Fidel Castro, a Man Who Never Dies

Elio Delgado Legon

They say you have passed away, but I can’t conceive imagining you lifeless in a cemetery.
The person who did so much will never die, you will forever remain alive.

Fidel Castro. File photo: Javier Galeano/AP

HAVANA TIMES – I wrote these verses on November 26th 2016, when I found out about the Cuban Revolution’s historic leader’s death the day before.

Fidel Castro is a man who has been defamed and hated by the Revolution’s and socialism’s enemies, but admired and loved by every revolutionary in the world, and respected by those who, even though they aren’t revolutionaries, want well-being and happiness for their fellow men and women, who he fought for his entire life.

Being a brilliant lawyer, with enough attributes to live a comfortable life under a capitalist regime, he didn’t dedicate his life to earning a living as a lawyer, but to defend the just cause of the poor who were being trampled on by the rich and exploited during the so-called representative democracies that our country suffered after the frustrated Independence movement. Then, on March 10th 1952, Fulgencio Batista sunk our people into a bloody dictatorship with a military coup, which cost more than 20,000 lives of the best of our youth.

An altruist through and through, he dedicated all of his efforts to give the Cuban people the happiness and well-being that they had always been denied, even putting his own life at risk on many occasions. Of course as Cuba was a small archipelago just 90 miles away from the most powerful imperialist nation in the world, which never hid its hunger to have Cuba under its belt, this was a titanic task, but Fidel was a titan, there’s no doubt about that.

When he decided to attack the country’s second most important military fortress, to kick off a war against the dictatorship, he was at the front of his men. When he came from Mexico on a tiny yacht loaded with 82 men, he made a dangerous and titanic trip and he was at the head of his men. When he managed to organize the rebel army in the Sierra Maestra to fight against the dictatorship, he was at the head of his soldiers in the main battles. When the US government organized a contingent of mercenaries to invade Cuba and to create the conditions necessary for a US military invasion, he was at the head of the men who defeated the invasion in less than 72 hours.

When Hurricane Flora showed no mercy in the Oriente province and converted it into a sea, which took approximately 2000 human lives, Fidel was at the head of the rescue operations to save the lives of whoever they could, risking his own. Every time Cuba has been in danger of being hit by a hurricane, he was the first person to reach the affected place so as to take whatever action necessary.

The enemies of the Revolution and socialism, headed by US Imperialism, didn’t stop hatching their assassination plans during the nearly 50 years that Fidel was at the head of the Cuban government. They didn’t stop unjustly accusing him of being a dictator throughout this entire time. However, his austere life, his morale, principals, love for the people, with whom he was always in contact, prove these false accusations to be lies.

A year after his death, on November 25th, his glory continues to grow every day. His ideas crossed borders and reached every corner of this world where there is injustice that needs to be fought against just like he did. That’s why every revolutionary that adopts his ideas as our own claims that Fidel hasn’t died because his ideas live and will continue to live on in every honest human being worldwide.

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  • Fidel Castro is as dead as the Dodo Elio. Your admired regime couldn’t even cart his remains to Santiago without the vehicle breaking down and having to be pushed by the MININT goons. In Santiago they have made certain that Fidel won’t arise again by placing a boulder on top of his remains – big enough not to be rolled aside!

  • Those who,praise the 60 year old dictatorship of Cuba don’t realize wha they themselves take for granted like using the internet and writing freely.

  • Also fc amassed the wealth of everyone that left the country and has had control of the largest plantation in the Caribbean. Read Forbes list and check the sources he’s not a humble or poor dictator like the myth portrays. Can you people get over your idealology for one second to see what he has really done to the island? They’ve taken over everyone’s ability to acquire any wealth and enslaved entire generations moreover they’ve brainwashed idealistic commi morons who wouldn’t survive a day living in Cuba as a Cuban.

  • Can you tell me where fc worked to help the poor as a young lawyer? This myth has been debunked by my family members who grew up with him.

  • It’s the blockade….

  • Note that Stephen-Pons now admits to contributing his note to “The American Spectator” but says that he was just playing with the editor. Believe that if you like. Making a public statement that you are joining the Communist Party of the USA as a frivolity, is not very likely. But yes, he was caught out and had to provide an answer.

