A Very Serious Matter that could be Funny

Photo: Cheril LeBlanc

By Eduardo N. Cordovi Hernandez

HAVANA TIMES – Every time I fell in love with a girl and she told me: I just like you as a friend, I’d get really annoyed. I still don’t like it.

It’s something that every guy has experienced and goes through, still!

I believe that more than one person was hurt, when another ended up saying: It’s better we just stay friends, let’s not wreck a friendship. As if they were two different and even conflicting matters.

I tell myself: What’s this friendship business? To stop people having erotic relations? Most of the time, a person doesn’t want to start a family. They just want to explore the world, and try and live life the best they can. That’s it. Starting a family isn’t a bad thing either. Not at all! But nobody goes out to hook up with this objective.

I can understand if it was an excuse to sidestep a response like: I’m not attracted by you, you’re not my type. Something that is implicit, anyhow.Or an excuse not to tell a lie, like: I prefer guys with glasses or, if you have a big nose, tell you: Snub-nosed guys turn me on the most…

A situation like this doesn’t have to be strange:

I just ended a relationship. I don’t have lots of friends, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol and my topics of conversation aren’t very popular. I don’t like soccer or pelota (baseball), and I don’t like politics either. Then, Mother Nature comes a knocking… Why wouldn’t you go to a friend’s house who, I know, is just as single as I am?

After saying hello, maybe a coffee, it wouldn’t be bad if I asked her very bluntly: What do you think about rolling around in the sheets with me?  At the end of the day, friendships aren’t just for talking and laughing. Other activities can also be done in the name of friendship. So many more! When it isn’t staying over at the hospital and watching the IV drip… You’re not going to ask for a loan, without knowing when you’ll be able to pay it back; It might be a bit… what’s the word? uncomfortable at the beginning, breaking the habit. But then, we’d both enjoy a bit of gymnastics to consolidate our friendship and we could even meet again! We could carry on until our friendship takes another turn, or not… Or as God wants! With all of the fuss afterwards! This is one of the greatest problems of humanity: The uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow. As if we didn’t have to die. The future is now!

The situation would be a little like this: … well, my friend, you can’t imagine what I’m going through, you know, I’m used to sleeping with company and when it’s been a while it isn’t about sleeping or missing it, but nothing! I imagine that you’re going through the same thing and at the end of the day, we’re human and we’re also God’s animals, and we’ve always been such good friends. Maybe we could enjoy ourselves more until time passes by and someone comes along for one of us and, who knows? Maybe we even make a great team! Friendship should be good for something else, no?

It’s not common. We are convinced that friends are for everything. For anything, as long as it means sacrifice for this at least… But I wonder: Who else better to do it with?

The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t want to; it doesn’t matter why.

I guess that an intelligent person will appreciate the sincerity, the urgency, and the point. On the other hand, they might think you’re shameless, find your proposal funny and laugh a little bit. Maybe, when trying to find logic in this statement, they agree. Which is also to say that she’ll also enjoy it.

In short, you end up convinced that you only have acquaintances. Although, you’re still hopeful you still haven’t gone to see them all.

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