Jose Marti, the Highest Symbol of the Cuban Homeland

By Elio Delgado Legon

A defaced bust of Jose Marti. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – The apostle of Cuban independence, Jose Marti, is admired and respected all over the world not just for having resumed the Revolution in 1895 after it was interrupted in 1878 (which required a great deal of effort to bring all patriotic Cubans together, founding a political party to lead the Revolution and bringing together the main leaders who had shown their bravery and patriotism in the Ten Year War), but also for his vast academic work, which is internationally-renowned and has been translated into many languages.

There isn’t a dignified and decent child, young person or adult in Cuba who doesn’t adore and respect Marti. For this reason, we can claim that he is the highest symbol of the Cuban Homeland with all certainty, and the Revolution’s enemies know this full well. That is why they send counter-revolutionaries on their payroll to dishonor Cubans’ most sacred symbol, because they have been unable to make our people bend down before them by taking away their sustenance.

Desecrating a Marti bust is the most loathsome thing you can do to the Cuban people, and the people who took on this job should have the Law fall upon their shoulders with all of its weight and be given the longest sentences possible, because this is what the Cuban people ask for.

The person who is capable of doing such a thing, is capable of killing if that is what the CIA orders, just like insurgents did in the Cuban mountains in the ‘60s, who were armed and paid off by the CIA to kill teachers, literacy teachers and farmers.

These are the men that Imperialism has taken on to do away with the Revolution, unprincipled and indecent men, who belong to the group of people who hate and destroy, while we revolutionaries belong to the group of people who love and build, according to Marti’s own words. He also wrote that when there are unprincipled men, there are others who have the decency of many men.

Marti was struck down in Dos Rios on May 19th 1895, when the Independence war was just starting back up, but his ideas and teachings didn’t die with him, they continued to fight and won the war, and they continue to fight and win battles against the brutal Imperialism that despises us. Marti was the intellectual author of the attack on the Moncada barracks [spark of the 1959 Revolution] according to Fidel Castro himself when he was taken to trial for the events that took place on July 26, 1953.

Every Cuban who feels really Cuban respects Marti, wherever they are. As a result of the vandalism that befell busts of the Apostle, the Alianza Martiana in Miami made a statement which included the following:

“For any Cuban, no matter what their ideological beliefs, Homeland Symbols: the Homeland’s flags, the Solitary Star and the Cespedes Star; the National emblem; the Bayamo Anthem; and the statues of our Independence heroes: Marti, Maceo, Maximo Gomez, Cespedes, Agramonte and other heroes and heroines, especially Jose Marti, have been venerated by every Cuban; shared by all Cubans.

 “A handful of outcasts who were wrongfully born in Cuba have desecrated (and been paid to do so) the Apostle’s busts in Havana.

“The counter-revolutionaries who fill their pockets with money from the US governments meant for destroying the Independence of the Cuban nation, have shown their foolishness yet again, and on this unfortunate occasion, their unforgiveable and unfathomable values.

“Cuban and Latin American immigration organizations in Miami that make up the Coalición Alianza Martiana: the Brigada Antonio Maceo; Alianza Martiana- as an individual organization; la Asociacion Cultural Jose Marti; Miami’s Circulo Bolivariano, Negra Hipolita-; the Women’s Association; and Radio Miami, have come together and share the feelings of every decent Cuban, born in the Homeland or anywhere else in the world where we find ourselves, and vehemently condemn those monsters who pay these other monsters to commit such atrocities.

“How low will criminals of the Cuban counter-revolution stoop in order to destroy Marti’s Homeland?”

These are the words of decent Cubans, who do not live in Cuba, but are patriotic and defend the socialist Revolution because they know that this is the most humane system and the antithesis to dehumanized Capitalism.

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Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado-Legon: I am a Cuban who has lived for 80 years, therefore I know full well how life was before the revolution, having experienced it directly and indirectly. As a result, it hurts me to read so many aspersions cast upon a government that fights tooth and nail to provide us a better life. If it hasn’t fully been able to do so, this is because of the many obstacles that have been put in its way.

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9 thoughts on “Jose Marti, the Highest Symbol of the Cuban Homeland

  • What’s up, constantly i used to check blog posts here in the early hours in the daylight, for the reason that i like to learn more and more.

  • How does Elio know that these vandals are being paid by the CIA? Most pro-democracy activities in Cuba are totally organic. Elio is unable to accept the reality that there are Cubans who love their country and who also totally disagree with with the Castro dictatorship and the symbols that the regime has coopted over the years to advance their repression, including busts of Marti.

  • I am Cuban and this articule is bullshit. My country is a cruel dictatorship. We are all CLANDESTINOS. #CLANDESTINOS #ABAJOSLOSCASTROS #CASTROSASESINOS.

  • It is with deep pain to see what sons of bitches have done to our greatest hero JOSE MARTÍ , this is just outright EVIL we Cubans anywhere in this earth , wether pro castro or not we uphold our History , our Flag our Natinal Anthem , Our heroes of the Spanish war Like Jose Marti , Carlos Manuel de Cespedes in All we despise ACTS LIKE THIS WHOEVER DID THIS NEEDS TO BE HUNG. I DONT CARE WHERE THEY ARE FROM JOSE MARTÍ IS THE FATHER OF THE REVOLUTION TO ALL CUBANS IN CUBA AND ABROAD NO MATTER OUR POLITICAL DIFFERENCES

  • What is really wear is this article do not mention the “friend of” Cuban Castro communists from Mexico called himself the Gay Che who colored Marti lips with red, put a gay flag around Marti beck and did eyebrows … this is really disrespectful. What real patriotic cubans are doing is showing Marti bleeding because of the actual situation in Cuba, where there is not respect for human rights.

  • The Fascist Communist revolution has taken Jose Marti as a symbol of this oppressive system that has enslaved the Cuban peoole for more than 60 years. That is the reason this movement against the Communist regime has taken this stand.

  • Regardless what answers you are looking for… Playing like this with Jose Marti’s statues are disrespectful with the Cuba history that don’t have nothing to do about the actual situation of Cubans. We can’t pretend so this and expect millions of people approve it and go against The actual government.. That is a ridiculous and nonsense move for those who proclaim a change in Cuba.. How do you pretend have a followers for your political ideology doing this? Is like marras in some Latin America’s countries, starting with this things, can become a big disaster soon..Maybe trying to kill, or do some kind of attacks like ISIS… Wow… “” We are bad people and we gonna kill all communists?”” pretty msg

  • I understand Mr.Legon’s argument but what does the red paint mean? It is blood, yes he paid the ultimate price for his principles and convictions, or does it mean that the present Cuba’s situation has in fact sacrificed Jose Marti again by pursuing a non-democratic course?

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