Time and Life are Precious

By Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado Legon (l) and Julio Chaviano Fundora

HAVANA TIMES – I’ve always been in a rush ever since I was very young, up until recently. I’ve always tried to do the most I can in a day because there was always so much to do and 24 hours in a day were never enough. Over the years, I have learned that time and Life have slipped me by in my haste.

I don’t have a lot of time left and I have to live it without haste, savoring every minute, every hour, every day, because it could be my last.

I began writing articles for Havana Times about eight years ago, interested in telling readers – in Spanish and English -, about the real situation on the ground in Cuba, how I see it and experience life on the island, as there are many people who write about our country, but some don’t even know its ins and outs because they don’t live here, but they write to please the Revolution’s enemies. Others write from here on the island, but they also have a great lack of objectivity as they only see reality through a dark lens, unable to see the sunlight, just the shadows.

This lack of objectivity and the desire to please the Revolution’s enemies is so great that you can read dozens of articles about Cuba on this website and none of them recognize the Revolution’s achievements, which are renowned across the globe. There isn’t even a mention of the damage caused by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US for almost 60 years, a policy which has been condemned by nearly every country in the world and recognized as a failed policy by two former US presidents as it hurts the Cuban people and doesn’t achieve any of its set objectives.

Over these past eight years, I have written down by ideas about Cuban reality in articles that can be consulted in the Havana Times archive. This will be my last article here on this website for now, as I have to dedicate the little time I have left to other things and I can’t be in a rush anymore.

While many ignore and want others to believe the blockade doesn’t exist, it does continue to cause us a great deal of harm, but in spite of Imperialism’s greatest efforts, the Cuban people are resisting like heroes and the Revolution is marching towards progress, step by step, with many obstacles, but without going back a millimeter.

The Empire in the North is trying to convince the entire world that the socialist system is impossible and will fail, but reality proves them wrong every single day for only social systems that stand with the poor (even if they don’t call themselves “socialist”), make progress and solve the people’s problems, while neoliberal capitalist systems have failed in every aspect and tend to disappear.

There have been many empires over the history of mankind which believed they were invincible, but they ultimately disappeared. The same thing will happen with the US empire, which believes itself to be invincible because it has lots of weapons; but arms are no good for anything if they aren’t defending just causes and the only just cause that deserves to be defended is standing with the poor.

It isn’t only those who defend socialism who say this, the Bible says it and Jesus of Nazareth said it when he was preaching which is why he was condemned to die on the cross. The powerful today are trying to sentence us to death by starving us and making us sick with their blockades and sanctions, but they can’t hide the fact that social systems defending the poor and standing with the most vulnerable in society, are the most successful, while the Empire fails time and time again until it disappears like so many have disappeared in the past.

For my part, I trust that just ideas will win out, and even though my time and life are coming to an end, history will carry on its course and prove me right.

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  • Thank you Douglas. You may have noticed my frequent references to addressing reality. Obviously Elio Delgado Legon is facing reality, and in my view humanity requires that we recognize his endeavours, even if we disagree with his views.

  • Well said Mr. MacDuff, you are a class act. I have enjoyed your comments here and look forward to more.

  • Elio I have enjoyed reading your opinion column for many years. I believe you are a true and proud revolutionary and you will be greatly missed. As a few others have said, I did not always agree with you but I always respected your opinion. Best wishes my friend.

    Cuidase mucho Senor.

  • Say it ain’t so!! So you are throwin’ in the towel Elio? Like all the other long term readers of HT, I echo the chorus that will miss your thoughtless and unfounded propaganda. I always enjoyed the humor of your comments, especially when you wrote about how great life in Cuba is. I will also miss your nostalgia for the pre-revolutionary Cuba. I am hopeful that the Information Ministry that helped screen your articles for their propaganda value will assist Circles in finding a willing replacement for you.

