Female and Male

Nonardo Perea

HAVANA TIMES — “Female and male” is the title of a  short video found in the Weekly Package (audiovisuals sold in Cuba for downloading), which I normally buy every Tuesday.

This type of material which is strongly homophobic made me sad and bothered me at the same time. It compared homosexuals with simple cables, as if gays and lesbians didn’t have any kind of emotions and weren’t able to feel love or desire for another human being, whether that person is of the same sex or not.

It’s a lack of respect and humanity that a Baptist Church is creating this kind of movie, where young people were used who will have their own children one day in the future. We’d have to ask what the participants in the video, and the filmmaker, would do if their children had a different sexual behavior to their own.

I’m sure they would use these very cables, and not to listen to music exactly, but to tie them up and electrocute them so as to expel the demons living inside them.

It’s laughable that they are attacking other forms of love in this day and age, even more so when we know we are all equals and that we are all very different when it comes to our emotions and sexual desires.

Unfortunately, often we only see the negative in others a lot of the time and we aren’t able to assess our ways of behaving which sometimes are negative and removed from humanist and sincere behavior. Many of us know about men of the Church abusing children and committing atrocious acts using God’s name as an excuse. Siloe Productions (the name of the production company that made this video) should focus on these kinds of subjects more as they tarnish the credibility of some Christians, who live all of their lives hiding in the closet.

The video ends with the phrase… “He created man and woman.”

I hope they also bear in mind this other phrase: “Love one another, love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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  • You have so much courage.I’m so proud of you

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