Where is Capitalism’s Superiority Now?

By Elio Delgado Legon

Havana photo by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – I have been hearing capitalist propaganda’s clamoring about how this system is here forever, because it’s the best option out there. It supposedly offers the most opportunities and freedom, upholds democracy and defends human rights, while, socialism is a failure, and has no future.

However, it is becoming clearer and clearer for us to see how capitalism is marching towards a general crisis, which will inevitably lead to its demise.

From an economic standpoint, there is no way that a government can survive if the rich only get richer and the poor only get poorer. A government where thousands of workers end up unemployed every time there is a crisis. Also losing their homes because they can’t afford rent and ending up on the street like the homeless.

Others have to pay for health care, which is very expensive. If they get really sick, they end up losing everything or being stuck in debt for the rest of their life.

The same goes for education, because the only quality education systems in much of the world are private and expensive. Public universities in the US aren’t free, you have to pay, and students end up in debt for many years.

In terms of democracy, it’s just a big fat lie. A democracy is a people’s government for the people. However, in capitalism, a country is governed for capital, for the rich. The only thing ordinary people can do is vote in elections, for a candidate they often don’t know, and they have no idea what they will do once in office.

Leaders in capitalist countries fill their pockets, because pretty much all of them are corrupt. When elections favor more progressive candidates who are genuinely concerned about the general population, the Right refuses to recognize the results and turns to violence or a coup d’etat. Is this a democracy?

There are plenty of examples, but I’ll only mention the more renowned. For example, Evo Morales won the elections in Bolivia a year ago, in the first round, but was accused of fraud. This happened with the OAS getting involved, and the armed forces were incited to carry out a coup d’etat.

When Evo Morales’ party recently won the majority of the vote, some opposition groups on the Right have refused to recognize this defeat and are causing problems and riots. They even attempted to kill president elect Luis Arce.

Similar things have happened in Venezuela and Nicaragua. The Right in these countries doesn’t recognize results from the latest elections, even though they were in the Leftist candidates’ favor.

The most recent case comes from the US, where the Democrat candidate won with a majority vote. The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, says that the election was stolen from him and isn’t recognizing his opponent’s victory. He is threatening to go to court.

Most honest people in the US say that Trump has been the worst president in the history of their country. However, he insists that he has been the best. He bases his statements on lies, which many of his followers believe. This isn’t a democracy.

COVID-19 has shone a burning light on the inferiority of the capitalist system, as the countries with the best results in the fight against this pandemic have been socialist. The capitalist countries haven’t been so successful. 

One example to illustrate this point is the difference between the US and Cuba in their handling of the pandemic. The former, the most powerful country in the world (in military terms, because it isn’t in every other regard) hasn’t been able to stop the spread of COVID-19, as it has been more concerned about keeping the economy afloat than human lives.

The result? Ten million cases and over 240,000 deaths, with a death rate of 715 per million inhabitants, and these figures continue to grow.

However, Cuba has been able to keep the disease in check. Right now, almost all of the island is in the “new normal” phase and the death rate stands at just 11 per million inhabitants. This, in spite of the US blockade.

We can also add to the above that Cuba already has a vaccine in the third phase of its clinical trial. There is another vaccine in the first phase and a third vaccine, that won’t be intravenous.

Trials will soon begin, which will guarantee at least one vaccine by the beginning of next year. This is something that no capitalist country has managed to do, except for Russia, which follows Left politics.

On the other hand, the US hasn’t helped any other country during these trying times. On the contrary, it has withdrawn its contribution to the World Health Organization. In the meantime, Cuba has sent 52 medical brigades to 39 countries to collaborate in the fight against COVID-19.

I could give many more examples, but there isn’t enough space here, and the above is enough to cast doubt on capitalism’s superiority.

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11 thoughts on “Where is Capitalism’s Superiority Now?

  • Folks, you don’t know how privileged you are to live in a Democratic-Socialist country!
    I know that you will probably take umbrage with this statement

    You probably aren’t privy to the plight of the USA’s poor and destitute millions of citizens’ who have slipped off the welfare roles in these tough times.
    In Cuba, at least, it is warm enough to live outside without freezing to death. In parts of the USA (Colorado) yesterday, 27 inches (67.5 cm) of snow fell on the ground.

    In Cuba, Your Cuban government has departments that TRY THEIR BEST to do what needs to be done to assist the populace survive, under the draconian US EMBARGO and the USA’s absolutely despicable SANCTIONS, on food, goods, medical supplies, etc.. It is not for lack of trying, that these shortages occur. Your government is trying hard to help its citizens’ but is fighting an up-hill battle

    In America, ALL MONEY circulates to the top1% of the population, to heck with what happens to the rest of the citizens’ – these people are treated as disposable, useless baggage, by their government.
    There are millions more US citizens with NO MONEY and NO FOOD with NO prospects of EVER being able to better themselves, than the entire population of CUBA. These people have no chance of EVER getting out of this cycle of poverty.

