Is the US fighting or Supporting Terrorism?

Elio Delgado Legon

George W. Bush speaks after the 9/11 attacks. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — When the events of September 11, 2001, took place, the greatest and most criminal terrorist attack ever, destroying New York’s Twin Towers, the then US president George W. Bush declared war on terrorism and said that he was ready to attack the 60 or more darkest corners in the world.

The Twin Towers attack had given the US the perfect pretext they needed to wage war against countries with governments that didn’t please the Empire. So they accused Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction and said that they needed to invade the country and change the existing regime. It might seem like a joke, the country who has the most weapons of mass destruction in its control, not only has them, but it has used them, accusing other countries of possessing them and just for that they need to be invaded and have their regime changed.

The first thing the invasion of Iraq proved was that there were no such weapons and that the US pesident had lied to the world in order to justify the attack. Then came the attack on Afghanistan, where they were supposedly searching for Bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, a person who had been prepared, trained and armed by the United States itself so that he would serve their interests. That is to say, back then he was a “good” terrorist.

Invading Iraq, Afghanistan and later Libya, succeeded in changing the existing regimes, but it sunk this entire region into chaos, which gave the dark terrorist masterminds the chance to take up arms and occupy territories, which has cost these peoples thousands of deaths and millions of displaced who are fleeing death.

When the conflict in Syria arose, which could have been resolved by the Syrian people themselves in a very short period of time, imperialism saw the opportunity to change another hostile regime and began to throw firewood onto the internal fire, introducing thousands of armed fighters from abroad, mostly terrorists who have destroyed this country and murdered thousands, which has provoked a mass exodus of refugees to Europe, complicating the immigration situation there even further.

The United States announced to the world that they would fight terrorism in Syria, but it’s been several years now and this alleged “anti-terrorist” war hasn’t advanced in the slightest and in the meantime, terrorists are becoming the rulers of vast territories. It was only with Russia’s air force intervening and Russia’s support for Bashar al Asad’s government, that much of the occupied lands have been recovered from the terrorists and they have managed to kill many of them.

Previously, terrorists used chemical weapons which caused hundreds of deaths, which the Syrian government was accused of, without proof, and who accepted an investigation to take place at that time and handing over any chemical weapons it had. Now, history is repeating itself and a new media campaign has been lauched accusing the government of using chemical weapons against the civilian population, which doesn’t make any sense, but has been used by Donald Trump’s government as a pretext to launch cruise missiles in an attack on a Syrian air base.

When supposedly the United States is fighting terrorism, it attacks those who are fighting against the terrorists quite successfully. This shows that while terrorists contribute to the US efforts to overthrow Syria’s legitimate government, the Pentagon supports them by attacking a Syrian air base, which caused great damage and nine military deaths and an equal number of civilians in nearby towns, including several children. All of this makes people all over the world ask themselves: Is the US fighting or supporting terrorism?

Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado-Legon: I am a Cuban who has lived for 80 years, therefore I know full well how life was before the revolution, having experienced it directly and indirectly. As a result, it hurts me to read so many aspersions cast upon a government that fights tooth and nail to provide us a better life. If it hasn’t fully been able to do so, this is because of the many obstacles that have been put in its way.

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22 thoughts on “Is the US fighting or Supporting Terrorism?

  • Whilst facts are facts, it is probably a good idea to agree to disagree (again).

  • Let’s agree to disagree.

  • Latin America and The Carribean are most def in a position to criticise. That obviously includes Cuba which is very much in a position to criticise.
    When someone’s nationalism overrides objectivity it is difficult to engage with much coherence huh?

    I don’t know you other than to respond with a bit of objectivity and neutrality to some of your frequent subjective commentaries here.

    So as for your self importance or self esteem…..
    That’s a conversation between you and the mirror perhaps….

  • Risk of what? Fewer “Likes”? Que miedo…..

  • It was Cuba’s involvement in Venezuela that has nearly destroyed the once most-prosperous Latin American country.

  • I suggest no such thing. My original comment does suggest that Cuba is in no position to criticize. With regards to my self-esteem? Justified.

  • Don’t know which is the oddest.
    Your apparent sense of self importance?
    Your apparent inability to understand the term ‘acts of terror’?
    Your apparent failure to acknowledge accepted historical facts when they show your country in a less than glowing light?

    But to suggest that Cuba has committed more acts of terror in Latin America and the Carribean that the USA has is patently ridiculous.

  • is this some sort of a joke , it is Venezuela that kept the Cuban economy float with low-cost oil

  • In the mainstream media free speech is a thing of the past , the only free speech left in the US is in the alternative media that being said it is still taking a risk.

  • People in the US media call Donald Trump a liar every day. It happens to be true. No one goes to jail. Imagine what would happen to someone in Cuban media who called Raul a liar? Yet, you believe that free speech in the US is dead and alive in Cuba? That’s just crazy.

  • Venezuela immediately comes to mind.

