Media War against Venezuela

The most recent example was the coverage of the terrorist attack, with explosive-carrying drones, against president Nicolas Maduro and the country’s highest-ranking politicians and military leaders.


Elio Delgado Legon

HAVANA TIMES – People who declare themselves to be defenders of democracy (read here: the US imperialist government and the international Right, pillars of neoliberal capitalism) have constantly proven that they care very little about real democracy.

When this democracy helps them get a hold of power to unleash all of their potential to be corrupt, they fight tooth and nail for it; but when democracy favors Left-wing politians, who only seek out power to help the masses, then they don’t respect democracy at all and try to overthrow, by any means necessary, those who were legitimately elected by the people.

There are many examples that confirm this statement of mine, but this time I’m going to talk about Venezuela, as it is one of the most recent.

Every attempt has been made to overthrow Venezuela’s Bolivarian government, which was legitimately elected by the people: economic boycott, oil strike, coup d’etat and assassination attempts against the late president Hugo Chavez, an economic war of chronic shortages, guarimbas (roadblocks, setting tyres on fire, throwing rocks) and armed violence on the street, killing dozens of people. They have failed in all of their attempts, the most recent being the terrorist attack with explosive-carrying drones against president Nicolas Maduro and the country’s highest-ranking politicians and military leaders.

However, the events above haven’t just happened, they have always been followed by a media war, loaded with lies, distortions, covering up the truth and cliches they have been sowing against socialism from the very beginning, as well as what a socialist government implies, shamelessly lying so that the population can’t appreciate the benefits of the fairest system that has ever existed in the world, a humanist system in solidarity, which defends the interests of the poor, workers, those who have been and are always exploited.

Referring to the terrorist attack against President Nicolas Maduro, the way important media outlets (who are at the service of international Capitalism and Imperialism) have dealt with the event is truly shocking. They put the veracity of these events into question, with phrases such as “alleged attack”, “apparent terrorist attack”, “alleged drone”, writing the word “alleged” in speech marks to communicate doubt, and President Maduro has even been openly accused of being the author behind the failed criminal attack against the president platform.

Journalists and pseudojournalists who write and publish these monstrosities (who Spanish journalist Pascual Serrano labeled “media drones” against Venezuela), don’t care about the reality of the situation and the facts, which have been proven with the arrests of most of the people involved, who have confessed what their plans were, who the brains behind the attempt were, who was funding them, where they were trained… In short, all of the information that serious and verified media platforms belonging to the socialist system have been offering the world, whose fundamental code of ethics implies never publishing a lie.

But still, as if all of the above wasn’t enough to prove the veracity and criminal nature of the attack, a terrorist group (calling themselves Soldados de Franela), published a statement in Miami which was read out by Patricia Poleo, an anti-Chavist journalist and activist, in which they claimed to be the authors of the attack, which they called “Operation Phoenix”.

I can tell those of you who don’t have access to our media, that 18 people involved have already been arrested and a few others who are in Miami and in Colombia have yet to be arrested. However, like every mercenary under the sun (who only believes in money), have stated that for carrying out that “job” they had been offered 50 million USD and a green card which grants them residency in the US. This means the US knew about the terrorist operation; as well as the international accredited press in Venezuela, who never cover President Maduro’s activities, but they were all present this time. Is this by chance or does it stem from the media’s war against Venezuela?

14 thoughts on “Media War against Venezuela

  • I would luke to invite Elio to live in Venezuela for about 3 years and then get his comments.

  • Nick, do you agree with Elio that the Granma newspaper in Cuba has never published a lie?

  • So are you in favor of the Maduro regime? Do you support million percent inflation? Really?

  • WELL DONE Ivan! Now we can understand why Maduro requires record levels of inflation – without it the tyres (US tires) on his “Great Bus” would be flat! Wonder what the price of a season ticket would be?

  • Certainly all the troubles besetting Venezuela have nothing to do with the leadership. Long Live the Great Bus Driver!

