The Tradition of Mother’s Day in Cuba

Luis Rondón Paz

The monument to Mothers Day in Santiago de las Vegas.


HAVANA TIMES – Mother’s Day was held for the first time in Cuba on May 10, 1920 at the Santiago de las Vegas Teaching and Recreation Center on the outskirts of Havana. It began at the initiative by local historian Francisco Montoto and a group of young intellectuals.

Product of the success of the celebration and the popular enthusiasm generated, the following year Mother’s Day was established in the capital, later spreading throughout the island becoming a national tradition.

As a result of this popular action and media impact, Santiago de las Vegas took the initiative to build a beautiful monument to Mothers Day in its Martí Park, funded by a cross-section of members of the community.

Currently the park where this national tradition emerged has fallen to neglect and deterioration. Many thought that with the advent of pay-for wifi in the park it would receive some attention, but only the lights and antennas were installed. The rest is in the same state.

To make matters worse, the memorial to mothers is hardly recognized by people visiting the park, who while aware of the importance of mother’s day on the island, do not know its origin.

Below is a video with some people in the park where the popular tradition emerged.


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  • To all Cuban mothers, A Happy Mothers Day! May your children achieve freedom from oppression, opportunity to express their views openly and opportunity to elect governments of their choice. Viva Cuba libre!

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