  • Elio is stuck in his rut. He speaks of Fidel’s principals and morale, but not of his complete lack of principles and morals. Fidel’s philandering exceeded that of either Ernesto Guevara or Raul Castro demonstrating his lack of morals, and his principles changed month by month as demonstrated by the content of his speeches.
    As for Elio’s hilarious claim that Fidel’s ideas “will continue to live on in every honest human being worldwide”, tell that to the dissidents locked up without trial in Cuba’s all too numerous jails.
    For an example of Fidel Castro’s justice, one need look no further than the trial of Huber Matos to observe the truth.
    As Fidel Castro himself admitted, he did not apply justice, but terror!
    “This is revolutionary terror.”
    All that Matos as a critic of communism and having fought hard as a revolutionary alongside the Castros and Guevara, was to seek to retire, but his fatal error was to write in his letter to Fidel Castro:
    “Great men begin to decline when they cease to be just.”
    That cost twenty years of his life in jail!
    And Elio and others of his ilk, speak of “justice”.

  • Elio having accepted Communist Party of Cuba propaganda about Fidel Castro, continues to parrot the Party line. Endeavors in Cuba to raise Fidel into some kind of Socialismo sainthood, continue unabated on State controlled TV.
    There may be others amongst readers who like me, admire the wonderful programs that the BBC produces about nature in remote parts of the world. In November, Cuban TV showed a BBC program about the Galapagos Islands, but intervened during the program to insert a clip of Fidel addressing bio-diversity at a conference in Montreal way back in 1992. I doubt very much whether the BBC authorized such interruption of their program, but Cuban State TV cares nothing for legalities, all that matters is to get the image of Fidel endlessly in front of the people of Cuba in the endless pursuit of the cult of the personality. Fidel had a pretense of being an authority on all sorts of matters – anyone who read his daily two pages in Granma will be aware of that, but that falsehood of his supposed wisdom continues to be promoted and folks like Elio swallow it.

  • I don’t disclose Cuban sources.

  • I note that Elio talks of Fidel Castro as “a brilliant lawyer”. He ought to read the transcript of the trial of Huber Matos and 38 other revolutionaries, before embarrassing himself by repetition of that comment. As Fidel Castro himself said during the course of that trial:
    “this is revolutionary terror.”
    It was Elio’s “brilliant lawyer” who ensured that under the current laws of Cuba the accused are guilty until proven innocent.

  • Yup!

  • Gracias bjmack. The return will be short lived as I will be back home prior to Navidad. But that will no doubt be greeted with relief by the Castro regime admirers.
    February in Cuba promises to be interesting with the supposed retirement of Raul. I say supposed because as I have pointed out in these pages for several years, Raul is not giving up being head of the military and I believe that he will remain Secretary of the PCC. Diaz-Canel will merely be a dogsbody to deal with the daily chores of repression. The real excitement will be when Raul departs for that special place for deceased dictators, to join Fidel, Pinochet, two generations of the Kim family, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao and other such unsavory characters, perhaps by then even Mugabe. Just imagine spending eternity in such company!

  • Elio claims that Fidel Castro has been “defamed’ which statement infers that Castro was of good character. Can that be said of a man who had thousands executed, who lied about the purpose and intentions of the revolution, who fathered four children in one year by four different women, whose arrogance demanded total power and control over a nation as a dictator and who denied freedom of expression to the people of Cuba?
    Elio having in his innocence swallowed the Marxist/Leninist spouting of Fidel and made him into an undeserving hero is too old to examine the reality of Cuba in the 21st century. Poor fellow, he believes that average incomes of $21 per month, monthly pensions of 200 pesos ($8), repression of free speech (although the Havana Times permits him the right) and folks living in squalor represents success of the supposedly glorious revolution.
    In today’s world Elio, such views are obviously both antiquated and pathetic.
    Fidel Castro led the people of Cuba into penury.

  • It is good to see Carlyle back! Bless you pal and continue to update the goings on in rural Cuba. Feliz Navidad!

