Cuba Reggaeton-Free Zones?

Dmitri Prieto

Osmany Garcia, photo:

HAVANA TIMES, Dec 5 — A solution occurred to me concerning the abundance of a certain spirituality that’s dealt us in industrial quantities in the form of reggaeton. I’m referring to the problematic practice in Cuba of blasting reggaeton almost anywhere public – with the possible exception of funerals.

We who don’t like reggaeton need to come to an agreement and look for a good designer who can create a logo for the designation “Reggaeton-Free Zone.”

Pursuing this low-cost solution, we could print up stickers with the logo and the phrase.

These would then be stuck up at almost any public place in Cuba – with the possible exception of funeral homes.

This will be our struggle, our “battle of ideas.”

We could almost call it the continuation of the 1961 literacy campaign.

What do you think? Does anybody out there like the idea?


2 thoughts on “Cuba Reggaeton-Free Zones?

  • El reggotón me da asco, no me siento cubano en Cuba con esa mierda !! Bueno,soy hijo de cubanos pero voy a menudo.Espero con INCENTIVOS,nos deje ese cáncer originario de EEUU ….pobres cubanos, están quemados !! Saludos de NYC.

  • Definitely Dimitri! I love the idea not only of the logo but of a reggaeton-free acoustic environment for the sake of everyone_and, for the record, I am 30 not older. It´s just that I can´t stand the idea of hearing my 9 year-old daughter uttering such “profound” lyrics.

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