Is Cuba Suffering Paralysis?

Paula Henriquez

Photo: Juan Suarez
Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — We Cubans have to face a countless number of difficulties everyday. Some better others worse, however, we’ve always known how to… deal with them, so to speak. But there’s no doubt about it, the problems that arise in our daily lives are becoming greater and greater or more serious, I’d say.

It’s been a while now that they’ve been talking about the difficult crisis that has spread across the country. There’s talk about us maybe returning back to the Special Period, about new blackouts that could take place (8 hours or more without electricity in homes), and even the likely shortages of food and hygienic products, etc. in the future. All of this occurs because the price of oil has dropped and the critical situation that exists in Venezuela, our main supplier. However up until recently, everything was still just a rumor.

So as not to create any illusions, let me tell you that, a few days ago, many work places applied a measures to save electricity and fuel. This was made clear when lights were switched off in building corridors, working hours were cut and as an extreme precautionary measure… workers have had to take “compulsory” leave, taking their holidays in the upcoming month of August.

I don’t know if this is a general thing, but I know a lot of places, especially my own, where this provision has already been put into effect. Just imagine… a workplace, an industry whose staff, except for a few people, “the essentials”, are out of their offices for a whole month and who knows, it might be for even longer.

Up until now, nothing has been said about cuts to our salaries… but just like everything has come to light beforehand… who really knows if something else is being prepared? In short… if this is happening everywhere… will we be a country in paralysis?

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  • It appears that even the economic sloth of Castros Cuba can slow down.

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