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Regina Cano

The Christ of Havana, currently under repair.

HAVANA TIMES — An event called “Prayer: Attracting Light” (La Oracion: Atrayendo la luz) was held on December 9 at the Africa House in Old Havana.

It was convened by the “Christ and Love Union Spiritual Society” for all spiritualist societies in the capital, where eight of them have indicated their existence.

The gathering was attended by the president the Spiritualist Federation of the city: Enrique Aleman Gutierrez.

Prayers, affirmations and requests to the spirits that accompanied the realization of earthly life were made by members of the society that convened the function to support and benefit human life, both incarnate and discarnate.

“Requests have to be made as a community of thought… We’ve seen the effect of prayer on large masses of people, the planet and nature… In addition to the conviction of faith, we must pray daily, as this is achieved with sustained prayer… especially for those incarnates and discarnates who suffer… giving faith and charity to everyone in need.”

“The essential thing isn’t to pray a lot, but to pray well,” stated the words of Allan Kardec written on a screen.

This was the launch of the “Book of Prayers,” a work inspired by spirits of the light within the sponsoring society from 2003 to 2011, with a copy given to each person in attendance.

“…created in and for the use of the Christ and Love Union Society, it is a book for everyone. A legacy of the spirits of all humans on earth….”

In the farewell they cited the next meeting of the Christ Union in Havana, where a universal spiritual flow is recognized and exchanged.

The Christ Union (12-12-12)

On this day of celebrating Christ, people came early expecting the arrival of the time 12:12 p.m. as the numerological convergence of energy indicates. For example, the individual numbers 12-12-12 added together equal 9 (3 +3 +3), which means the “end of the cycle,” so they sought significance in previous dates before they met at this event.

The gathering on-12-12-12.

At that time, the participants (in several concentric circles) made their prayers of thanks. “In the name of humanity and cosmic unity and unlocking the codes as limits acquired….” they made their requests for forgiveness, since we are continuing to destroy structures and the natural environments of planet earth.

This was followed by a meditation and the sharing individual views, which is a way to receive spiritual messages.

They told me how: “The end of the cycle known by the Mayans is also present in the Bible and other holy books left to mankind.”

It is a “moment of the leap from one dimension of dual consciousness to another, which will manifest itself in love, peace, inclusiveness and the oneness of all beings, with nature as a source of life. This would show the changes we need to make – with unity and love being the essentials qualities for ascending to that vibrational level of the 4th dimension*.”

“We humans need to think about what we have done in our lives, because today we are being afforded the chance — through meditation, prayer and orders — to receive assistance in knowing what to do in this new era of light.”
* The four dimensions
1st dimension: the mineral kingdom, in all its manifestations.
2nd dimension: the plant and animal kingdom.
3rd dimension: the human kingdom manifesting duality, the consciousness of separateness (good-evil, white-black, etc.)
4th dimension: Awareness of inclusiveness. Feeling part of everything and being everywhere.

Regina Cano

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