    The US Government spends 3/4 of the money it collects in taxes, for ITS MILITARY BUDGET. The country’s infrastructure is falling apart, but, the government finds the money to support the over 800 Military Bases, Air Bases, Naval Bases, in 170 Countries around the world.
    Presently the USA is invading 7 countries around the world, and destroying them, while they steal these countries Natural Resources.
    The credibility rating of the USA on a scale from one to ten, is a MINUS Five.

    Don’t believe the lie that the USA is a free society. The facts prove otherwise, IN EVERY DIRECTION!

    Don’t give up on Cuba just yet, folks. When the dust settles in a year or two you will be glad that you stuck it out and stayed in Cuba.

    I can almost hear the screams of indignation regarding my post, but, I have seen the reality in both Cuba AND the quickly-failing USA and I am betting on CUBA to come out of this problem era as the winner – HANDS DOWN!

    Don from Northern Canada – and proudly, Santa Marta, Cuba

  • Moses Patterson’s comments have flaws. Well he doesn’t explain some. But electricity is an issue in other carribean countries, and it tends to be an issue in poor countries. This isn’t a capitalism or socialism thing. The Dominican Republic has issues with electricity too.

    Housing: You know who has problems there? the U.S. Housing is a major problem in the U.S. It’s overly expensive in cities. And now, a lot of people are going to be unable to pay their rent unless the government steps in to help.

  • Elio forgot to mention a few things about Cuban socialism: Food, electricity, housing. Three major failures in Cuba.

  • Cuban Socialism Was the Most Kept Hidden Swindle The Tourist World is Now Waken up & it is Started Getting its Pay Back. Suck it up Cuba.

  • I always chuckle at Elio’s scattergun attacks on Capitalism.
    Some of Elio’s comments are entirely valid as suggested by other contributors. Whereas other of Elio’s points and assertions are, let’s say, a touch far fetched.
    Certain contributors here seem to be saying something along the lines of ‘well the USA may be a bunch of crap to some extent, but look at Cuba – it’s even worse’
    But that’s not comparing like with like. Despite the Revolution, Cuba is still a third world country (to use out of date terminology).
    The USA is still the most powerful economy in the world – until China assumes top spot (any bets on 2030?).
    Anyone who wishes to evaluate Cuba against comparable countries should take a read of Ben Anson’s visceral and eloquent articles from Honduras.
    Honduras is a country which has undergone brutalisation and exploitation from the landing of the first Europeans right up until the present day. Brutalised first by the Spanish and then the USA.
    Unlike Cuba it has never been able to assert any meaningful independence. Unlike Cuba, Honduras represents the bottom rung on the global Capitalist ladder. It’s future is reliant on the whims of the regional master-power (which is in itself subject to the whims and vagaries of a bizarre variety of sicko, debauched regimes such as the one which is now, thankfully drawing to a close).
    I look at Cuba, which I regard as my second home, and I think it could do so much better.
    But then I look at Cuba and I compare it to failed and brutalised Capitalist minion states and I think…….
    Could be a f**k of a lot worse.

  • Elio, You have an interesting rant on the negatives of capitalism, and I agree that some are valid. you say that, “there is no way that a government can survive if the rich only get richer and the poor only get poorer”. This is exactly what has happened in Cuba. The few top gov. BOBOS along with the military generals are fat and happy while the other 98% are living in day to day survival existence. I agree with many of your other statements also. They are exactly what has happened in Cuba. The only difference, is that Cuba has all the negatives of capitalism but 98% of Cubans benefit from none of the positives of capitalism, and there are many. This is proven by the fact that most Cubans want to leave. They don’t want to live where they don’t have to deal with the countless roadblock rules set up by the gov. The sole purpose of this nonsense rules is to control the people. 98% of Cubans have no opportunity to prosper. No one wanting to prosper immigrates to Cuba. They all emigrate to countries which offer opportunity. Like I said in a prior letter: All the rafts are going in 1 direction, from Cuba to the USA. Non are going in the other direction to Cuba. Cuban socialism is a lie !!!

  • Great Words Dennis with the Greatest Positive Change Past & Future, Now if Only Cuba would Hear there Own Children,s Cry,s & Elio Stopped This B.S. Propaganda that Only a Crack Addict would go along with, May Be Cuba will come from out of the Darkness & See the Light of A Free Choice in Life the Real (Honest) World has to offer.

