Talk and Exchanging Ideas Can Be Healthy, but…

By Esther Zoza

HAVANA TIMES – The fear of being exposed to others is one of the new conflicts that wear on interpersonal relationships in Cuba.

In my case, some time ago the ties with some of my friends have been limited by the lack of transparency in our communication. Conversations that were previously lucid and enjoyable, are now an intellectual challenge motivated by restlessness. My last encounters were such a big effort to unravel the double intention of the messages that I was shattered.

Becoming experts in deciphering what is not clearly said or said beating around the bush, is a challenge in today’s Cuba. Omitting opinion on social reality for fear of being prosecuted is increasingly common, even in the closest circles. That suspicion sometimes leads to devalue the other and create false stories. The truth is that the darkness in language surprises us in the most unexpected environments, and we must become experts in restraint and self-control so as not to demand explanations or retire in an untimely manner.

Choosing who we share with and exchange ideas is healthy. The prohibitive prices of recreational facilities urge us to meet at home, with friends that we may not have seen for some time, close friends or family.

However, be careful to believe that we all think the same, to try to impose our criteria, with falling into the traps of uncommunication. We must keep in mind that life is not controllable, and we are randomly subject. As social beings we communicate even with strangers. It is foolish to pretend that we are unique in our way of looking at life, thinking and communicating.

Practicing a relationship of respect with someone who thinks different is an exercise in spiritual growth. Listening without feeling possessed by anger and irrationality if we do not agree. Accepting that we are all diverse without recriminations, absolutisms and impositions is a step to achieve harmony in our personal relationships.

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Esther Zoza

I was born in the 60s. I love my country and its simple and sacrificed people. I like the arts, particularly literature. In music I enjoy traditional and contemporary trova, also opera and instrumental music. I respect all religions. I like esoteric and mystical subjects; I also enjoy the enigmas of the universe. I believe above all things in God. I am persistent and disciplined to meet my goals. I like the countryside. I live near the sea. I believe in relationships and love in all its manifestations.

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  • The key to communication is learn to listen. Even if it is something that you disagree with you shouldn’t take it personal. It is ok to think differently.

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