The Music of Cuban Artist Danay Suarez

Por Zahrah

Danay Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – A self-taught artist, Danay Suarez ventured into the world of music when she was 15 years old. She would perform at concerts organized by the Cuban Agency of Rap and was prominent on Havana’s underground rap scene, collaborating with groups such as Los Aldeanos, Krudas, Raudel and Papa Humbertico.

She later came to the attention of Gilles Peterson, a French-born DJ and record label owner in the UK, and was featured on his first Havana Cultura compilation (working closely with Roberto Fonseca in this collaboration). Lagrimas de Soledad in the link below was on this album.

Danay’s distinctive voice and versatility to rap and sing over jazz piano, breakbeats or reggae riffs led to her being nominated for four Latin Grammys in 2017, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year. She has been referred to as “Cuba’s hip-hop representative of the female conscience, with an exquisite voice and intelligent lyrics.”


The Havana Times Music playlist can be accessed on all of our pages both in English and Spanish.

Danay Suarez Playlist tracks:

  1. Lagrimas de Soledad
  2. Guajira
  3. Yo aprendi
  4. Musica del Corazon
  5. Individual
  6. Esta Guerra Tan Violenta
  7. Fantasma
  8. Preguntas
  9. Dias
  10. In the Eyes of God
  11. Hay un Lugar