We Are All Wolves

Nonardo Perea

Camila Carballo

HAVANA TIMES — Putting what I had learned at the course I took in Prague into practice, I have embarked on my film project.

This time, I was interested in focusing on interviewing female artists, be that actresses, writers, filmmakers, photographers, etc. who have received very little attention and visibility in national media.

Although, I haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of interviewing men, this time I was leaning towards women, because personally I usually find myself a lot more comfortable with them when it comes to connecting.

On this occasion, I interviewed the young actress and filmmaker Camila Carballo, who in spite of her young years and having quite an extensive career, hasn’t been recognized enough for her work I believe and that’s why I am asking her a few questions about her efforts as an actress and filmmaker.

Her last short movie “Lobos”, tells us the story of two men who break into an old man’s apartment after he has just passed away, and they do this for the simple reason that they want to extend their homes. Using this brief synopsis as a starting point, human misery begins to surface, not too far-removed from the reality that many Cubans experience in our country, where we all know there are severe housing problems.

Lobos is a reality, it’s a short movie which makes us see ourselves as wild animals, who are capable of anything for a bit of space; this space that might not even belong to us, but we want to own it anyway, because a lot of the time, the human race isn’t satisfied with the territory it does have, and they are capable of anything to get a little more, transforming themselves even into a bloodthirsty wolves.