Eco Plus, a Very Cuban Exhibition

By Nike

From the exposition Eco Plus by Lorenzo Capote Montiel

HAVANA TIMES – Last Tuesday I went out looking for food that I couldn’t find. On my way back, I decided to go to the Mariano Rodríguez gallery in the Pan-American Village and, surprise, there was a new exhibition.

I bring you these pictures so you can appreciate this artist in his personal expo.

The exhibition is titled Eco Plus, and they are works of the self-taught Lorenzo Capote Montiel, born in 1966. In his paintings, color and textures are assumed in a natural way. The artist includes sea fans, seashells, stones and plant fibers with which he summons us to protect and care for nature. At the same time, he offers us the opportunity to enjoy them as artistic elements.

I invite you, now that you can visit my country, to stop by this gallery located on Avenida 78, building 28, between 51st and 5th, in the Pan-American Village. It will be open to the public until December 16.

Furthermore, here are some photos to motivate you to visit the expo of these creative works made with great patience.

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