  • Pathological liars synonymous with bald-face cowards. Waiting with bated breath for a response, but it is obvious you have him dead to rights.

  • To you KEC, and your impregnable meddle: I listen to rational opinions; just because I engage in debate, does not mean I don’t respect said opinion. I expect those who express them to support in a meaningful way. That’s not asking too much – is it? “Rational opinions” – in my mind – do not include blaming the US and embargo for Cuba’s self-inflicted ills and the Regime’s tired, outdated, and hollow cries of imperialism…at least not without coherent, on-point, substantiating discussion. This is consistently lacking from you, Nick, and others who overplay the victim card.

  • By using the plural of “they”, are you including Stalin, Mao and Hitler? But I repeat my question about your comment in “The American Spectator” which I gave in response to your own question.

  • History books, the people of Santiago, the relatives of the executed and Raul Castro. Incidentally, are you schizophrenic or are there two of you. Was it you who commented upon the article in “The American Spectator” ?

  • Source?

  • That addresses nothing I said, they were capitalists by every definition of the word

  • Hitler was leader of the National Socialist Party.

  • So how many proofs of guilt can you quote from? Do you deny for example that on one day in Santiago, Raul Castro executed 78 people without trial?

  • Brother Nick, The cap fits comfortably. so he will leave it on his head. There will always be those who do not possess the courage, the backbone, the inner strength,to stand up and say that wrong is wrong and right is right! They are made of porous mettle. You and I are made from impregnable mettle and will always gain the respect and admiration of our fellowmen

  • In your comment upon the article of March 31, 2017 in ‘The American Spectator’ written by Joshua Delk and Paul Krugar and entitled:
    A Further Perspective
    Communists and Socialists Rally Under ‘Trump Resistance’

    “This article had finally pushed me to join the CPUSA thx!’
    Raphael Stephen-Pons.

    Are there two of you, or is it schizophrenia?

  • Revoke your statement about communism killing 100 million people, in a different comment I proved it utterly ridiculous.

  • Also, stop making me defend the Castro regime here. But what you said is incorrect, I have not seen proof of one person that was executed who didn’t have immediate contacts with the Batista regime, neither with the violent CIA backed terrorist organisations, if you can provide me with one person who was innocently executed I will be shocked

  • I was never a member, when did I ever say I was?

  • Have you resigned?

  • Mr Robinson…..
    For all it’s flaws, I am most fond of Cuba. It’s like a second home to me.
    The comments on this forum consist to a significant extent of people from the USA criticising Cuba. I frequently seek to put these comments into some kind of context by pointing out that the USA also has it’s significant flaws (different to those of Cuba) and by referring to the fact the USA’s Human Rights record ain’t so hot either.
    As I said in my most recent comment, I have no wish to descend into trading personal insults with Joseph (or with anyone else for that matter).

  • There are rare occasions when we agree.
    But mostly your opinions baffle me Mr MacD.
    Maybe one of the days we’ll get to share a couple of cold beers and ‘shoot the breeze’…
    One never knows……..
    Regarding innovative Cuban engineers, I know exactly what you mean.
    When I see those 60+ year old Chevvies and Fords rocking around nicely day after day, I reckon it’s a testament to the original rock solid Detroit engineering and the genius Cuban mechanics over the course of those decades.

  • Joseph you and Nick may want to carry on your discussion outside the comments section on a post that has nothing to do with you. Let me know if you want me to send your email to Nick and ask him the same.

  • Where do those extra-judicial figures come from ?

  • Tried many times to engage in direct debate with you Nick, but you have never failed to wholely ignore points on the table and interject irrelevant/illogical/out-of-context dance steps.
    Suggest you revisit earlier posts to confirm.
    Completely understand your dilema/frustation/struggles, and what has now evolved to envy. Consequence of being an uneducated poseur.
    That’s my point.
    BTW, more entertainment than anger.

  • All that Fancy-Dan education and not even the merest hint of being capable of any rational debate ??
    I really do struggle to see what your point is.
    Do you actually have one?
    Maybe there is just anger.
    Perhaps that’s why you are always so quick to descend to personal insult.
    I can’t be arsed trading insults with you…….
    So I won’t be joining you on that descent Joseph.

