Cuban Singer Roberto Carcasses Has Planted a Seed

Erasmo Calzadilla

The concert where Roberto Carcasses improvised a few lines that rocked the boat. Photo: Roberto Ruiz, juventudrebelde

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba’s totalitarian apparatus seeks to perpetuate itself, following in the footsteps of the Chinese elite. The least any suicidal individual who chooses to strike this apparatus kamikaze style deserves is our support.

What did singer Roberto Carcasses ask for at Havana’s Anti-Imperialist bandstand? The same thing I and many people long for: freedom of information, freedom to choose a president through a direct vote, the legalization of marihuana, an end to the blockade (both external and internal) and equal rights for all Cubans.

If we’re going to start asking for things, I would, however, add several bitter requests.

The first would be discarding the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) as the nation’s guiding force, a humiliating state-of-affairs ratified by Article 5 of the Constitution.

When you think about it, if there was anything close to an explosive situation in Cuba, a passionate public statement of this nature, a daring request like the artist’s would have set the Tribune on fire.

But what happened there, instead?

I have the impression that Cuba’s youth are entirely indifferent to political issues. For them, at the most, this was nothing more than a game, a game they would not dare play if it put their careers at risk or meant a good scolding.

Let us, however, stay positive: let’s hope that Carasses’ daring gesture was a seed that will tomorrow bear a lush tree. I am confident one day we will have the courage to take to the streets and express our indignation publicly.

Erasmo Calzadilla

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6 thoughts on “Cuban Singer Roberto Carcasses Has Planted a Seed

  • I have always been thankful for the opening marijuana gave me, even through all the hardship of years of schizophrenia, what I have never understood is what it was I was really looking for. I am still wondering by what I meant by “it is useless”. Perhaps it is two words. Use Less.

  • Nowadays everyone wants fire. These people want to burn away the old and bring the new. Those people want to burn away the new and bring the old. Erasmo, do you really think the Middle East is better off after all those people in the street. The devil plays with this world, it is useless.

  • If Cuba wanted to gain more negative attention from the U.S., legalizing marijuana would certainly be one way to do it!

  • really buddy? the legalization of marijuana?
    Erasmo, no se a que viene eso de “legalizacion de la marihuana en Cuba” ni veo tampoco la correlacion con la situacion corriente en Cuba. Por favor preguntate si verdaderamente eso es algo necesario o/e inpresindible para que Cuba progrese.


  • Cowards in Cuba? I think Cuba would win most of the world’s vote for being one of the most heroic countries in history. Did you ever consider that the rest of the performers don’t agree with this guy ?

  • Typically, it is generally from among the ranks of musicians, actors, comedians and other artists that the vanguard of political change in society is usually drawn. I am not surprised that Carcasses did what he did. What surprises me is the silence of the many other Cuban performers. Why are there so many cowards in Cuba?

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