Put the Guns Down!

Ariel Glaria Enriquez

HAVANA TIMES – Florida, Havana, the whole world has been shaken by another massacre.

Once again, the murderer and victims were young people. Once again, the world feels old and sick.


What eye is there behind this eye that takes aim?

What finger is there behind this finger which pulls the trigger?

What madness is there behind this madness?

What bitterness is there behind this bitterness?

What hate is there behind this hate that started all of this?


2 thoughts on “Put the Guns Down!

  • A lot of bad people did a lot of bad things for a long time. You have to let some of that go KEC. Anyway, how can you fixate on what white folks did to red folks, for example, 150 years ago and ignore what the Castros are doing to Cubans today?

  • Put down the guns? The Lobbyists for the RIFLE ASSOCITION are ensuring that guns remain in the hands of especially white people. Is this in preparation for the next Civil War. The white fellow who went into the Black Church and shot its members, did so as a means of starting the next civil war. But this is not strange, for the way the Red Indians were treated by the Founding Fathers. The many LYNCHINGS of BLack People in the Southern States; the many Gonernments which were toppled by the USA, the many leaders who were assassinated because they did not tow the line of the USA. The KOREAN WAR, the VIETNAM WAR, the My Lai and TET OFFENSIVES. The USA is a COUNTRY of VIOLENCE and, when they are criticized they take offence,rather than rectify their disease. The Rifle Association Contributes to the Campaign Funds of all the political parties, so, who is going to initiate Laws to curtail the spread of guns? WHO?

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