cervantes’ language which bonds us, they managed to make the audience (mostly young people who had come from all over the country) forget the bad weather which comes in May to welcome in the summer.

In my opinion, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ performance was a smashing success, and that’s why I invite every band who wants to come play here to this venue: you have an audience with open arms, anxiously waiting to dance and have fun.