Cuban Youth Will Never Be Fooled

Elio Delgado Legon

Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro. File photo:

HAVANA TIMES — US imperialism has always pinned its hopes on young people in countries with governments they don’t like, because they have progressive governments who are determined to make their people as happy as they can be and not to hand their countries over to multinational corporations which will only bleed them dry and impoverish them with neoliberal policies.

Cuban youth have been subjected to different kinds of infiltration techniques and they have all been reported and rejected by Cuban young people themselves because they are well aware of the methods that Imperialism’s agencies use, who hide their real intentions of the hungry wolf who wants to devour nations dressed up as sheep, under the guise of different names.

Venezuela and Nicaragua are two examples of how Imperialism and the international Right are working against the Leftist governments we have in the region.

In Venezuela, they unleashed an economic war of shortages in complicity with the country’s extreme Right so as to blame the government for the crisis and giving the people incentive to overthrow it. As this strategy didn’t lead to the results they were hoping for, they called for violence on the streets, where terrible, atrocious acts were committed (people were even burnt alive), provoking chaos nationwide. However, this didn’t lead to the results they wanted either.

They were asking for elections to be moved forward for a long time, hoping they could win and bring about a change of government which is what Imperialism needs. However, when the government proposed that general elections be held, they didn’t agree and some Right-wing groups didn’t even take part because they had lost so much prestige with their destabilizing actions, so much so that it would have been impossible for them to win the election.

As a result, President Nicolas Maduro was reelected, as was to be expected, with a larger majority vote than in the previous elections. In spite of that, Imperialism and Right-wing groups continue to try and destabilize the country by placing sanctions and spreading untrue and biased information, which has even fooled the European Union.

In Nicaragua’s case, everybody knows that President Daniel Ortega won the elections quite recently with over 70% of the vote, after having held the presidency since 2007. The country he received was poverty-stricken and it slowly recovered under him, with sustained GDP growth and extreme poverty rates falling constantly, all of which were the results of previous governments’ neoliberal policies.

Under the Sandinista Front government’s rule, Nicaragua has been Central America’s safest country and the most advanced economically-speaking. However, the international Right and Imperialism haven’t forgiven it and took advantage of the government’s new social security reforms to kick off a protest which different US agencies (such as USAID, the NED, the NDI and CIA) have been working on ever since Daniel Ortega was elected.

Initial protests relating to the reforms policy (which was immediately revoked) turned into violence by groups who had been trained to fulfill this mission, with home-made weapons and molotov cocktails, which have caused countless fires at state-owned and even private buildings and have also taken the lives of approximately 200 people, including policemen and firemen. However, reactionary press claims that these deaths are the result of police repression, when the truth is that these criminal groups have done so much damage because the police haven’t intervened as efficiently as they should have.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that the crisis in Nicaragua today has been provoked and organized by Imperialism’s forces who specialize in so-called “soft coups” and this is something that Latin America’s most renowned political analysts and experts are confirming. People who are naively, or deliberately, echoing the reactionary press’ fake and biased news stories don’t know (or maybe they do) the damage they are doing to the Nicaraguan people, 70% of whom support the Sandinista Front and their president Daniel Ortega.

The Nicaraguan crisis is just Imperialism and the international Right’s latest attempt to reverse every Leftist process in Latin America, using every means possible, from accusing the Left’s main leaders without any evidence, turning this into a real witch hunt, to bringing about violent coups like they did to Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, which the Honduran people are still suffering the consequences of.

Let there be no doubts, this is a low-intensity war to empower the Right in Imperialism’s “backyard” at any cost, so they can then obey its orders. Latin American youth, be on the alert, don’t be fooled, just like our Cuban youth haven’t been over all these years!

[Editor’s Note: Elio gives us a clear picture of how the Cuban government and media see the current conflict in Nicaragua.)

