Cuban Women Don’t Really Like Foreign Men

By Pedro Pablo Morejon

Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – I’m not very progressive, let’s say. I am in some respects, of course, such as human rights, democracy and whatnot. However, I tend to be a little politically incorrect about other things.

This is why I like to read websites such as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), Pildora Roja or PUAs (Pick Up Artists). It’s not a matter of me being a follower of some of these online communities (which seem extreme to me in reality), but I do agree on certain points of view that I find to be true and interesting.

Well anyway, sometimes I visit one of these websites. The author is quite an intelligent person, but as he lives in another dimension, he is one of those people who thinks that Spanish and Western European men in general, are more attractive to women.

I don’t know whether this is the case in any other Latin American country, but it isn’t the case here in Cuba. It definitely isn’t.

I say this because those visitors are always impressed with the affection they receive from our fellow countrymen and women. So many of them take the bait, marry Cuban women, and take them back to their countries.

Comments on Internet sites about Cuban women

Unfortunately, you can read comments by Europeans on internet forums about how easy it is supposedly to pick up women in Cuba. I especially find it awful the way they degrade our women.

I have had the opportunity to get to know two of these women who dedicated themselves to “jinetear” back in the day, a term we use here in Cuba to refer to those who prostitute themselves with foreigners.  Both of them had vast experience in the matter. They told me they never felt good sexually when they were with foreigners, that there wasn’t anyone like a Cuban man.

You can prove this if you look around you. They all continue to sleep with their Cuban lovers. 

It isn’t a question of us Cubans being the best lovers in the world either. Plus, this whole “latin lover” business is a stereotype that is far from reality.

Nor that a Spanish person is less good-looking, because many of us descend from them.

The thing is, though, that because we live in poverty, any foreigner in Cuba is seen as a man that can help solve their financial problems and/or be their ticket out of here. When a woman from anywhere else in the world (not only here) puts a man in a certain box, there’s no way you can change her mind.

How foreign men are often perceived in Cuba

However, the different reality these foreign men are used to in their countries doesn’t allow them to pick up on the fact that any tourist that steps on Cuban soil is seen as such by many women.

Soon, foreign tourism will again invade Cuba. Floods of Canadians and Europeans (and who knows even US citizens too after Biden assumes the presidency in the US) will come here seeking out sex tourism.

A vaccine against COVID-19 is already on the horizon for 2021. On the other hand, the dictatorship needs an injection of hard currency to help save the national economic crisis. 

So, everything will continue like before, but these foreign men should have one thing crystal clear: Most Cuban women are only interested in their money.

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29 thoughts on “Cuban Women Don’t Really Like Foreign Men

  • Very simplistic article with an undertone of jealousy. And not completely accurate as all relationships are complex. A lot of Cuban women hate Cuban men. They complain endlessly how they are bad fathers, controlling and and cheap. They do say the cuban men are good in bed. But this is just one thing women like about men. Some want good looking or funny or rich or intelligent men. why is one quality better than another. After years of bad relationships, many women want a man who can provide financial security. But there are good and bad people in every country and this article just stereotypes.

  • i am marrying my Cuban fiance next year !

  • The article is true as are all the comments. The Cubans are very nice & it feels safe there. They seem much more upfront about connection & sex certainly than the English.
    I actually went to Cuba too dance because of my love of Cuban Salsa & the biggest problem that I have had is with being targeted as a cash cow with the hard sell sex.
    But I have persevered & got some great friends in Cuba. (very sadly 3 died in the plane disaster).
    When I do get to dance after avoiding certain types the whole scene changes & men come up to me & shake my hand. I was with a Cuban friend & she was amazed to see this; I told her it always happens.
    I cut my foot on glass & went to get it stitched up where upon the nurse asked my Cuban friend ‘has this guy got a chica ?’ No they said & she told me straight there & then ‘that I need one & she is interested’ & there is me ‘just sew my foot up’. I have had 2 brief encounters in 10 years because I’m only human but it’s not why I go to Cuba.