  • I refuse to take you seriously when you think Hitler was anything but capitalist, Hitler was responsible for the first privatization program, in fact the term privatization was invented to describe hitler’s economic policies. Secondly, Lenin had to come to power by destroying the Monarchist institutions of power, completely eradicating the old economic system and mode of production. Meanwhile Hitler’s rise was an inside job, all he did was jail the commies and his capitalist property owning industrialists gave him universal power to destroy the limited amount of democracy awarded in liberal capitalist states.

  • Carlyle MacDuff oh my god dude I am not a member of the CPUSA lol

  • Although being repetitive, i think that your comment Gerard reflects how Fidel Castro deliberately lied, knowing full well what it was that the people of Cuba actually wanted.

    16th March 1959

    “There can be no danger if we do what Cubans want. if we provide social practice and solve the substantial social problems of all Cubans of liberty, of respect for individual rights, of freedom of the press and thought, of democracy, of liberty to select their own government.”

    Fidel Castro Ruz

    In practice Fidel Castro achieved none of the above, preferring to deny human rights, to deny freedom of the press and indeed expression of freedom of thought, to deny democracy and to deny the Cuban people opportunity to select their own government. Even the most ardent Castro regime supporters and communists who write here cannot deny that.

  • Gee whiz Stephen-Pons, that must be one of the longest ever contributions ever to Havana Times. But you do demonstrate the recurring need for communists to endeavor to excuse the realities of communist repression under their dictators.
    My recollection is that Hitler (National Socialist) killed some 11 million, Stalin about 14 million and Mao Tse Dong about 22 million. So I guess that in your thinking the recorded executions under the Castro brothers of 3,615 plus 1,253 extra judicial killings are insignificant?
    But Dania R. Nasca certainly got under your hide!

  • Hi Nick….Yes, my family are all in good fettle. The main change going on is an ever increasing number of electric scooters and bicycles owned by those receiving remittances and some of the bici-taxis converting to being battery driven (as you know, Cubans are great innovators and engineers). I shall be back home again for Christmas and then give you an even longer break from my opinions!
    Pity we can’t share a Bucanero or two (when available). Cheers.

  • I have just ordered the book. I look forward to a good read. Take care .

  • Mr Michaels…….
    I agree with every word of your comment sir.
    You make complete sense.

  • Hello Mr MacD…..
    Wonderful to hear from you again. It’s been a while. How are ya??
    I was becoming somewhat concerned as to your well being.
    Good to learn that you are alive and kicking.
    Despite your criticism (which bounces off me!), I most sincerely wish all the best to you and your family.
    And as I say…..
    It’s good to hear from you again.

  • Hardly privileged, kl0wn. I worked full time during school to pay for my education. Not a dime from my hard working, blue collar, immigrant parents. If I really wanted to wow you with my academic credentials, I would have certainly gone beyond my bachelor’s degree. Merely mentioned Berkeley to inform you how well I know the kind you are desperately trying, but failing, to emulate. Really can’t add to your posts. You are doing a better job than I ever could to expose the failure of a poseur you are.

  • Communism killed 100 million people? Come on, we know no historian could actually back up that figure. The black book of communism a blatantly dishonest book only reached a 97 million figure. Mind you 60 million of that 97 million was from the Great Leap Forward, which number 1: more people died of starvation under capitalist Shang Kai Shek, number 2: the famine wasn’t Mao’s fault Number 3: the usual estimates for the famine that are reasonable are 20-30 million which would cut your figure by more than 30 million, and THERE is much more to talk about this blatantly incorrect figure. 10 million of this number comes from the “holdomor” a genocide that didn’t exist, and the famine itself even if you are dumb enough to blame it on Stalin did not cause 10 million deaths, the usual figures for that famine is 2-4 million:
    On the calculation of the death toll, and population statistics