27 thoughts on “Cuban Youth Will Never Be Fooled

  • Invito al señor Elio Delgado Legon que antes de escribir acerca de Nicaragua, venga al país y se movilice libremente por el territorio y pregunta qué piensa el pueblo de Daniel Ortega y su familia.
    Acaso ser revolucionario nos permite tener patente de corso?
    Hace falta guillotina para que un Robespierre condene a la decapitación a tanto corrupto que usted ahora defiende.
    Usted y otros muchos que se llaman socialistas han sido responsables de la debacle del socialismo, en la que muchos elementos que mantienen una verborrea contra el imperialismo, los consideran revolucionarios, y son tan defensores del capitalismo salvaje como cualquier empresario de una empresa zona franca como las que están instaladas en Nicaragua a quienes la Constitución y la Leyes Laborales les vale una pendejada. Tipos como usted ha parasitado todo el tiempo haciendo creer que son marxistas-leninistas.
    Si la base económica del socialismo es la propiedad social sobre los medios fundamentales de producción, por favor señale usted (ya que conoce mucho a mi país) las empresas (o medios fundamentales de producción) que el Estado nicaragüense administra.
    Demuestreme usted que aquí existe un gobierno socialista, dirigido por revolucionarios. Por favor no me vayas a salir que socialismo es entregar una libra de arroz y frijoles, una gallina y un cerdo.
    Talvez yo no entiendo porqué tanto”crecimiento” económico, y Nicaragua continúa siendo el país más pobre sólo superado por Haití.

  • But despite the reality of your comment Bradley, Elio actually writes in his delusion that the communist and socialist administrations of which he is so enamoured and which he describes as “progressive”,
    “are determined to make their people as happy as can be.”
    Such self-deception illustrates how communist propaganda can erase all powers of observation and logic. To suggest that the Castro totalitarian State cares one whit about the happiness of the Cuban proletariat is nonsensical. Life under the current regime results in Cubans having to endeavour daily to survive, I have yet to witness the happiness Elio suggests among those patiently waiting for up to 45 minutes to purchase a 5 peso 200 gm loaf of bread at the empresa, those waiting for the permuta and those crammed like sardines into converted sixty year old trucks described as a buses, heading up the pitted Autopista towards La Lisa in Havana and being stopped for inspection at the check points by the State Police.

  • Correction for Nick. For Campbell read Cameron.

  • Your digs are most welcome Mr MacD.
    Having had the great good fortune to have travelled in this world, I can gladly confirm that I am yet to find anywhere as beautiful as the Scottish Highlands and Islands. This is my favourite region of the UK.
    The UK is not actually a partnership of two nations, it is made up of several constituent parts of which Scotland is certainly one.
    There has never been a Prime Minister called Campbell unless you are referring to Henry Campbell-Bannerman who was Scottish but not an Etonian. He went to Glasgow High School.
    Perhaps you are confused with Kim Campbell who was indeed of Scottish ancestry. But she was no Etonian either, although she did complete a course at London School of Economics. And if I remember correctly, Kim Campbell was Prime Minister of Canada and not the UK ??
    I do find the comments which emanate from the Cuban Government to be of great fascination but largely one-sided. I would describe your comments in exactly the same way. So please do keep them coming.

  • Mr MacD,
    I’m not going to enter into a disagreement concerning the derivation of the term ‘common sense’. However I would recommend that you consider applying it more often within your Cuba related rhetoric.
    My own bloodline can be traced to various parts of the world including Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.
    So I certainly share your pride in the history and achievements of Scotland (or ‘God’s Country’ as it is often called – albeit not by the English or Welsh!!).
    Thank you kindly for your book recommendation.
    Much appreciated. I shall look it up.

  • Can’t resist the dig Nick. The English have managed to discuss the UK without mention of Scotland for generations although it is the other kingdom in the United Kingdom and although there have been numerous Prime Ministers of Scottish origin ( maybe not as many as there have been Etonians – although Campbell was both) that too is never mentioned.
    Nice to know that you find my comments fascinating – but then, I do know Cuba, the people of Cuba and the repression of the communist totalitarian system.

  • Wikipedia is not always an accurate source. The English phrase ‘Common Sense’ has been properly attributed to Thomas Reid and arose as a consequence of the discussions that went on during the Scottish Enlightenment between such distinguished scholars as Hutcheson (Glasgow University), Adam Smith and Hume (Edinburgh University) and Reid (Aberdeen University). You will have noted that Paine used it in 1776 shortly following its introduction by Reid.
    It is noteworthy Nick that Scotland had four universities when England had two. Also that prior to the Scottish Parliament being abolished to enable formation of the Westminster British Parliament in 1707, in 1697 passed an act enabling a school in every parish in the Scottish Kingdom with education being free for all. England adopted similar legislation in 1875 almost two hundred years later and I well remember the centenary celebrations in 1975 as I was a Governor at that time of two English schools. One of the perpetual bugbears of education in England is that until 1875 it was only for the privileged, thus encouraging the development of the class system that has bedeviled English politics.
    Another factor was the anti-feminine policy at the Universities. Example being Vera Brittain, Shirley Williams mother, who although studying at Oxford was awarded a certificate when her male fellow students were awarded degrees – and that Nick was in the twenties!
    As for Princeton, the first Principle John Witherspoon was a Scot. The influence of the Scots upon US education being remarkable.
    Can I also recommend reading: “How the Scots Invented the Modern World”. It was written by a distinguished US professor Arthur Herman (not a Scot) and was professor of history at George Mason University and then at Georgetown University. If you are interested in the US, you will not find better reading.

