Diary on Strike

Dmitri Prieto

HAVANA TIMES, May 1 — In solidarity with the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement that tries to recover this international day of workers struggles for the United States, I declare myself on strike for May Day.

Glory to the Martyrs of Chicago!

Fellow workers, lets demand power!


Dimitri Prieto-Samsonov

Dmitri Prieto-Samsonov: I define myself as being either Cuban-Russian or Russian-Cuban, indiscriminately. I was born in Moscow in 1972 of a Russian mother and a Cuban father. I lived in the USSR until I was 13, although I was already familiar with Cuba-- where we would take our vacation almost every year. I currently live on the fifth floor of an apartment building in Santa Cruz del Norte, near the sea. I’ve studied biochemistry and law in Havana and anthropology in London. I’ve written about molecular biology, philosophy and anarchism, although I enjoy reading more than writing. I am currently teaching in the Agrarian University of Havana. I believe in God and in the possibility of a free society. Together with other people, that’s what we’re into: breaking down walls and routines.

3 thoughts on “Diary on Strike

  • “The only solution is world revolution” says the OWS site. Here’s a serious case of DENIAL in affirming they are NOT anti-capitalist.

  • Dmitri, I hope you enjoyed your “day off”. The OWS movement is not anti-capitalist. It IS anti-injustice, anti-corruption, and anti-(anti-democratic). But better said, it is a positive movement that is working to “making technologies, knowledge, and culture open to all to freely access, create, modify, and distribute.” From a Cuban perspective, this may seem anti-capitalistic but the organizers all over the country are careful to emphasize this is not the case. Were it so, it would not have lasted this long. To be sure, there are anti-capitalist sympathizers among its supporters but by and large the 99% who support this movement love their country and our democracy. They simply want to improve it and ensure that it is available for everyone. I hope this doesn’t bust your bubble. Check out the official Occupy Wall Street website to confirm at http://occupywallst.org.

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