The Cuban Dictatorship Puts on Rainbow Makeup

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By Luis Rondon Paz

HAVANA TIMES – I just finished reading the news about the new family code in Cuba, and what comes into my mind is the following question:

Do they seriously believe that from one day to another the backwards mentality of this society, with the support of those in power, will put into practice what they announced today with drums and trumpets in the official and international media?

Whoever believes that is either very naive or is pretending, in order to reap more advantage from this tiny handout the regime has granted. Those benefitted come from a sector that – like it or not – represents a source of concrete and rapid income for the coffers of the Castroist offspring, amid the tremendous poverty the country is experiencing.

With all due respect for those who at one time were my fellows in the struggle for the rights of sexual minorities and their individual freedoms, I want to outline here the reasons that – in my opinion – something was won this time that never should have been fought for in the first place.

Given the exceptional circumstances the country finds itself in – extreme misery in terms of food and medicine; a drastic drop in exports; extreme repression against those whose opinions differ from the official discourse – I believe the regime chose to put a new game piece into play on the chessboard, this time in favor of the LGBTQI+ collectives, with the chief aim of once again distracting the attention of the world, as well as of those inside the country.

In a certain sense, it’s more of the same. Remember their approval of independent small business and self-employed work?  It’s one more business deal, a well-thought-out ploy.

Does the Cuban Communist Party and the Council of Ministers lose anything by approving the family code?

Of course not!

On the contrary, by earning Cuba international recognition as a country where LGBTQI+ couples are recognized, the regime publicly positions itself as “gay friendly” and opens the doors to the LGBTQI+ tourist industry, both private and state. All that money will flow directly into the pockets of the Big Cheeses.

Now, I think it will depend on Cubans who are sexually diverse, both those residing in Cuba and those outside, to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen their positions as well as they can, while the government begins to implement their new tactic. It’s left to the sexual minorities to know how to play their cards and not be cast in the role of the grateful obedient.

I’m not trying to deny my colleague’s achievement and that of the collective I’m part of. I struggled alongside them when I lived on the island.

I simply want to call attention to the fact that now the fight becomes serious. Finally, the major leagues have opened. Before, they didn’t exist. We’ll now be known and recognized in Cuba’s family circle. But do they really think that being able to marry and legally adopt will fill their stomachs, or allow them to live freely in thought and expression?

I leave that task to them.

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  • I thought the same thing about the LGBTQ+ friendly tourism (especially for Canadians and western Europeans)

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