Lying about Cuba, the US’ New Attack Strategy

By Elio Delgado Legon

Billboard against the embargo in Cuba.

HAVANA TIMES – The fact the US government is fabricating and spreading countless lies about Cuba to justify the economic, commercial and financial blockade it has imposed on Cuba for nearly 60 years, doesn’t surprise me really, especially as most US governments’ foreign policy has historically been based on lies, in their attempt to justify their many attacks on other countries.

However, this new attack coming from the Revolution’s enemies, who play along for Imperialism, most of whom earn a couple of dollars which the Empire hands out with the illusion of sustaining an opposition, whose only objective is to make a living off of this, as they know full well that there isn’t, nor will there ever be, the slightest chance of changing the socialist system to return back to what we had before 1959.

These characters, some of whom are based in Cuba and the majority residing abroad, dedicate their time to posting all kinds of lies about Cuba on social media, and they take advantage of any situation to create false images of Cuban society in readers’ minds, with the intention of hurting tourism to the island, which is one of the country’s main economic activities.

They conjure up lies about education, which is renowned for being the best in the Americas. They spread false accusations about the Cuban health system and Cuba’s solidarity efforts in dozens of countries across the globe, not only offering free medical attention to the most vulnerable groups of society, but also university grants to train health professionals, providing them with excellent training, which the World Health Organization (WHO) itself recognizes.

They take advantage of any delay in basic supplies, as a result of the US’ iron-tight blockade so they can say: “there isn’t food in Cuba, look at the long lines just to buy” chicken, cooking oil or any other product that has taken a while to enter the country.

They never reveal the real cause of the problem, or the government’s efforts to purchase abroad anything they can’t manufacture domestically, navigating many obstacles imposed by the blockade.

They constantly declare that the country is getting worse and worse every day, when the reality is that even under the US’ economic war and persecution of Cuba’s trade deals abroad, the country is still moving forward and we see new projects in the agricultural sector every day, and production is growing sustainably; not at the pace we would all like, but it is overcoming obstacles and making progress.

Everybody knows that the US goes to great lengths to stop oil from reaching Cuba, which is crucial for any country to run properly. That is why not all of the oil that was expected to arrive in Cuba in September actually made it, leading to a fuel shortage and forced the government to take temporary measures so as to ensure that the fuel we had was enogh to keep basic services for the population running, avoiding annoying blackouts and keeping critical economic activities afloat, although implementing energy-saving measures.

Reducing transport services across the country was necessary, including in the capital, which is why you could see hordes of people waiting at some bus stops, who were photographed and then uploaded to social media blaming the government, just like Imperialism wanted them to; but, they don’t tell you that measures were taken so that any state-owned vehicle passing by was obligated to pick up passengers, and that really did help alleviate the inconvenience workers had trying to get to work. Even many drivers in their private cars stopped and picked up passengers, the Cuban people’s characteristic solidarity was clear for everyone to see.

As oil imports agreed for October have started to come in, the transport situation has been improving, although some energy-saving measures still need to be upheld, as the Empire is hell-bent on trying to leave us without fuel so they can cause the Cuban people as much damage as possible.

Those who want to continue playing the US government’s game, will continue to lie and blame the Cuban government, as a new form of attack, but the Cuban people know where their problems come from and they are becoming more and more anti-imperialist.

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Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado-Legon: I am a Cuban who has lived for 80 years, therefore I know full well how life was before the revolution, having experienced it directly and indirectly. As a result, it hurts me to read so many aspersions cast upon a government that fights tooth and nail to provide us a better life. If it hasn’t fully been able to do so, this is because of the many obstacles that have been put in its way.

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11 thoughts on “Lying about Cuba, the US’ New Attack Strategy

  • I love Cuba, and Cuban people’s, though I am a citizen of the USA. I was in Cuba for 10 days in 2004, and I took the risk to my freedom of visiting many Cuban people’s, and listening to their stories of life. The truth is that Socialism is for most working folks, a failed socio-economic system, but so is unregulated free-market Capitalism. The Cuban people’s need to be able to experience much greater socio-economic freedoms, and the right to own private land, homes, farms, and businesses. And also to be able to express their own religious and political ideas and beliefs, or the choice to be non-religious. With these unalienable rights and freedoms, the hard working folks can experience the peace, joy, and prosperity of the other freedom-loving people’s and nations of the world. I salute the freedom seeking people’s of Cuba, and their deep and abiding courage.