    It is like being richer & more popular than back home

  • It’s a huge risk to engage in a relationship with a Cuban in particular, because of the really bad situation down there. I was chatting with some Colombian and Cuban friends. I happened to like a very nice Cuban Girl who would talk about the situation in here university. Of course you develop some feelings for her and promptly offer her help. Money for books, Internet, etc… Then more and more feelings… after some time she said her school closed because of Covid, then her family sold their house to help her get out of Cuba and she was counting in me helping her here in the States. The day she said was leaving the country some police raids took them to jail for some reason I don’t understand,. Then she disappeared for a couple of weeks. Then she re appeared and said she owed more money and now she doesn’t have a home. Which means, she wanted me to send her extra $1000 USD, So, I calculated I sent her about $1900 USD in helping her in that year. So, I said, oh no, I am sorry I can’t help because I need proof of what happened before. She disappeared again… LOL… You are absolutely right. Life is a struggle there and yes they only talk to some one who have a bit more money than they have. Don’t get me wrong here. I have the best friends from Cuba, but already here in the US.

  • Many people take advantage of Cuba girls that are not even 18 but with the extreme shortages and low Cuban wages. Both the teen girls and their families feel that what being offered is worth the human costs. The whole Cuban economic system is broken. In the last 15 months the lack of these tourists has made the shortages and hunger much worse than some older teen girls and women in their twenties being mothers of foreign people children.

  • what you said about “jineteras” (putas) Cubans is common for all prostitutes in the world . With client sex is for money, without pleasure; with boyfriend (or pimp) is for pleasure. It is hard to compare these two things. Article is good to open some stupid eyes.

  • Deb, I agree with your analysis, the reality is like this. I just focus on one side of that game. You very aptly state the other. I think that those who dislike my article are those who do not want to accept reality and live a world of fantasy.

  • I’m not disagreeing with your article – that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Just know that the game is being played two ways – I know many Canadians who go to Cuba and pretend to be rich and promise the Cubans they meet that they will bring them to Canada. But that is just a scam – all they really want is for the Cubans to wait on them like royalty at the resorts or tourist places and to give them extra special service and do their running for them. They of course have no intention of ever bringing these Cubans back to Canada and will never contact them again after they get home. Believe me, the Canadians are going back home to their good lives – and very often to their boyfriends/girlfriends or spouses who have good jobs and plenty of income. I’m sure this is not just the Canadians doing this. So while you tell the tourists that the Cuban women don’t really like them – trust me, there are many tourists who don’t really like the Cubans. They are just taking advantage of these people for the cost of a few pesos or some cheap Dollar Store junk they bring with them to Cuba. I have heard them laughing about doing this. To be clear – I don’t do this nor do I condone those who do. I’m just saying that it happens – often. 🙁
    Better to be kind to each other.

  • Eh John you forgot Thailand and the rest of asia

  • Awful article.

  • This article cruelly stereotypes all Cuban Women. This is weird.
    It also puts all non-Cuban men in one single generalised category. This is perhaps even more weird.
    I would suggest the author broadens his horizons. I would also suggest that he might wish to scratch the surface a little deeper. He may then arrive at a more nuanced understanding of life, the universe and everything.

    Alternatively – stick with the comfortable but dull as f**k stereotypes.

  • Damn brother, as an european born and lived in US for a long time an Canada (only on vacation),
    I just love you final sentence:

    “So, everything will continue like before, but these foreign men should have one thing crystal clear: Most Cuban women are only interested in their money”

    This is so true for our homeland that makes absolutely no difference with Cuba. You find the same interests in women in cuba, europe, US, o canada. thanks for reminding us that!

  • What is of ignorant people is not to classify people by categories (really everyone does it because it is common sense) or to issue opinions about an article when, because of living in a country and a different reality, you do not have the slightest idea , but hey, everyone is free to express themselves

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder my friend. It does not matter where you come from or your ethnicity.We are all people. Stop all generalizing people on categories. Its very ignorant.

