Goodbye Union and May Things (Not) Go Well

Daisy Valera

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HAVANA TIMES — I’m going to request to resign from the union on May 15, I wasn’t able to on the 1st. In the worker evaluation reports they do on me every three months, no longer will they be saying I’m interested in the union’s work.

But I swear, I was genuinely interested in exchanging my bad lunch here at the workplace cafeteria for 15 pesos a day (An option at some workplaces).

What happened is that I fractured my toe, so I’m not in the mood for visitors.

You might ask, “Visits from whom?”

From a compañero (comrade) from the union, of course.

Did he come to verify the swelling of my toe or to wish me a speedy recovery? I really don’t know.

I’m not very good at dealing with uncertainties. I prefer to make a clean cut and say goodbye to my intrepid Workers Union, bye-bye Confederation of Cuban Workers.

I believe that the compañero who visited me is a retired military officer and a member of the PCC (Cuban Communist Party). He’s seemingly friendly, but we don’t know for sure.

I’m just not in the mood for visits from strangers – it’s nothing personal.

Malicious gossip has it that there’s nothing that resembles workplace management more than our own union. It’s up to you to believe such conjecture or not.

For the time being, all I can do is keep wondering what happened to the dues I paid them every month to belong to that organization.

I need to shake this pessimism; I can assure you that union meetings can be painful.

-We don’t complain because it’s not going to solve anything.
-We won’t buy a certain piece of equipment because there’s no money for it.
-Maybe next year.

There are exceptions, of course.

Note: I haven’t forgotten that we are a blockaded country.

But what role have unions played in the face of this sudden growth of “available” (unemployed) workers?

Persuade me, convince me, that this is good for labor.

I don’t feel comfortable when they merely comply with directives – instead of challenging them.

It irritates me when the barrier between what’s work-related and what’s one’s private life becomes blurred to the point of converting your home into an extension of the job.

I feel bad for the lack of protection endured by so many workers here on this island.

So, I’m bidding my farewell. It’s amazing what the threat of a visit can do.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Union and May Things (Not) Go Well

  • Unions are a waste of money and time just as they are here in canada daisy do what your heart tells you. Although it dosnt pay the bills you always have options.even in cuba

  • Please Daisy, do not quit, please, Hans

  • A trade union that automatically agrees with its government on everything is a waste of space. Mucha suerte Daisy! Agreement comes AFTER negotiations not instead of.

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