    Dushnyck’s ‘method’ consists of projecting an anticipated population growth rate, based on the 1926 census, onto the listed population of the 1939 census for Ukraine. The difference between the hypothetical estimate and the 1939 census listing is then pronounced to be ‘famine victims.’…For example, Dushnyck states: ‘taking the data according to the 1926 census… and the January 17, 1939 census… and the average increase before the collectivization… (2.36% per year), it can be calculated that Ukraine… lost 7 1/2-million people between the two censuses.’ “
    Tottle, Douglas. Fraud, Famine, and Fascism. Toronto: Progress Books,1987, p. 69

    [In his report to the 17th Party Congress in January 1934 Stalin stated] We had an increase in the population of the Soviet Union from 160,500,000 at the end of 1930 to 168 million at the end of 1933.
    Stalin, Joseph. Works. Moscow: Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1952, Vol. 13, p. 343

    Note: from the above evidence we can conclude that since there were 3 million people who were called Russian in 1929, that a figure above 5 million is unlikely, mention the goal of trying to get a higher estimate than that of the holocaust.

    Albert Szymanski, in criticizing an estimate of 3 million deaths, has noted:
    “This estimate assumes: (1) that even in the conditions of extreme famine, instability and virtual Civil War, peasants would conceive at the same rate as in less precarious periods; (2) that abortion or infanticide (intentional or not) did not significantly increase; (3) that there were as many women of maximum reproductive age in 1932-1933 as before or after. All of these assumptions are erroneous. All peasants have traditional techniques of birth control and are thus able to limit their reproduction to a significant degree; it is the economic benefit attendant upon having large families which is operative… (Further) legal abortion was so widely practiced in this period that, in 1936, the state banned it as part of the campaign to increase the population.”

    A decline in the birth rate could thus have been expected, and not only due to the reasons outlined by Szymanski. In examining the demographics of the famine era, Wheatcroft states:
    “As is well known, the First World War, Civil War and the early years of the 1920s caused a great gap in births in these years. The age cohort born in 1914 would have been 16 in 1930 and so would have been just entering the period of major reproduction. Consequently, Lorimer and other scholars have concluded that the age structure of the population would have led to a decline in births throughout the early 1930s and until the missing populations born into the 1914-1922 age cohorts have passed on well into the future.”

    James Mace states: “If we subtract our estimate of the post-famine population from the pre-famine population, the difference is 7,954,000, which can be taken as an estimate of the number of Ukrainians who died before their time…Mace is confusing population deficits with excess mortality.
    Tottle, Douglas. Fraud, Famine, and Fascism. Toronto: Progress Books,1987, p. 71

    The borders of the Ukraine were not even the same in 1926 and 1939. The Kuban Cossaks, between 2 and 3 million people, were registered as Ukrainian in 1926, but were reclassified as Russian at the end of the twenties. This new classification explains by itself 25 to 40 per cent of the `victims of the famine-genocide’ calculated by Dushnyck–Mace.
    Martens, Ludo. Another View of Stalin. Antwerp, Belgium: EPO, Lange Pastoorstraat 25-27 2600, p. 107 [p. 91 on the NET]

    (Alec Nove) Additionally, the figures on famine-related deaths cannot be precise, for “definitional” reasons…. Ukrainian statistics show a very large decline in births in 1933-34, which could be ascribed to a sharp rise in abortions and also to the non-reporting of births of those who died in infancy.
    Getty and Manning. Stalinist Terror. Cambridge, NY: Cambridge University Press, 1993, p. 269

    Concerning the scale of the famine in 1932/33, we now have much better information on its chronology and regional coverage amongst the civilian registered population. The level of excess mortality registered by the civilian population was in the order of 3 to 4 million… which is still much lower than the figures claimed by Conquest and Rosefielde and Medvedev.
    Getty and Manning. Stalinist Terror. Cambridge, NY: Cambridge University Press, 1993, p. 290

    While it is not possible to establish an exact number of casualties, we have seen that the guesstimates of famine-genocide writers have given a new meaning to the word hyperbole. Their claims have been shown to be extreme exaggerations fabricated to strengthen their political allegations of genocide.
    Tottle, Douglas. Fraud, Famine, and Fascism. Toronto: Progress Books,1987, p. 74