  • At least in this Capitalist dug hole of a country you seem to loathe, I can vote without being a member of the party in power. Can you?

    Also the US is the most generous nation on the planet and has been since it’s inception. The fact that the government chooses not to continue to send hundreds of millions to the World Health
    Organization is based on Performance of the W.H.O. Hint; it failed miserably in identifying the Coronavirus strain and simply parroted the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda. This damn thing started in China and China told no one including the W.H.O. for more than a month, while still flying weekly flights of the CCP elite into Italy causing the worst contagion per populous
    in Europe.

    We are still more charitable than any other nation. As a people we contribute personally and privately to all nations in a time of need. Those donations on top of what our government gives away of our tax dollars in unmatched.

    I know the Cuban people are suffering right now and I wish there was a simple answer. Nobody in the US wants to see people go without. Only the Cuban Communist government can change
    that. Oh by the way, we do have a Covid-19 vaccine, two in fact that are now finishing clinical trials and are 90% and 94.4% effective in preventing the illness. They are not government made, but developed by private capitalist companies working in partnership with the US government.

    Once those most at risk in the states are inoculated our government has pledged to offer it worldwide. So far the only nations shunning the offer are Communist run because to accept US help would make there precious party and by extension, it’s leaders look weak and ineffective.

    Puffing out ones chest and saying “we have our own way and don’t need anything from the bad old US is not leadership; it’s sanctioned genocide.

    God bless you all on that beautiful island and may your nightmare be over soon. I am looking forward to the day I can visit.


  • Elio with his one broad stroke completely dismisses capitalism as an economic ideology in crisis and decries it will soon decease. Well, I live in a capitalist society – Canada – and I do not see any of Elio’s prognosis becoming evidently true.

    Through out the article he disparages capitalism and then he has the audacity to indirectly claim the communism system he lives under to be superior. Let’s review some of his absurd statements.

    “From an economic standpoint, there is no way that a government can survive if the rich only get richer and the poor only get poorer.” I agree there is no way a government can survive when the elites in power, particularly the communist elite in which there are a few who ingratiate themselves at the expense of the majority of ordinary Cubans. The ordinary Cuban cannot hope to enjoy the perks, the abundance, the power, that the communist elite have at their disposal and which elites exploit to the maximum.

    “Others have to pay for health care, which is very expensive. If they get really sick, they end up losing everything or being stuck in debt for the rest of their life.” That observation and analysis obviously arises from someone ignorant of capitalist societies. That may be true in one capitalist society but it is blatantly false in capitalist Canada. Elio, for your information, any Canadian who falls ill has free medical care in any hospital in the country. This medical care is paid for by public funds garnered from the Canadian taxation system. No capitalist Canadian loses anything if they become ill and require the serves of medical care.

    “Leaders in capitalist countries fill their pockets, because pretty much all of them are corrupt.” My Canadian Member of Parliament would be absolutely outraged by you suggesting leaders (he is a political leader in the federal Canadian government) fills his pockets and is corrupt. Simply ignorant, self serving, claptrap. How about those communist elites engulfing themselves with the nation’s funds while the poverty stricken Cuban cannot even purchase sufficient food to feed the family. This is the reality on Cuban streets. Is that not a corrupt system in need of an economic overhaul?

    “Most honest people in the US say that Trump has been the worst president in the history of their country. However, he insists that he has been the best. He bases his statements on lies, which many of his followers believe. This isn’t a democracy.” Actually that is the essence of democracy. Absolutely, honest American people voted against Trump and have expressed their outrage at his unbecoming behavior. That is democracy in action. On the other hand, many Americans voted for Trump vehemently insisting he is the best president. Nothing wrong with that. That is democracy in action. There are people for a particular candidate and people against the same candidate. Democracy, via free and open elections, determines the final outcome.

    Unlike Cuba. Now, there is a prime example of no democracy since there are no free elections. In fact any outwardly demonstrated dissonance is severely sanctioned and even punished. The communist elite in power remain there until they either die or there is violent overthrow as history has demonstrated.

    Very briefly with regard to the pandemic are there not two American pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer and Moderna) who have a vaccine at the ready that is 95% effective and will soon be administered to the world. That was accomplished in a capitalist economic environment.

    Elio ends his article: “I could give many more examples, but there isn’t enough space here, and the above is enough to cast doubt on capitalism’s superiority.” Ditto, here. Sufficient examples were provided to capitalize on capitalism’s superiority over the crass communist system.

  • And in Cuba a so called socialist state the party and military leaders go hungry like the rest of the population , what a joke

  • The capitalist’s only think about there pockets not human beings we are only ponds for them we are nothing to a capitalist’s the rich got more rich during this pandemic and a President that the only thing that was important to him was the stock market .

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