“Line-Sitters” Aren’t Your Enemies

By Ammi

President Diaz Canel: “We are doing what the people have asked for…”

HAVANA TIMES – The government’s announcement of new Covid-19 prevention measures last weekend was accompanied by some repressive groups created to arrest people in the lines, who they have labeled with the unknown term “line-sitters” and, according to them, are involved in illegal activities and hoarding.

The most significant thing about all of this is that Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel himself has called upon the population to lead an uprising, which in a few words would be something like “The people need to fight the people.”

Further repressive indoctrination with the excuse that it has been at the population’s request. A revolting initiative, which many Cubans are criticizing on social media.

It’s not a secret to anyone here that violence has shot up at a dizzying pace, as has the number of young people killed in street brawls, as well as femicides and homicides which are the result of depression a lot of the time, caused by the lockdown and the general economic crisis.

I would also add the vocal campaign of terror that is used to implement Operation Muzzle and stop people from speaking up, complaining and dissenting in the face of the regime having forgotten about the general population.

Amidst this international landscape, where support for our fellow Cubans is more effective, we hear the outdated idea that Fidel Castro first said back in the ‘80s.

“Cuba’s streets are for revolutionaries” has unleashed a pack of PCC (Cuban Communist Party) hounds, which according to the Cuban leader, will be on the frontline, in the first trench against the “line-sitters”.

In short, the government has set the Cuban people up to destroy each other amidst our already damaged human relationships, against our friends and neighbors with strong statements and offensive labels for these people who stand in never-ending lines since the night before.

A group of people mostly aged 40+ have risen up and are injected with a good dose of hate, repression and abuse to look after lines at hard-currency (TRD) stores and other establishments selling in CUCs, a currency that has no real value on the international market. 

Raul Castro’s choice for president has proven his desperation once again, amidst shortages of basic essentials where the only alternative has been to open dollar stores for the minority and put a target on those who are only trying to get by in a line, at an ordinary store, waiting with faith and hope for whatever the truck brings in.