Re-encounters and Surprises

By Pedro Pablo Morejón

HAVANA TIMES – When I open my Facebook I find her friend request, at first, I don’t recognize her, however, I look at it until I discover that it is her.

The same person from so long ago… The one I met in high school as one of the most attractive and coveted girls. One morning she approached me in the last week of the course and made my mind paint fantasies and create a whole melodramatic movie, Bollywood style but with Ricardo Montaner and Alvaro Torres in the background.

I, a skinny, insecure little boy, with my only mended shoes, sexually virgin, could not believe that a girl like that wanted me and I chose to reserve my feelings to avoid what in my logic at that time meant a certain rejection.

Years later, fate made us meet again, already mature. She had been alone for a month. I had spent my last cell on a woman who, after seeming to be the most in love in the world, woke up different one day and she told me bluntly: “I think it’s best to finish.”

She became like an oasis, at least for a short time. She was a member of the municipal PCC (Cuban Communist Party) and she seemed to have convictions. I didn’t judge her for being evil but for being ignorant and drugged by her passion, I tried to convince her of it with the same intensity that she clung to her ideology.

She was divorced and wanted something stable, willing to tolerate my “counterrevolutionary” stance. She only asked me not to interfere with her “commitment to the Revolution.”

Deep down I wasn’t looking for anything serious and much less would I be willing to maintain a relationship of that type with a woman like that. I gave her an unacceptable condition: either she left her job, or we were done. After a rather bitter discussion we stopped seeing each other forever.

The pain was temporary, and I even felt relieved. That had no soul to become a sentimental bond. It was only biological attraction, compulsion of genes, pleasure of the flesh and nothing more. After a while I forgot about it.

Now she reappears just as beautiful although she apparently has lost her convictions. In her profile you can read that she lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

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Pedro Morejón

I am a man who fights for his goals, who assumes the consequences of his actions, who does not stop at obstacles. I could say that adversity has always been an inseparable companion, I have never had anything easy, but in some sense, it has benefited my character. I value what is in disuse, such as honesty, justice, honor. For a long time, I was tied to ideas and false paradigms that suffocated me, but little by little I managed to free myself and grow by myself. Today I am the one who dictates my morale, and I defend my freedom against wind and tide. I also build that freedom by writing, because being a writer defines me.