  • You are a voice of Truth and your thoughts echo that of the huge majority of the Cuban people. You were one of the few voices of balance on this site. You drove the right wingers crazy. You will be missed. May your days be long and many. May you live to see the fulness of revolution glory. We will miss you. Solidarity Forever!

  • And lets not forget The Nazi party. By definition The Nationalist Socialist Party. And so lets make every nation great again. The historical record of Nations does not help in achieving ” Make Every Nation Great Again,” though.

  • I read your comment with sadness Elio.
    I do not agree with all your points but I do very much enjoy the ‘foaming at the mouth’ from conservatives that your comments provoke.
    The ‘Empire in the North’ has managed to promote socialism as some kid of enemy to be fought against. In these difficult times socialist-style ideals of collective responsibility and mutual benefit are to the fore whilst, by contrast, we see with horror the results of the drastic inequalities inherent in the U.S Uber-Capitalist system.
    As for their Healthcare scam. This is arguably one of the greatest money spinning scams perpetrated by any industry against any populous anywhere on Planet Earth.
    Anyone who comes along and tries drag U.S. Healthcare into the civilised, modern 21st century feels the full force of this odious industry’s financial clout. Any alternative to this great scam is derided as ‘socialism’. Sadly, there are many in the USA at the wrong end of the income ladder who pay the ultimate price for their country’s nationwide healthcare scam.
    The entire world votes down the pathetic and anachronistic embargo on an annual basis. It is telling that the USA’s only cohort in this malpractice is Israel. The fact that the USA ignores this annual vote shows a disdain for democracy. The only aspect of ‘democracy’ that this embargo serves is the quest to gain potentially crucial Florida Electoral College votes. It is a disgrace.
    Whilst I would agree with some of what you write Elio, I would refute that other H.T. Contributors are writing to ‘please the enemy’. Cuban people have different ideas about Cuba’s future. I know for a fact that some so called ‘dissidents’ are being paid by the USA because they have told me so. However there are a great many Cubans who are not big supporters of The Revolution. There is a debate to be had about change. There are many Cubans who simply have different viewpoints regarding the country’s future. To somehow deny their patriotism is totally unfair.

    I admire your steadfastness and strong beliefs Elio. Your views are valid and represent the views of a good chunk of the population of Cuba. I shall miss your comments.

    Cuidase mucho Señor.

  • I am sad to hear that you will no longer be contributing. You are absolutely right in stating that visitors, be they tourists or otherwise, come for a short while, if from Canada to escape cold winters, but do not see and never experience the tremendous suffering the ordinary Cuban must endure.

    Tourists by the millions come and bask on beaches, enjoy the warm succulent sunshine and swim in hotel pools enjoying the hospitality dished out by Cuban citizens. But that is not person on the street Cuba.

    What they don’t see nor understand – maybe they do – is how harsh and difficult it is for the ordinary Cuban to feed their family and provide for children who when they reach an appropriate age think about leaving and not returning.

    I know from experience and speaking with Cuban teenagers their frustration with future life and their sheer hopelessness about future prospects they know will never be realized. It is tragic and depressing for some.

    I like your optimistic disposition in truly believing in socialism and what it has successfully done from your perspective, and historically in some countries, and what it can accomplish using biblical reference as an example.

    Cuba certainly has had a suffering historical past. Let’s hope that in the future, with some radical changes both inside the country and outside, Cuba can realize its immense potential.

    Elio, take care. Adios!

  • Elio, I am older than you but fortunately am in good health. I have been a constant critic of your views of Cuba which are so different from that which I have experienced living in Cuba. But your articles have been provocative and almost without exception have created lengthy discussion. I shall miss them. Time for all of us is limited, but I sincerely hope you find some peace and tranquility in the time you have left.

  • Go and enjoy life, Elio. You have earned your rest.
    As a Yanqui writer who oddly respects the Revolution and its heroes, like El Jefe, I have enjoyed reading your unapologetically patriotic essays. Your patriotism will be missed.
    Hasta la victoria siempre, Elio.

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