Cuba in a Matchbox

Photo Feature by Ariel Glaria Enriquez

HAVANA TIMES – One of the oldest and most universal practices of humanity has consisted of attracting through invocations, rites or images everything on which the subsistence or well-being of a community depends. The sun, rain or fire have been, perhaps, the elements most represented by man.

Following that old tradition and in full use of my faculties, I invoke through the following supplication and images that matches be found in Cuba.

Prometheus, god of fire, grant me light. I’m not asking you for something as volatile as lighter fluid. Nor something as abstract as the magnet or as elusive as a tiny flint stone. I ask you for nothing but a humble and simple box of matches.

May these beautiful places in my country, printed on matchboxes, perform the miracle that matches appear again in Cuba.

Also, divine Prometheus, even if its beyond your field of action, I could sure use a cell phone.

NOTE: The boxes in the pictures are empty.

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One thought on “Cuba in a Matchbox

  • Matches as shown was one thing I have Collected over the years I visited Cuba & in return for my Many Many Match Box Collection, I provided Bic Lights, Countless as Gifts of So Much Need I felt a Fare Trade for so many that only Cook by Wood. Fishing Hooks & Line made me more Friends then most will Know in a Life Time. Stainless Knives that could hold an edge was over the Moon & a Folding Pocket Knife for Elder Men was my most Special Felt from the Heart. I have Been Given Boxes of Match Books, Gifts if permitted just one more Visit before it is all Taken away, The Spirit of Cuba as if it was Snuffed out.

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