    The scope of the hardships is chauvinistically restricted, distorted, and politically manipulated. Other nationalities who suffered–Russians, Turkmen, Kazaks, Caucasus groups– are usually ignored, or if mentioned at all are done so almost reluctantly in passing.
    Tottle, Douglas. Fraud, Famine, and Fascism. Toronto: Progress Books,1987, p. 99

    “They came [Hungry people to Dr. Hans Blumenfeld’s town] not only from the Ukraine but in equal numbers from the Russian areas to our east. This disproves the “fact” of anti-Ukrainian genocide parallel to Hitler’s anti-semitic Holocaust. To anyone familiar with the Soviet Union’s desperate manpower shortage in those years, the notion that its leaders would deliberately reduce that scarce resource is absurd…. Up to the 1950s the most frequently quoted figure was 2 million [victims]. Only after it had been established that Hitler’s holocaust had claimed 6 million [Jewish] victims, did anti-Soviet propaganda feel it necessary to top that figure by substituting the fantastic figure of 7 to 10 million….” Tottle, Douglas. Fraud, Famine, and Fascism. Toronto: Progress Books,1987, p. 100

    Fake photographs, unscientific statistics-juggling and politically motivated hearsay and testimony are among the many devices employed to embellish allegations of famine-genocide.
    Tottle, Douglas. Fraud, Famine, and Fascism. Toronto: Progress Books,1987, p. 91-92

    And not to mention, if we did the same thing for capitalism. As in recording every unatural death as a count to an “ideology” (even though this ignores circumstances, comparisons, reach on an ideology, background to said “killing”, etc.) we would get a figure of 20 million people dying under capitalism every year, which in 5 years means that even if we accept this 100 million communism kills figure, capitalism has killed 100 million in the last 5 years alone.

  • HI Dania, i shall check out your book. You may care to check out mine and we can compare. Cuba Lifting the Veil.

  • Mr. Stephen-Pons is a member of the Communist Party of the USA. How many US citizens vote for it?

  • “In searching for a way to try to save the soul of Fidel Castro Ruz the Pope As a priest has much to overcome to provide absolution. For the undeniable full legacy is there of multiple affairs, of executions, of persecutions, of hatred, of the insatiable thirst for power and control, of pursuit of nuclear conflict and that overwhelming arrogance that brought about the boasted conviction that “history will absolve me”. The Pope has spoken of “the balm of mercy” but in considering Fidel Castro he is examining a man who has never shown any. When eventually able to access all the facts currently hidden behind the veil, freed Cubans will undoubtedly fail to share Fidel’s self satisfied egotistical opinion or indeed the Pope’s enthusiasm for forgiveness.”
    Cuba Lifting the Veil

  • Great assessment Joseph! Nick prides himself upon holding a balanced perspective. Note that he now refers to “your privileged education” reflecting a somewhat obvious complex.

  • I totally agree with the point of Elio’s post which almost no one addressed. His post said that Fidel was admired by many. Spend time in Cuba and one must agree. Those who were in Cuba immediately after his death would have to agree. This post of Elio’s did not campaign that Fidel was only the right path, only that he was admired and revered by many. Reread his post as I did three times.

    Elio and I have political disagreements. I disagreed with much of what Fidel did after the Triumph of the Revolution. But I cannot refute the fact that he was loved my most of the Cuban people and others. That was what Elio said.

    I see almost all the responses here as being the same as those who would contend that the Red Baron was not a good fighter pilot because he was on the German side.

  • Thank you Gerald. ck out my book if you have a chance. Lights Out: A Cuban Memoir

  • Thank you, ck out my book Lights Out: A Cuban Memoir of Betrayal and Survival.

  • One year ago on November 25, 2016 Fidel Castro died. My first thought was now he has met His maker.

    A year after Fidel Castro’s death his dark legacy lives on
    in a forever-changed Cuba. He destroyed
    a vibrant republic physically, spiritually and economically.

    Fidel Castro’s legacy is different things to different

    For those who look at him through the lens of idealism Fidel
    Castro is and will always be the utopian king of the world.