  • How did the suspects get the Syria in the first place ? Why did the Canadian government pay compensation ? what was their role in sending suspects to Syria ?
    I resided in Vancouver Canada for over 6 years and I have personal experience , I will tell you and everybody else that wants to hear it  ,  the Canadian RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police is worse than the East German secret police  the Stasi who are the leftovers from the SS and this is out of my own personal experience they’re just a bunch of racist white Canadians
    in 9/11 United States government did not mind sending suspects to Syria for interrogation in which the US says thank you , it would be very interesting to have the Syrian government open up this file let’s see what’s in it ,
    Watch “White House claims on Syria chemical attack ‘obviously false’ – Prof. Theodor Postol of MIT” on YouTube

  • You have no idea who you are talking to. Be careful not to condescend. Our involvement in the countries you listed did not involve “acts of terror”. It is on this point I make the comment. Nonetheless, while I am reading more history books as you suggested, you might want to pick up a dictionary and look up the phrase “acts of terror”.

  • Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Grenada etc…….
    Not for the first time you’re allowing your nationalism and possibly your ingrained ideological nurturing to get in the way of the facts.
    Being proud of your nationality is fine but one ought not let such pride obscure the reality of what goes down.
    I’m British and I’m very well aware of the errors we are responsible for over the decades and centuries.
    You look at it; you come to terms with it; you learn a little bit of humility; you learn that overt self-righteousness is a dumb-ass sentiment; you move on.
    You don’t need to go round feeling guilty all the while, but you just need to acknowledge the historical facts.
    Maybe a few more years down the road and a few more history books read, a little bit more of an enquiring mind and a little bit more objectivity and you will see things from a more rational perspective?
    Or maybe you just don’t ever gets to see the light huh??

  • The USA has NOT been responsible for infinitely more acts of terror in Latin America and The Caribbean than Cuba has.

  • Although Elio has some of his facts wrong, the title of the article goes like this:
    ‘Is The United States fighting or supporting Terrorism?’
    Now what I’m doing is am making comments in response to the article’s theme.
    What I am saying quite specifically is that the USA has been responsible for infinitely more acts of terror in Latin America and The Caribbean than Cuba has.
    You have no counter-argument to this because there ain’t one.
    A counter-argument to the factual statement I have made simply does not exist.
    Therefore you fall back on a joke response which is to suggest that I am a supporter of a dictatorship.
    I reckon that with this one Mr P, you’re starting off in a valley and from there you’re going rapidly downhill.

  • I am not defending the US. I am pointing out that Cuba, and those who support the dictatorship (meaning you) are in no position to criticize.

  • It may have escaped your notice, but Cuba has recently brokered a peace deal in Columbia.
    One may disagree with the side taken by the Cuban Government in the long running conflict/insurgence in Columbia.
    But anyone with even a semblance of objectivity must surely recognise the fact that the Cuban Government has now brokered was appears to be peace.

    Your country waged various terror campaigns in the region throughout the 20th century. Acts of terror were perpetrated by the USA (directly, covertly and by proxy) against democratically elected governments and in order to prop up right wing fascistic regimes such as those of Pinochet and Somoza.
    Historians attest that these acts of terror included military coups, assassinations, incidents involving multiple civilian deaths, torture, disappearances and the violent rape of female prisoners in order to extract intelligence information.
    It is also said that U.S. agents were active in the smuggling of lethal arms, lethal chemicals, individuals and hard recreational drugs.
    Comparing the ‘terror’ inflicted on the region by the USA and Cuba is like comparing something the size of the moon to something the size of a golf ball.

    I’m actually a big fan of your country Mr P, but it’s actions in Latin America and the Caribbean during that era were not just a black page in your country’s history but indeed a long black chapter.

  • The rebel terrorists in Colombia formerly known as the FARC were trained by Castro’s generals. Nothing ivory about that.

  • I would agree that Elio has certain of his facts wrong.
    And some of his assertions are not evidence based.
    Regarding the recent chemical attack in Syria the available evidence strongly points to Assad having ordered it.

    Regarding trumps attack on the Syrian Air Force base:
    All I can say is that the Russians put their man in the White House but the deranged orange faced fool now seems to have ‘gone rogue’.
    There’s just no sense of loyalty in this modern era is there?

    On to Cuba related matters:
    I would have to suggest that the Ivory idea of someone from the USA accusing Cuba of supporting terrorism in Latin America really is scaling the highest peaks of hypocrisy

  • The Syrian government has from the beginning presented itself as fighting terrorism, even when that meant shooting at unarmed demonstrators. The fact that the Cuban press repeats these lies will have only one effect in the long term, that is to undermine the moral authority of the Cuban Revolution.

    In Canada we have much experience with Syria. Maher Arar, a Canadian who was forcibly removed to Syria has received $10 million dollars to compensate him for the torture he experienced there.

    And recently three more Canadians have received compensation for their experience of torture in Syria.

  • Elio is way out of his league when he comments on the weather outside of Cuba, let alone the war against terrorism being fought around the world. The Castros support, for many years, of terrorism in Latin America should concern Elio and yet he fails to mention that. Elio is at his best when he writes about his childhood. Not that anyone cares but at least he gets most of the facts right.

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