Street Dance in Havana (Photo Feature)

by Nike

Grupo Arlequin, from Camaguey, Cuba                     

HAVANA TIMES – The International Dance Festival in urban landscapes, Old Havana, a city on the move or “Street Dance”, which I like better. The 24th edition of this festival came to an end on Sunday April 7th.

I haven’t missed it a single year. I love that dancers are out dancing in the middle of the street and that people working nearby or visiting Havana, can walk around a street corner and stumble across a couple from Argentina dancing Tango, or some young Mexicans putting on a show, like the AKOKISTA dance troupe and Agave heart/XOCHIPILLI, who danced professionally and with grace, wearing masks and giving the audience Tequila shots, from the bottle, which they appreciated and enjoyed.

The “Merecumbe” dance company, from Costa Rica, performed in Plaza de las Armas, one of the outdoor venues every year and always well-received by the public. The very talented dancers performed their “Baile Costa Rica” and “Violencia es Violencia” a choreography which is a criticism of gender-based violence.

Headed by Maestra Liliana Balle, this group explores the special features of the language of dance in Latin America and its Afro-Caribbean roots, as well as the different dance and music styles that are used for Boleros in Costa Rica.

Their choreographies touch upon family violence. In short, “Merecumbe” uses dance’s own codes and manages to make Cubans identify with it, with its message, as Latin Americans.

I invite you to visit Old Havana’s streets next April, and to appreciate dance groups of all ages and from all over the world.

Merecumbe from Costa Rica in the Plaza de Armas


A dance group from Mexico practicing.
Group from Costa Rica


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