    For those of us who know and lived the beast he is many
    things, but if I had to choose one thing
    to be Fidel Castro’s legacy, it
    would be the destruction and tearing apart of families and stable

    After Castro stole the Cuban Revolution, Castro made it
    clear his goal was to tumble stable governments all over the world and to impose
    communism. He not only destroyed the
    republic of Cuba and the Cuban family but his footsteps are all over Latin
    America, Africa, Asia and even the Middle East.
    So many families torn apart. So
    much loss, so many tears. Only the truth seekers will venture to find

    Ironically, this year we mark one century (1917-2017) of
    communism. One hundred years of madness,
    a madness that is still going on. Communism killed more than one hundred
    million people and Fidel Castro played and continues to play a role in the

    Now you may ask, what legacy did Fidel Castro want to leave
    the world?

    It will be impossible to talk about the Twentieth Century
    without talking about Fidel Castro. That’s
    what he wanted, to be part of history.

    © Dania Rosa Nasca, Author

    All rights Reserved

    November 25, 2017
    Lights Out: A Cuban Memoir of Betrayal and Survival

  • Ever see mentally disturbed people on the streets spewing jiberish? Best to ignore and feel a sense of pity, right. Disgust in this case. I guess I am never too old to learn. Goodbye Stalin.

  • Please consider that Mr. Patterson is stating an opinion (I would call it fact and believe history will as well.) Simply because you disagree, “insult” is a blatant excercise in hyperbole.
    MP’s main point is that the Regime – and specifically Fidel – is/was a dictatorship.
    Surely, you can’t disagree with that?
    A failed one at that.
    You want insults? I’m your man, not MP. I have a much lower tolerence.

  • As always, you and your “thought process” (and I mean that in the loosest sense possible) are all over the place and can’t seem to focus on-topic or directly answer a question. Again, not surprising, but consistent with virtually all of your communications.

    As for the second part of your ramblings, first let me say that my “surface” and what lies beneath are way too deep for you to even fathom. I don’t tout my credentials because I find it base. Nevertheless, I feel a slight compulsion to “enlighten” you with a taste.
    Many years ago, I went through arguably the best “indoctrination” available in the US – 4 years as an undergrad at Berkeley – in a pretty deep way. Ran in the socialist circles and the whole bit. Ashamed to say, I even campaigned for Jesse Jackson, whom I believed was not left-leaning enough for my tastes at the time but a half-hearted first step.
    That is just the tip of iceberg, and I don’t want to go “below the surface.” As I’ve said before, I will match my academic and professional chops against anyone on this site and anywhere else – bar none.
    Nick, you really do boor me to no end with your crap-house attempts at intellectualism.
    As for your pathetic attempts on criticisms on “perception, substance, and rationality” – comic relief. Actually, all of it is. But I repeat myself.

  • US domination will happen if the current regime collapses, support it against US intervention. This does not mean you cannot critiscice or heavily dislike it, but you must defend it against the empire

  • No need to insult Elio and the huge majority of the Cuban people who support the Revolution.

  • I am most well aware of Cuba’s shortfalls having spent a good chunk of time there. I also have a mind that’s fair and open enough to appreciate some of the positive sides.
    The first ever case on Planet Earth of an HIV positive mother giving birth to an HIV negative child occurred just last year in Cuba. A testament to the advancements of Cuba’s medical-science professions.
    It is also a sign of huge progress when compared to the fact that HIV positive Cubans were once forcibly quarantined (as was the cruel reality in the eighties/nineties).

    It would appear that your observations lack in perception, substance and rationality.
    This becomes ever more evident as your posts rack up.
    Scratch beneath the one sided, nationalistic, anti-commie surface and what’s there?

    But you just keep on keeping the faith, if that’s what helps to get you through the day, Joseph.

  • You have an interesting definition of “failed.” Perhaps you should revisit comparative progress made in the last 50 years – or in Cuba’s case, lack thereof.
    No surprise that you completely side-skirted the issues. Rather inartfully so. With every post, you continue to prove you just don’t have the chops to debate intelligently or even straightforwardly.
    Good for a laugh, though.

  • Who knows Brother K.E.C.??

    You know some of the contributors here accuse Cuba of all manner of crimes against humanity………
    But surely they must be aware that the biggest crime against humanity that has been committed on the Island of Cuba so far this century occurred on the occupied territory known as Guantanamo Bay.