  • Tom Paine was influenced greatly by the enlightenment which would include the Scottish enlightenment. Although used by Thomas Reid, the term ‘common sense’ surely originates with Aristotle/The Greeks.
    Paine was shunned by many former allies in the latter part of his life including by George Washington. One of the issues they disagreed upon was slavery. It is well known that Washington was a slave owner. The very concept of ‘being a slave owner’ was regarded by Paine as a disgrace as he was a staunch abolitionist.
    I must admit to not being an expert on Princeton University other than knowing it as one of the USA’s venerable seats of learning and having some vague connection with the dastardly William of Orange??
    I was previously unaware of it’s Scottish heritage. Most interesting.

  • Who is excluding Raul?
    That’s what authoritarian regimes do shoot there fellow citizens.

  • Don’t exclude Raul Castro Ruz from responsibility Bradley, on January 12th, 1959, he executed 78 Cubans at Santiago de Cuba by firing squad without trial. Raul Castro although himself shown mercy by the notorious Batista, never showed any himself. His lack of mercy matches his lack of humour. Raul is a killer!

  • Well Ken, I even found that reception on a Grundig short wave radio was blocked. But maybe proximity to certain hotels may allow Cubans access to Miami TV.

  • As one privileged to be a citizen of the United Kingdom Nick, you should know that Thomas Paine got the expression “Common sense” from Professor Thomas Reid Professor of Philosophy at Aberdeen University during the Scottish Enlightenment. Have you read the background of the establishment of Princeton University?

  • For anyone who either is merely reflecting the policies of the PCC, to criticize the US for subverting democracy while using a picture of the three brass monkeys Raul Castro Ruz, Nicholas Maduro and Daniel Ortega with their proven records of subversion in support, is joke value.
    Elio Delgado Legon chose as a heading:

    “Cuban Youth Will Never be Fooled”

    They were in Elio’s time! The man who fooled them with his recorded lies, was Fidel Castro! You along with the Cuban youth of your time really were fooled Elio!
    Remember Fidel lying by saying:

    “We are against communism.” ?
    “They have no right to accuse the revolution of being communist.”
    “There can be no danger if we do what Cubans want, if we provide social practice and solve the problems of all Cubans of liberty, of respect for individual rights, of freedom of the press and thought, of democracy, of liberty to select their own government.”

    Those quotes illustrate a tissue of lies which suckered Elio and the Cuban youth of his time!
    As the saying goes Elio: “There’s no fool like an old fool.”

  • Mr P, you state the following:
    ‘But this is Havana Times and we are focused on the failed Castro regime here’.
    I would be interested in an official Havana Times response to that assertion.
    I find HT to be a most interesting source of opinion, comment and debate and an excellent alternative view of Cuba when compared with the official Cuban media (Or in fact, the Floridian media).
    I also find comments such as yours and Mr MacD’s to be fascinating.
    Even though I disagree with much of what you say, I find your one-sided comments provide a counterbalance to the one sided comments of the Cuban Government.
    On this specific occasion you might want to bear in mind that Elio’s article refers directly to the policies of successive US governments.
    If you choose not to address the topic in hand and merely fire inaccurate and pretty insulting potshots at the messenger, then I guess that’s your prerogative.

    But to discuss Cuba without mentioning U.S. policies would be like discussing Ukraine without mentioning Russian policies.

  • Pretty naive Elio.
    Daniel Ortega has resorted to shooting his own citizens just like Maduro did.
    Marxism always resorts to thuggery.

  • Elio’s article refers to the USA’s record of subverting democracy in it’s no1 sphere of influence (backyard). Rather than a response relating to the topic of the article, Mr P merely attacks the messenger. In avoiding the topic and attacking the messenger Mr P unwisely introduces a Goebbels quote. I read this comment carefully and understood it perfectly.
    I read your comment carefully Mr MacD. And I have to say I don’t really understand it at all. It seems like a bit of a random collection of anger and ill thought out ideas.
    What I do note is that you follow Mr P’s lead and completely avoid the topic which Elio’s article and my comment relate to.

  • Thank you

  • The crimes of my country are not the subject of this blog. I have never defended the many legitimate wrongdoings committed by the US. Nor would I. But this is Havana Times and we are focused on the failed Castro regime here.

