Sixty Years of the Cuban Revolution and Still Going Strong!

Elio Delgado Legon

We have a free and independent country, which continues to be a reference for every revolutionary in the world. Photo: Estudios Revolucion.

HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban people have just celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Revolution. The road here has been rough and bumpy, and we have had to navigate many obstacles that US Imperialism has placed in our way to make the project fail.

They have done everything in their power to make the Revolution fall: all kinds of attacks that have cost us 3,478 lives and 2,099 disabled, to break the will of the Cuban people and their resistance, who have never given up even when times were really hard, and continue to defend their Revolution.

First of all, they trained and armed many groups, who operated in Cuba’s mountains, murdering farmers, teachers and literacy teachers. Then, in April, 1961, they backed a group of mercenaries so they could disembark in Cuba, occupy part of the island and ask the OAS for a military intervention that they were already preparing just a few miles away from Cuba’s coastline.

However, they didn’t plan it well enough because they came up against a people who were willing to die before losing their Revolution, that they had had to struggle so much for and shed so much blood, and the invasion was suppressed in less than 72 hours.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) orchestrated over 600 assassination attempts on the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, but they were all discovered and failed.

Over all these years, Cubans have suffered sabotage attempts on their economy, including the introduction of a virus that ended pork production in the country, others which affected many crops, but dengue hemorrhagic fever was the most criminal of them all, which cost hundreds of people their lives, including 101 children.

The 1976 bombing of Cubana Airlines Flight 455 is still fresh in our memories, which cost the 73 people onboard their lives, including Cuba’s young fencing team who had taken part in an international competition in Venezuela where they had won all the gold medals.

We also remember the many bombs that exploded in Havana’s hotels in the 1990s, one of which resulted in the death of a young Italian tourist, as well as the bombs placed in Cuban embassies abroad, one of which killed two diplomats. We haven’t forgotten the kidnapping and murder of two Cuban diplomats in Argentina, either.

We have to also add all the deaths and people suffering as a result of not having specific medicines, because Cuba is unable to buy them because of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade on the island throughout this whole time. We can’t understand where the consciences of these people lie (if they have a conscience), able to deny us the right to buy medicines to save children’s lives or make their lives more pleasant, because of this criminal law that bans trade with Cuba.

I also can’t get my head around how a country has taken on the right to impose sanctions on other countries or banks in other countries, without regard for a trial, a court and due process, clearly violating international law, and it’s no problem.

But, in spite of all these obstacles and many others that I don’t have space to mention in this article, the Cuban Revolution has celebrated its 60th anniversary and is being rejuvenated.

Last year, in 2018, economic growth continued, albeit slowly (1.2%), but it still indicates recovery. Health indicators are still good. For example, infant mortality rates have been below 5 per 1000 newborns for over 10 years, and it has stood at 4 over the past two years, the lowest on the American continent, including the US and Canada, while there are countries in the developing world where the rate is 120 per 1000 born alive.

Things are looking more promising for 2019, as the National Assembly has approved an economic plan that adjusts to our real chances of it being met with our own resources, without falling into debt. GDP is expected to grow by 1.5% if we continue to work well, it might even be greater, and this would translate into an overall improvement in the Cuban people’s lives, a people who have made huge sacrifices to save their Revolution and are willing to defend it with their lives if need be, from their foreign attackers and not let themselves be confused by counter-revolutionaries and annexionists living on the island.

We have a free and independent country, which continues to be a reference for every revolutionary in the world and proving that socialism is the only system of government that is able to ensure a more humane and equal distribution of wealth created. This is what Imperialism doesn’t forgive us for, but despite themselves, we have already celebrated 60 years of accomplishments and victories, even though detractors and sell-outs claim the opposite.


Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado-Legon: I am a Cuban who has lived for 80 years, therefore I know full well how life was before the revolution, having experienced it directly and indirectly. As a result, it hurts me to read so many aspersions cast upon a government that fights tooth and nail to provide us a better life. If it hasn’t fully been able to do so, this is because of the many obstacles that have been put in its way.

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8 thoughts on “Sixty Years of the Cuban Revolution and Still Going Strong!

  • Nice article Senor Elio! Whole world knows the truth about America, no matter how much lies and wars they spread across the globe.

  • Wrong,wrong and wrong again. If Cuba is such a great nation, why do the Cuban people risk their lives to go to the U.S.?
    Local people in Cuba can’t even be caught talking to tourist. No freedom of speech there either. If this guys article was against Cuba. He’d be dead already. That’s why he can be a journalist. Because he writes propaganda for the state. Never heard such bs in my life!

  • Elio’s writing should be respected for his right to free speech , firstly , and because it is proven that infant mortality in Cuba is lower than in both : industrialized and developing countries.
    besides, Cuba has invested in education , science , and social areas with undeniable results :
    1- Cuba is one of the most secure countries where citizens and tourist can enjoy their daily life . many countries do not have such an accomplishment, nor the United States nor Mexico, nor South American countries either.
    2- despite the illegal, genocidal, criminal and inhumane blockade, which is a reality, Cuban government and people have been capable to not only survive but to grow. compare Cuba to many latino countries, check statistics and see the truth.
    3- only to horrendous administrations/ governments support that illegal – criminal blockade: the US and Israel, both countries with horrible violations of human rights. both countries with apartheid walls against civilians and natives.
    4- Elio’s opinion is more than that, is a proud statement supported by international studies and organizations. Check the United Nations and learn !!!
    Congratulations to Cuba !!!!!!

  • You are right Bob Michaels……
    Elio’s puts one side of the argument.
    His detractors put across the opposite viewpoint.
    Neither of these viewpoints solve the conundrum of how best to run a country.
    The answer probably lies somewhere in between the two…..

  • Once again, I will speak in defense of Elio’s expressing his opinions.

    Elio and I have differing political philosophies. Elio and I see the same situation but reach differing conclusions. None of that matters. Disagreement with his ideas if fine. However, he has the inalienable right to express his opinions without personally insulting responses.

    Let us not forget that the freedom of speech we value so highly is not subject to majority opinion but that each of us has the right to express our own views, no matter how much in the minority they may be.

    Let’s show Elio some respect.

  • It’s sick but it’s real, the worst part is that there are more people like him than we can imagine. Communism is like a religion and has a lot fanatics, honestly I could understand the reasons if there is at least one. I only can see it like some kind of serious madness.

  • Well said. Elio is simply lying about the positive growth of the Cuban economy. Using hocus-pocus accounting methods which convert CUC to the national currency CUP on a 1:1 basis, there is the possibility that the economy was flat. The real math is closer to a contraction of 2%. 2019 promises to be even worse.

  • What ??are you on drugs, drunk ,as well as blind ,deaf , and stupid ???
    Obviously you have never travelled , read anything of importance , and been kept in a dark sound proof closet all of your 80 years.
    Although you seem to be able to read and write , you certainly don’t have comprehension .
    Dimentia , yes it has to be dementia .So you are forgiven for your rediculous writing. I’m sorry ! Go back to your closet and stay there like agood little boy .Momma will bring you a treat from la coppa !

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