    You know sometimes the possibility occurs to me that there are certain exceptionalist/supremacist contributors here who have never actually met anyone who has been tortured by U.S. Agents……….
    They should get around more.

    I’m a British guy. I’m very much aware of the historical atrocities that my country has committed because of some self-righteous belief in exceptionalism that was prevalent at the time.
    I also know that we have got involved where we shouldn’t have more recently too.

    I have met a great many people from the USA who are well aware of the extent of the appalling acts that have been committed in their name.
    As decent human beings, they acknowledge it and come to terms with it. And perhaps even try to have some influence toward it not happening so often in the future.
    However, there are also a great many in the USA who simply refuse to face up to the facts……
    Perhaps if you can manage a high enough level of denial, you never have to properly question yourself ??
    Not my idea of how to live………

  • When I referred to ‘The usual hot-headed defenders of the failed neo-liberalist system…….’, I wasn’t actually referring to you specifically Joseph.
    But I guess if the cap fits……
    Feel free to put it on.

  • Brother Nick, But you know that the USA possesses no moral authority to label any Leader who works in the interest of his people a DICTATOR when it has supported the MILITARY JUNTAS in Latin America from 1945-1976 and even trained them in the School of the Americas in Virginia in the art of oppressing and suppressing their people. What has happened to all those missing students, union leaders and left wing agitators? Hitler was respossible for the extermination of 6 million Jews, how many missing persons are the USA and the Military Juntas responsible for? Pray tell!

  • Comrade Elio Delgardo, what a MASTER-PIECE? Comrade Fidel will always be alive and dwell in the hearts and souls and minds of all those who crave for Justice; for all those who crave for the TOTAL LIBERATION of their brothers and sisters from the VAMPIRE FANGS of Capitalism! Here was a man who was born in comfort, who could have amassed untold wealth like the others in his profession; but who was touche by the plight of his downtrodden brothers and sisters whose backs were bent under the yoke of oppression, exploitation, illiteracy, devoid of proper medical attention and he forsook his COMFORT ZONE to dwell in the trenches to fight for the LIBERATION of his people! What a man!

  • Those are some pretty fancy words you’re using there Nick. What I really see is lots of fervor and no substance – as usual. Are you “of a stable and neutral perspective?” More typical than anything else: Always looking for the scapegoat. Let’s set aside the claims of so-called US tyranny. You seem to imply that unless one comes from a spotlessly impeccable environment, their opinion is hypocritical and invalid. Very amusing Nick. You never fail to provide comic relief.

  • Elio is typically sticking to his guns and seeing only one side regarding Fidel.
    The usual hot-headed defenders of the failed neo-liberalist system who contribute here can only see the diametric opposite.
    The smart money would, of course, be on the real Fidel falling somewhere half-between these opposing viewpoints.
    As regards the good people of the USA referring to leaders of other countries as tyrants….
    Such hypocrisy always alarms those of a stable and neutral perspective.
    When turning a blind eye to the sickening brutality and tyranny of some of their own leaders they always spout out the same tired old excuse that this or that U.S. leader passed through some dubious, two party, circus-election prior to carrying out their vile acts.

  • So typical of the pathetic to look outward, hither and thither, for blame rather than accept accountability and responsibility.
    E.D., your initials suit you well.

  • F.Castros original intentions to free the Cuban people from an oppressive and corrosive regime could be applauded if only he had carried out what people thought were his original intentions, however he had another plan right from day one of his planned revolution, and I firmly believe that his original intention was to replace one corrupt regime with yet another corrupt one, (The Castro Clan). Fidel might be gone but his legacy lives on and most if not all the younger Cuban generation can see Fidel for what he really was, and that was a despotic corrupt tyrant, who has kept the vast majority of Cuban people on and below the bread line, it is only the old and very old who seem to hold Fidel and his memory in such high esteem. The man was a very clever and manipulative charismatic despot, who with the help of some very corrupt people has managed and they still manage to keep the Cuban under their thumbs, even with Fidel dead and buried. Please people of Cuba rise up and breath the air of freedom.

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