What Doesn’t Entertain Young People?

Ariel Glaria Enriquez

HAVANA TIMES – This happened when I’d just finished my military service and I didn’t want to be alone. I was 21 years old, I was independent at last and I was convinced that I could have anything I wanted.

Then, with the Special Period, which some more objective people called the Hellish Period, Havana became a dead city. There wasn’t anything to do. The blackouts became alumbrones (illuminations when the electricity did come on), food was scarce, and everyone was talking about the same things over and over again.

With only my recent independence to get away from all of that, I sought to fall in love, no matter what the cost.

And, I met Tamara one afternoon. She was my friend’s girlfriend’s closest cousin. I set out on winning her over from the very beginning. We spoke until really late on the first day, standing on a balcony. The following night, we went to the movies (people still used to go to the movies) and by the time we came out, we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Contrary to my own intentions, she wasn’t that interested in going out, much less in falling in love.

Our relationship lasted a couple of months. When we broke it off, we stayed friends and started a game that when she saw me, she would be indifferent to me, and I would pretend that I was still interested in her, just to have a bit of fun.

That went on while our paths still crossed. Today, I think that she was also pretending, maybe also to have a bit of fun, because… what doesn’t entertain young people?

Ariel Glaria

Ariel Glaria Enriquez: I was born in Havana Cuba in 1969. I am proud bearer of an endangered concept: habanero. I don’t know of another city, therefore life in it along with its customs, joys and pain are the biggest reason why I write. I studied mechanical drawing, but I am working as a restorer. I dream of a Havana with the splendor and importance it once had.

2 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Entertain Young People?

  • May 13, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    Mi nombre es Luis Alberto Martinez.Vivo en Sao luis de maranhao Brasil.
    Naci en Flores.R.O.U.
    A los 24 anos emigre a Australia debido a la situacion politica de mi pais.Soy Uruguayo-Australiano retirado.
    Me intereso su articulo,quizas porque pase algunas cosas iguales de la juventud.
    Siempre me gusto vuestra ciudad…tambien fui musico-cantor ferviente admirador de la Sonora Matancera….me han contado y he leido muchos libros acerca de su pais.
    Me gustaria intercambiar conocimientos de vida….a su vez quedo a vuestra bondad.

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