The Work Process of Cuban Artist Stefania Diez (Video)

HAVANA TIMES  – This audiovisual by Lesnik Allen brings us the work process of Cuban artist Stefania Diez.

Nur 2016 Entes from havanatimes on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “The Work Process of Cuban Artist Stefania Diez (Video)

  • As the Executive Director of a non-profit organization in the United States that focuses on the research, promotion and preservation of culture as seen in the arts, dance, literature, spirituality, music, folklore of Africa and the diaspora. Included in our goal is to research the connection between Africa, Cuba, Brazil and the Caribbean Island for cross culture exchange. On my recent trip last year to Cuba (which was not long enough) I fell in love. In an effort to reach out to and maintain relationships with the artist, musicians, singers, practitioners of the Yoruba, Santeria, Lucumi system. I am glad i found this site to seek out and maintain friendships, networking and collaborations opportunities to promote the continued restoration and preservation of historical cultural heritage that will benefit and support the individual and community development; and supports our sustainability as “Keepers” of our history and culture through the arts.

    • I encourage you Nemi Aweni to do all you can to maintain contact with Cuba. The more contact with others in the free world, the better. It is difficult for Cubans in Cuba to contribute to this site ‘Havana Times’ because of the restrictions imposed by the Cuban Government upon communication, but that policy is being steadily eroded and we all look forward to the day when Cubans can openly express their views without fear of repression.

      • Hi Carlyle, that you so much for the helpful response. I will do my best, some of the friends that i met while there. I am having difficulty staying in contact with. Carlyle, while there is a difference in the level of restrictions Cuban people have to deal with in Cuba. Here in America things are increasingly depressing for Black people. Of the many things that i was impressed with in Cuba was the sense of family and community there. That is one of the main things taken away from us, a sense of family, community and culture. I particularly targeted artist and brought as many art supplies as i could. I also made contact with spiritual practitioners there too. I was so warmly welcomed. I hope that you and i will remain in contact and become friends.

        • The main and best method of contact Nemi is by e-mail (correo electronico). Writing letters for snail mail is fruitless as most of them never reach their destination. But Cubans are in general unable to participate in Havana Times.
          When I am at home in Cuba, I am unable to access the Internet.
          The position for black people in the US is obviously not good, but don’t imagine that racism is not active in Cuba. I know, my wife and I are of different colours and we experience it.
          You are correct about the importance of “la familia” in Cuba, it is the base of social structure. That in turn gives rise to the sense of community. The essence of Cuba is in its music, where the Afro-Cubano sector is the base.
          I am a non-believer, but involvement in various religions is increasing in Cuba.
          The arts are the one area in Cuban society that has been allowed to pursue its own direction. Tongue-in-cheek works can be observed and one painting which gave me a giggle, was of a 1950’s open enormous American car full of happy Cubans – the title was: “The Cuban Convertible”.


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