The Lively Phallus

Erasmo Calzadilla

Picture from the documentary Clitoris, by director Michele Dominici.

Having a tiny penis is not as bad as people think.  The smallest ones are easier to get up because they weigh less and the erection consumes less energy.  Likewise, when it comes to enjoyment, these pipitos have some significant advantages compared to their big brothers; for example, those who have compared say that they’re livelier.

Though the difference between a macro and micro weeny sometimes exceeds four inches, all have approximately the same number of nerve endings (between 400 and 600).  This means that the intensity of pleasure — to the degree that this depends on innervation — is similar for all penis owners.

However, there’s another much better phallus constituted in the human body: the clitoris.  We can imagine the clitoris as a tiny tail, or the penis as a hyper-extended clitoris, but it would be more appropriate to understand both of them as deriving from the same basic organ that during fetal development adopts any of the variants between those two extremes (the penis and the clitoris).

Because they have that same origin, this is why they look so much alike, but there are also differences.  The principal one, apart from size, is that the woman’s phallus is better innervated (some 800 nerve endings), and its purpose is exclusively for pleasure.

The clitoris and the penis are like agents of interpersonal communication and with God.  In the case of females, it’s like with chips in most modern computers: the organ in charge of such a noteworthy function is more sophisticated (and therefore more delicate), it possesses a higher level of specialization, is better protected, occupies less space and carries out its work better.

Maybe that’s why “women give it to you with umph,” like it goes in an old Cuban salsa song.

So, as you can see, you can’t go back to associating sexism with phallo-centrism because the fact is each one of us has a phallus, except that the female ones are state-of-the-art.

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  • Erasmo,

    I found your article to be unique, extraordinary and informative. Nice work! I will actively be seeking opportunities to share the points made with others.


    PS during a cold Canadian winter it’s possible all male organs tend to be more micro than macro in size.

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