  • Dear Ben, I have not established, as you mean, that Cuban men are the best. Obviously you have made a superficial reading of my article and have interpreted them in your own way. Why wear myself out then explaining?

  • Dear Pedro,
    You made me laugh with the comment on my psychic abilities haha. I just thought it odd at best the need to come out of nowhere and establish that CUBAN MEN ARE THE BEST AND CUBAN WOMEN SAY SO!!! At least, that is how the article reads.
    You are very right about the Cuban girl of mine, she would not have invited me if we were in Cuba however the point is she liked me enough to do so once being in a better económic position in Spain. In the town where we lived there were many Cuban men. So, it appears that your analysis of Cuban women only liking Cuban men is not at all true… She could have chosen Cuban men with money yet instead she chose the broke Englishman looking for work.

  • Lately I read, with the help of my wife (who knows English) the digital version of Havana Times in that language, which is the one in which this site is read the most. I’m going to let you respond to BD and Ben, rather than ego for a truth-establishing reason. BD I’m not really a party person, nor do I waste my time after artist sites. I don’t know where he gets that from. And although it may be true that natives sleep with foreigners in tourist circuits anywhere in the world, at least in Cuba, the country where I live, the main reason for men and women to do so is of material interest. On the other hand, Ben surprised me by his psychic abilities to detect a “line of jealousy” in my writing. I’m not really attracted to prostitutes and I’ve never had a hard time seducing women. And I assure you that that Cuban girl you met in Spain, living here in Cuba, would not have invited you to go out and pay for her. If you don’t believe me, come to Cuba and then tell me if any Cuban will want to invite you. I guarantee you not, unless you are an adonis, which I don’t think is the case.

  • DB, good points.
    I did detect a line of jealousy in his writing…
    I had a fling with a Cuban girl in Spain not that anyone gives a Mother….
    She liked this little white boy with the green eyes… And I was beyond broke – so, it’s not all about money. She used to invite me out!

  • Cool story bro.

    “I have had the opportunity to get to know two of these women…” suuurrrre thing buddy.

    “…who dedicated themselves to “jinetear” back in the day, a term we use here in Cuba to refer to those who prostitute themselves with foreigners.”

    You must be the life of the party with these conversations. I’m sure they told you “uh huh, yup, we’re prostitutes alright! But Cuban men are just the best!”

    Don’t know how to break it to you guy, but in tourist destinations, locals sleep with the tourists and vice-versa, it happens all over the world, from Hawaii to France and beyond.

    Don’t get mad, go enjoy your life instead of wasting time on pick up artists websites, you really shouldn’t need that to have a good time in Cuba.

  • I would never marry a Cuban besides sex being a national past time, so is the endless lying which knows no boundaries whether lying to other Cubans and/or foreigners.

  • What about the 2 Canadian women murdered by their Cuban lovers in Varadero, women are treated poorly in Cuba, it’s still a macho culture and that culture is tacitly supported by the state, as it is in most Latin American and 3rd world countries.

  • Don’t believe that every tourist who visits Cuba does so for sex, if he or she meets a person with children and who’s in and they assist then become friends, don’t take this that because of kindness that they are fooled by the Cuban or they are stupid, it means they good people and care and understand the situation in Cuba not that they are fools or idiots; then they are both men and women who travel to these countries to take advantage of beautiful young women which i abhorred. Not everyone who is generous and considerate have an agenda or needs or wants sex because they are helping others i know.

  • I agree with the author; I think this is the case across Latin America however there are always exceptions…

    Thing is, you don’t hear anything good about Cuban men outside of Cuba. Especially not from the mouths of other Latinas who have had relationships with them!

    “Son muy vividores”… The classic line.

  • Good article and spot on summary by Stephen. Survival in Animal Farm by George Orwell.

