A Friend Stuck in the ‘80s

By Nike

HAVANA TIMES – I have a friend who lived so intensely in the 1980s, that he still wears clothes and listens to music from this era. He was a freak and a rock and roll fan.

When you see him, you have to be ready to listen to a dissertation about his favorite subject, music. He knows all of the bands from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, to more recent ones like Avenged Sevenfold. He is always telling stories about the concerts he went to, the drunken nights and his friends.

He remains a freak today, at over 50 years old.Being stuck at home right now, it’s a joy when he comes with his stories.

Part of my friends watch collection.

He is also a fan of watches, especially Russian (Soviet) ones. He always tells me that every time he’d get his paycheck, he would buy a new Poljot model (the most popular brand of Russian watches) that cost between 50-60 Cuban pesos.

Almost all of his friends give him watches from different countries as a gift, so he’s managed to build quite a collection, which he proudly shows off.

Today, he is a fan of aliens and he devours documentaries about them when they come on the Weekly Package.

My friend.

He is a great electrician. He’ll fix the seemingly unfixable, and he’s even left some things better off than when they were new. This is how he earns a living.

He has become a character on the block that everbody wants to talk to because of his way of being.  As I write this, he is sitting in my home and talking about his favorite bands and about the time he went to see the Rolling Stones in the front line. He is an odd figure in my town and a good-hearted Cuban.

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  • This sounds like a clever guy.
    The U.K. produced some great rock bands.
    The USSR produced some great watches.
    Can’t disagree with any of that.

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