  • If Cuba wanted to buy oil from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, or even Mexico, they absolutely could do so without restrictions. The problem is that Cubans want cheap if not free Venezuelan crude and because of sanctions against the VENEZUELAN government, oil tankers are reluctant to deliver Venezuelan oil.

  • Everyday Cubans going to bed hungry is not the answer.

  • Reply To Jim: You where hit with an Airport Staffing Pocket Tax, They have been doing this on & off for many years,It is The Airport Swindle. I Have always refused & with some time talking they permit my Gifts with No Pocket Taxes. Watch your Razor blades on the way home if in your Carry on they tell us they are Knifes & Removed My New Pack of Razors. The U.S.A. Lying about Cuba is it, That Will Never Be Needed as Cuba has Been so Full of it, Now it is Running Out on The Streets. For Many Many Years. When a Cuban that has Returned from Angola & Speaks To a Tourist of what The Meaning of Life when serving His Country, Why did he Go. The Choice was Death at Home in Cuba. That Man Still Today Serves a Post of Marina Guard on Watch wishing For the Day His Family Finds a Land as the People are in Control of there Lives & Future Choices. I No Nothing of Life until I herd my Friends Words, Being Canadian How Can we Understand the People of Cuba if they Had a Choice. What Would They Really Have To Say To The World, Oil OR Freedom as we Know.

  • The USA is making every effort to undermine the current leadership in Venezuela and would love to throttle Cuba as a side effect of asserting influence over regional resources.
    But realistically, how high up on trump’s agenda is the throttling of Cuba ?
    It would seem that the backstabbing of the (until last week allied) Kurds is way more important to trump than the throttling of Cuba. It would seem that Cuba is some way down the list of priorities when it comes to this rogue U.S. President.
    Cuba probably reckons that it will comfortably outlast this current crank President as it has outlasted previous crank White House residents.
    Having said that, Bob Michaels is correct when he says that Cuba’s fuel problems are not primarily due to this or that rogue White House incumbent, but more due it’s difficulties in paying the bill………
    Cuba has had it’s benefactors. From the good ol’ Eastern Bloc to Chavista Venezuela.
    But Cuba is now thrashing around searching for other options.
    Try China…….
    Gotta be China.

  • I am new to Cuba and only really speak with younger people in La Habana when I go there. The Cuban government taxed me 52 CUC for bringing in food and clothing for friends on the island last week. That was after they charged me for the Visa. The young people there can’t stand living in the stone ages while the rest of the world moves forward.

  • Curt: I must disagree with you. Cuba’s petroleum shortage is caused by Cuba’s inability to pay. They can only obtain oil from those countries willing to furnish it on special terms. Previously that was Venezuela but that supply is shut off by production problems within PVDSA. Currently much of Cuba’s petroleum is coming from Russia. Countries who are willing to furnish petroleum to Cuba under such special terms have no problems ignoring US sanctions.

    I hear nothing about restrictions on Cuban travel from the US. I travel to Cuba basically every month in addition to being politically involved and following such in the news.

    I live in Florida and hear none of the old hardliners gloating over ordinary Cubans starving. While there remains a small group still campaigning for regime change, your statement is a gross exaggeration.

  • Cubans make up Maduro’s presidential guard and keep the dictatorship in power.
    Maduro is using roaming death squads (bursting into their homes) on his own population according to the UN.
    Millions are fleeing.
    Conveniently this isn’t being mentioned.

  • Bob, I suggest you don’t make comments about things you know absolutely nothing about. The U.S is preventing Cuba from receiving badly needed oil, causing hardship to the Cuban People and there is already talk of the U.S tightening travel restrictions once again. The Trump Administration and the ignorant hardliners from and in Miami are gloating over how ordinary Cubans are starving. Think before you talk s—t!

  • Elio: I hate to burst your bubble but it is hard to remember the last time Cuba was even mentioned in the any of the US news or political actions. And, I read or watch at least 8-10 different US news sources every day. You have been deemed insignificant to the US these days. Now I do think that that being unimportant in the current US political postures is good given everything that is going on. Be thankful.

  • Forget lies. Hegemony is more like it. Count your resources and then act.

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