  • It is my understanding that is some parts of Cuba, it is possible to receive Miami TV stations.

  • If you read carefully Nick, you would have noticed that Moses wrote about “telling a big enough lie and repeating it over and over again.” A quote of Dr. Goebbels opinion. He drew attention to Elio doing just that and if you read again the last two contributions supposedly by Elio – “Progress in Cuban Agriculture” and: “Cuban Youth Will Never be Fooled.” you may find it difficult not to concur with what Moses wrote. Just because Elio is an obvious mouthpiece for the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of Cuba (shades of Dr. Goebbels), I don’t hold him responsible for the reign of terror inflicted by initially Lenin and later by Stalin upon the peoples not only of Russia, but thirteen other countries. To relate Moses’s comments to the endeavors of the German National Socialist Party to “wipe out an entire race” is to say the least a bigoted nasty unjustified abusive comment.

  • I am intrigued Ken by how Cubans managed to access a Miami TV station. As you may know, TV dishes are banned in Cuba.

  • That NomaN is the way to go, especially if you have contact with the 17-25 year old age group, who spread information through their cell-phones. I encourage you to keep it up.
    Just one correction, you write that the news in Cuba from the press, TV and radio is “tainted”. maybe that ought to read “controlled and directed.”?

  • And another thing……..
    Before anyone suggests that I hate the USA or any such thing, I will say this (again):
    I have had the privilege of spending a significant amount of time in the States.
    I regard the USA as a fascinating and great country that has it’s flaws. I regard Cuba and indeed my own country in the same way.
    As a British guy I hold the opinion that ol’ Tom Paine was one of our finest sons.
    He left British shores with a view to helping to change the world.
    He was a Revolutionary and a Visionary.
    And I would like to hereby wish Mr P, Mr Circles Robinson and any other US citizens who may read this, a Very Happy Fourth of July.

  • I think Cubans do get a lot of news from outside Cuba. I myself have seen CNN on the TV in a hotel bar.
    Granted this was in English and the few Cubans who could see this were at work, but surely some fragments of information got through.
    I was in a private home and saw that they were watching a TV station from Miami.
    And there are a large number of Cubans who have spent time abroad. Even if they do not appear on TV or address public meetings, they must share some of their experience with friends and family.

  • It’s so sad that the news that is available in Cuban newspapers and on Cuban TV and radio is so tainted by the Cuban regime. Most Cubans don’t have the money to go online for something other than mail or (Imo) calls. The few that do are mainly downloading apps (games and such) or using Facebook. And then some of the people that get beyond that stage and write articles for HavanaTimes and other sites, just use it as a platform to write about what they think is the truth without gathering more information (however understandable that might be with the prices of and limitations of free internet access in Cuba). But it also supports one of my earlier replies on this site: the need of providing the Cubans with more information about how things work and what’s going on in the rest of the world (instead of just agreeing that the things that happen in Cuba are wrong and due to the Castro regime, the blockage or whatever other reason). My mission to at least inform the people I know in Cuba about the real outside world continues.

  • Once again Elio has prompted an overly hysterical reaction.
    Nazi Germany tried to wipe out an entire race. Goebbels was their mouthpiece.
    To make comparisons between Goebbels and Elio is twisted.
    Perhaps not quite as twisted as the terrorist campaign that your own country waged in Nicaragua in the not so distant past. The USA waged this terrorist campaign because they did NOT like a particular election result. If election results in the USA’s ‘backyard’ do not go in favour of those who will kow-tow to the big regional power, then the response of your country is to plot a path of destruction by one means or another. The great champions of democracy huh?
    You are very quick to criticise others Mr P, but very slow to refer to the crimes of your own country.

  • I Wow! Elio’s article truly reflects the kafkaesque-style propaganda of the withering left. I had to reread the horse manure he writes about the sources of the problems in Venezuela and Nicaragua just to grasp the extreme nature of his delusion. Elio is a product of his limited and propagandized environment. If he truly believes what he writes, he is living, breathing evidence of what Goebbels said about telling a big enough lie and repeating it over and over again. People will begin to believe it. Trump seems to have mastered the same technique. Elio’s last article about Cuban agriculture and this one about Cuban youth should give free thinkers pause. Those who would control us have no interest in the truth. Elio, or the people who control Elio, have no interest in debate. That’s one reason why he never replies to his critics. Elio is only interested in maintaining the status quo in Cuba. Fortunately, his lies are so ridiculous that even Castro sycophants who frequent this blog will not come to his defense here. Wow!

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