The Nut that the Screw’s Missing

By Ammi

HAVANA TIMES – When the pandemic still hadn’t hit Cuba, many people were listening carefully to the absurd idea about rearing ostriches and the nutritional information of crocodiles and hutias.

This was the butt of every joke on social media for a while (as Cubans don’t normally eat these kinds of animals).

Guillermo Garcia Frias, Comandante of the Cuban Revolution and author of the book Encuentro con la verdad, had thrown out the following statement without thinking (or thinking a great deal). “Ostriches are introduced, it isn’t native to our country, and this ostrich produces more [meat] than a cow.” He also spoke about the need to rear crocodiles and hutias to feed the Cuban people.”

Once the pandemic finally arrived and we went into lockdown, we have witnessed other “great” ideas. One leader said every citizen should plant a pineapple in their backyard, garden or roof terrace. He apparently forgot that many Cubans don’t even have a place to live.

These words came from Gerardo Hernandez (one of the Cuban Five – spies in the US). The pineapple idea was promoted because he is the current president of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

All of these ideas are ridiculous and nonsense. They provide no logical or pressing solution to help Cubans put food on their tables without so much stress.

To not be too far behind in this tragicomic of opinions, this gem from Trabajadores newspaper soon followed. The article recommends “eating less to reverse climate change.” It talks about “the percentage of greenhouse gases produced in the production chain and in food consumption.”

They’re all a cohort of dimwits, starting with the president and his famous phrase: “lemons are the basis of everything.”

Behind these “tips”, there is a “full stomach”, a leader who doesn’t suffer shortages or hunger.

Have all of them lost the same “screw” of dignity and respect? 

I’m ashamed right now.

As if to make up for my day, the baker gave me a piece of bread as a gift. And what a surprise!

When I got home, I found the screw right in the middle of this homogenous and warm dough. The same screw that the clowns in this circus called “Communism” have lost.        

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    A bit of a screwy article this time but needed.

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