The Hypocrisy of the Cuban Regime

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country was ready for a Russian attack, vowing, “We will defend ourselves”.

By Pedro Pablo Morejon

HAVANA TIMES – Russia has just invaded the territory of Ukraine, a sovereign country that has every right to protect its territorial integrity from attacks by pro-Russian separatist militias from Donetsk and Lugans, in the Donbass region.

Militias that Russia has always supported in its attempts to annex Ukraine. With this act, Russia flagrantly violates the UN charter and international law.

They have reportedly entered that country from three regions, from the north, through a Belarusian border post, from the northeast and from Crimea in the south, including missile strikes on several cities and regions.

The saddest thing is that the first deaths among the civilian population are already being reported and many desperately try to flee the country.

To justify his murderous rapacity, Putin has said that it is “a special military operation to protect people who have been subjected to abuse and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years.” He added that anyone who tries to interfere would have “consequences they have never experienced in their history.”

The West has only talked about increasing sanctions against the Eurasian giant.

At the moment, several international leaders, including those on the left, have condemned the invasion.

However, the Cuban regime, which a few days ago denied the invasion alerts made by the United States and other European countries, justifies the invasion, siding with Putin, the Russian strongman and former communist member of the KGB.

Days before, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov threatened the United States with a Russian military deployment in Cuba and Venezuela. Maduro supported him and the government of our country, instead of refusing to allow Cuba to be a Russian military base that puts the lives of Cubans in danger of a US attack, in the face of such a violation of national sovereignty, remained silent, as if Cuba were the whore slave of Russia.

Aren’t they against war and terrorism? Do they not advocate the principle of self-determination of peoples?

Oh sure, but the aggressor is Russia and not the United States, which makes all the difference.

As the popular saying goes “This is beautiful, but you have to understand it.”

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12 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of the Cuban Regime

  • Olga, I think you must live in a parallel universe.
    Your attempts to justify your wish to see more war are not very convincing.

  • And Nick Havana looks already like has been Raids with bombs. For years.

  • Olga,
    I hope that things get better in Cuba. I would like to see more freedom.
    You support policies that make life worse for Cuban people.
    It seems you want to maximise pain for people in Cuba.
    And now you are recommending warfare?
    Putin thought that his troops would be welcomed in Ukraine as liberators. Look how wrong he was.
    Invasions kill. War is not a game.

  • Nick the Cubans want to liberate from this horrible dictatorship I telling you , the war won’t last even 48 hours no even 5 soldiers would shoot back to Americans troops. How can you go to Cuba see the lack of freedom, hope, free speech, free association, ppl in jail for just only openly speech against the regime and go back to your freedom and think the Cubans don’t deserve what I have? Freedom. You support the regime you support the Cubans regime you support the pain. You live in capitalism’s.

  • Olga,
    How can you sit there watching Putin’s disgraceful and brutal behaviour and think to yourself now let’s go do the same in Cuba??
    You watch the Russian invasion on your TV and you think that what the world needs is more of this savagery??

  • Mr Patterson,
    You like to pour forth your views…….
    The disgraceful attack inflicted upon Iraq led by the scum that ruled your country in that recent era caused untold amount of suffering and death.
    The scum that ruled over you at the time sought to justify their slaughter by desperately trying to link Iraq to 9-11. Do you know how many innocent lives were wiped out because of the lies that your rulers told you?
    No you don’t Mr P.
    Coz no motherf**ker ever even thought to count the dead bodies.
    You live in a glass house Mr P.
    And you like to throw stones.

  • Curt, to be sure, Cuba has been and remains a next door staging-ground for anti-American espionage. This is not to say that the feckless Castro dictatorship is or has ever been an existential threat to the US or it allies but it is also not true that Cuba is a non-threat. But Ukraine was no more a threat to the Putin dictatorship than Cuba is to democracy in the US and Putin still saw fit to use the “threat” in Ukraine as a pretext to invasion. That said, Putin’s bloodthirst isn’t a valid justification for a US invasion of Cuba. Two wrongs still don’t make a right.

  • Olga, what is your rational for invading Cuba. Are they a military threat to the US? Did they attack US Ally’s? If you still have family in Cuba, you obviously don’t care about them being the victims of warfare? What has the 60 year old embargo done for the Cuban people?

  • Cubans in Miami claim to support democracy but they support the anti democratic trump.
    The little boy trump is Putin’s poodle.
    Cuba is not the problem.
    The problem is that the Russians managed to insert a stooge into the White House.
    This inserted stooge has managed to subvert any democratic pretensions in the USA.
    That’s what the problem is.
    At the end of the day, the imperfect Cuba will just keep on being imperfect Cuba regardless of the interminable issue between less than democratic USA and less than democratic Russia.

  • American government has been very tolerant with the Cuban dictatorship the next thing would be China invading Taiwan and the West only condemning it and impose sanctions. USA Needs to invade Cuba liberates the Cuban ppl if bus horrible nightmare and I’m fir sure the probably 5 soldiers maybe fight back at this point. Not one in Cuba believe in the Castro-Canel-Callejas system anymore the Cuban ppl said clear on J11 FREEDOM! Biden should give the Cuban what they want. Freedom like the one Curt enjoying in California,

  • Paul, Why don’t you go to Cuba yourself and “free” the Cuban people!

  • Maybe it would be good for the US to invade Cuba and get rid of the current government and free the Cuban people. It cannot be worse than the way their own government are treating the people now with poverty, imprisonment, lack of medical supplies and children crying with hunger.
    Just a thought.

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