  • “Most Cuban women are only interested in their money.” For the most part, yes. Some foreign men who either do not have the physical wherewithal to attract beautiful women in their home country vacation to Latin American countries, like Cuba, seeking beautiful female companion(s).

    These lovelorn vacationers are usually very romantically successful provided they financially splurge much money for the female’s attention and her family‘s financial well being. Some men are hoodwinked into believing the Cubana is head over heels interested in the foreigner while others, more mature and worldly experienced in the art of love, understand the relationship game and are willing to spend only the necessary bucks for the short term physical and emotional companionship.

    At times it looks pretty pathetic when one sees a bald, overweight, ugly, aged man with a young, beautiful, Cuban girl walking hand in hand or arm in arm along a Cuban city street or beach. Eyes gawk. Passersby’s looking at the pair know this man has money; this man is a loser in the romantic game in his own country; and, the young lady is only using her God given gifts, beauty in this case, to survive in a brutal Cuban economy. All is fair in “love.”

    Pedro says” . . . those visitors are always impressed with the affection they receive from our fellow countrymen and women. So many of them take the bait, marry Cuban women, and take them back to their countries.” Pedro is absolutely spot on here.

    Many of those visitors are Canadian women going to Cuba looking for love and absolutely are impressed with the affection they receive from Cuban men so much so that the Canadian women take them back to their country, in this case Canada, and get married.

    This is when true reality kicks in. Once the nuptials have been legalized and the now Canadian laws “kick in” the once torrent love affair which occurred on warm, sunny, Cuban beaches meet with the a cold, hard actuality like a snowy ice wall. The Cuban man promptly ditches his Canadian betrothed leaving her in matrimonial distress while he has gained significant money and tangible resources and quietly disappears.

    How many Canadian newspaper headlines read like this one from this one Toronto newspaper, The Toronto Star: “Marriage to Cuban leaves Brampton bride brokenhearted — and broke.” (Feb. 07, 2013). I won’t bother the reader with the explicit disturbing details. When it comes to romantic escapades some Cuban men can be darn despicable as experienced by numerous jilted Canadian women. Suffice to say that the Canadian government after numerous reports and responses to such callous cases launched a federal ad campaign warning Canadians about marriage fraud instigated by vacationers abroad.

    Pedro is absolutely correct in his statement: “ Most Cuban women are only interested in their money.” I would extend his sentiment to also include Cuban men’s interest in money via romantic hook ups beginning in Cuba. Again, economic survival is paramount for both sexes.

  • Unfortunately this is not true. Our women can be bought for a dime shampoo and a phone recharge…

  • Sex Tourism is nothing more then the Cuban nation display of human trafficking that has taken Cubans to there lowest form of life, nationally controlled; managed to improve a nations economy. Then with the uncontrolled Cuban corruption, what have you created is Cubans thinking they need to swindle to survive. I am felling great after near 6 yrs when paying for a lady’s Home; giving a daughter her first real place of security without violence at home, why Cuban ladies need a tourist to survive is a Cuban created national disgrace. The open truth has fewer tourist coming or returning To Cuba. Tourist providing independence for The future of Cuban children, not to a corrupt government has seeded with the changing Cuban lady not getting married or tied down to the dirt of Cuba.

  • I taught ESL classes in Canada, and had quite a few students who married Canadian male tourists. Some from Cuba and other impoverished countries. Your author is correct for the most part, but some of these marriages turn out well. One other warning for women in Cuba: Just because a man can afford a week’s vacation in Cuba, does not mean he is rich by Western standards. Cuba is a cheap vacation for us, a 3 hour flight from Toronto. A week in Cuba, costs no more than a weekend at a local resort. Canada is an expensive country to live in. The cold, long dark winters take a lot of getting used to. Every day language fluency in not difficult if you are young, but making the jump to college or university level is very difficult. The IELTS test for citizenship is also hard, and requires years of study.

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