  • Only your God Kennedy Earle Clarke could make sense of your ramblings. Obviously spending so much time on the beach at your luxurious island retreat has caused you to overheat! Have a gin and tonic and cool down.

  • Re-read the first two paragraphs of the article Nick!

  • Brother Nick, you are so correct with your response to brother Carlyle and Moses. in reading Brother Elio’s report about the happenings in Venezuela, one gets a real vision, picture or insight as to what is really taking place there. Brother Mac Duff and his good friend Moses Patterson are only spewing out what they always spew out — empty subs6anceless cliches like totalitarianism and Stalinist communism. Now, if Capitalism if for the Rich and the Oligarchs, what is so WRONG with LEADERS like CHAVEZ, FIDEL, ORTEGO, MADURO, RAUL turning the TABLE in FAVOUR of the POOR, DOWNTRODDEN, OPPRESSED, DEGRADED, PEOPLES OF THE WORLD, are they not GOD’S CREATION as WELL? IS GOD A SEGREGATED BEING? LOOK at how long the oligarchs have been enslaving the vast majotity of the inhabitants of the PLANET? Why should they continue to smile with pleasure while the vast majority continue to GROAN under the YOKE OF OPPRESSION? THOSE OF US WITH CONSCIENCE should all APPLAUD AND SUPPORT those who are ATTEMPING TO RECTIFY this HORRID SITUATION!!

  • Nonetheless Mr MacD……
    The fact remains that you read Elio’s article and respond with a comment which in no way refers to matters raised in the article. As I said, there are no surprises there.
    I can only suppose that you would give yourself top marks for your abject failure to address the topic of the article ?

  • I’m sure Nick that given the opportunity, Elio would love to give you a well merited cuddle!

    Your “obligations” always lie with those who support the totalitarian regimes – although I know that you will protest that you are presenting a “balanced” view. Your criticisms are always and inevitably of those who support freedom for the people of Cuba or indeed Venezuela from the tyrannical totalitarian regimes so adored by Elio!

    El Comandante would have given you top marks.

  • Elio’s article refers to the recent events in Venezuela and the subsequent reporting of it.
    It comes as no surprise to see that ‘The Usual Suspects’ do not mention the main topic of the article to which they are responding.
    One of them merely parrots a thousand of his previous comments about ‘Stalinism’ and so forth.
    The other one would never even dream of discussing the covert activities of his beloved USA in Venezuela and the wider region.

    As I have said on many occasions, I find Elio’s articles to be somewhat one-sided.
    But I feel obliged to point out once again that the comments of ‘The Usual Suspects’ usually prove to be equally one sided, if not more so.

  • B.S. !! One question (1) Do you really believe that Things are good in Venezuela ? And how much time will it take to get better for the ignorant folks living there now? ANSWER – NEVER. :-))

  • Elio writes, “In short, all of the information that serious and verified media platforms belonging to the socialist system have been offering the world, whose fundamental code of ethics implies never publishing a lie.”
    I just can’t stop laughing!!!

  • Elio Delgado Legon knows little about “real democracy”. That is illustrated by him acting as a mouthpiece for the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of Cuba, which is virulently opposed to real democracy. The Stalinist type of communism as supported by the Castro regime, seeks to obliterate real democracy and to continue to pursue the creation of a “mass” – the proletariat, over which it can exert total power and control.
    Elio as a propaganda parrot doesn’t wear the plumage of a green parrot (the best talkers), but red. It is amazing to read him trotting out the same old time ridden phrases of Marxist baloney, including the inevitable “lies and distortions” of which the PCC Propaganda Department has mastery.
    His comment: “I can tell those of you who don’t have access to our media” reflects the fact that as a Cuban, that is the only media (ie; that of the regime), to which Elio does have access. Cuba remains listed as one of the ten most censored countries in the world. But for Elio, ignorance of the free world serves to support his distortions and blarney..

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