Venezuela, a Guinness Record and More Poverty

Venezuela wins the Guinness Record for having 85% of the population working for a minimum monthly wage of US $2.00. With this its only possible to buy a pound of flour and a half carton of eggs.

By Onai

HAVANA TIMES – One of the most widely aired media events in Latin America and the world today is Venezuela’s participation in the Guinness Record of the National System of Orchestras. For this they took to the stage more than 12 thousand musicians of all ages, who played Tchaikovsky’s “Slavic March”, in a cultural event to demonstrate the capacity for large-scale musical coordination, unique in the world.

This generated, without a doubt, diverse reactions from Venezuelans inside and outside the country. Nostalgia, pride, emotion, respect, anger and at the same time a great helplessness, since, parallel to this magnanimous event, the social and economic reality of our country is totally and incredibly poor, desperate, sad.

In Venezuela, around 80% of the population is advancing rapidly towards extreme poverty, without any guarantees of fundamental rights. A minimum monthly wage of US $2 dollars is only enough for 2 basic products and that with great difficulty.

Perhaps this is the real record that should be considered by the Guinness Book of Records board. We could compete for being the richest country in Latin America, with the wildest political corruption, and with the most miserable minimum wage for workers in the world.

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