Tribute to Cats (Video)

By Irina Pino

HAVANA TIMES – Who hasn’t run into a stray cat on the street? Some people are moved by the sight and take it home, others pass on by and just look at it. But it never goes unnoticed, because every cat has something unique about it that makes it stand out.

Stray cats are brave, they survive by rummaging through garbage bins, eating scraps that humans throw away. It is wild, it hunts down birds to prove that it is fearless.

At night, they wake you with their scuffles with other cats, their drawn-out meows chasing after female cats in their romantic courtship. Does it bother you? It shouldn’t because it’s in their nature.

If you welcome a stray cat into your home, you will have the most affectionate friend, somebody to wake you up in the morning if it sleeps on your bed. It will thank you for its food by rubbing up your legs.

Silent company, sometimes; that will give you peace just by stroking it, when you feel it vibrate in your hand, traveling through your body, and it becomes the best medicine out there for your soul.

You’ll say that it is lazy, sleepy, because it spends hours on end asleep, day and night.

Cats’ dreams must be wonderful adventures, for they continue to be a mystery for humankind.

I hope you enjoy this video in tribute to cats. I’ll also leave you with a poem from my book: De los escalones para abajo.


Stroking an animal with living plush, reading the wonder of its adventures in its eyes, in unknown areas at night, shrieks, games, rippling in the air, the back that curves, that invents unthinkable shapes of mental alertness.

It slinks in and out like a ghost. Nobody owns it.

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