Big Brother’s Watching

Dariela Aquique

Big Brother Is Watching You.

What was the sensation experienced by Winston Smith (the main character in 1984, the novel by British writer Georges Orwell) when he thought that enormous and ubiquitous signs with the phrase “Big Brother’s Watching” were looking at him from all directions?

I don’t know exactly how Winston felt. The plot is so distressing that you prefer not to involve yourself with it excessively; instead, you read impatiently, distancing yourself from that character so as to not get caught up in identifying with his anguish and impotence.

But recently I’ve almost gotten to the point of experiencing the same panic attacks as Mr. Smith.

I’m simply someone who has found a certain pleasure in the humble act of writing for a site that publishes my comments without seizures, censors, impositions or “suggestions.” This has also served me in exercising the occupation of writing and has given me the possibility of venturing into the field of journalism; something that I confess was completely alien to me.

My commentaries contain no ulterior motives. They are as I think, feel and write. I do not presently belong to (nor will I belong to) any association or group that funds propaganda. I write for pure personal initiative.

However, the mere fact that this site is not official can make it highly suspect, reaching the point of causing problems for me or worse still: the potential to be at any moment accused of committing the crime of “cyber-dissidence.”

This latest in Cuban terminology was created based on the conjunction of the definitions “cybernetics” and “dissidence.” It essentially refers to people who somehow have ties with cyberspace and deplorable websites or pages that have contacts or correspond with non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

It has not been by chance that the appearance and repetition of the concept of cyber-dissidence in the mass media has occurred in unison with a series of reports and articles with statements by undercover Cuban security operatives who were dedicated to working exactly in independent journalism or in any other type of activity connected to the Internet.

They have also blown their cover for nothing because nothing of what they have said turned up anything new, revealed a conspiracy or threatened anyone.

I believe it has been more of a strategy to criticize the media campaign and to sow paranoia among bloggers so that they doubt everyone. Make them believe they’re exposed and experience the same fears as Winston Smith when everywhere around him he found that same phrase: “Big Brother’s Watching.”

Dariela Aquique

Dariela Aquique: I remember my years as a high school student, especially that teacher who would interrupt the reading of works and who with surprising histrionics spoke of the real possibilities of knowing more about the truth of a country through its writers than through historical chronicles. From there came my passion for writing and literature. I had excellent teachers (sure, those were not the days of the Fast-track Teachers) and extemporization and the non-mastery of subjects was not tolerated. With humble pretenses, I want to contribute to revealing the truth about my country, where reality always overcomes fiction, but where a novel style shrouds its existence.

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