Doesn’t the Eagle Catch Flies?

By Caridad

HAVANA TIMES – With his usual arrogance and contempt for those who opposed him, President Hugo Chavez once refused to debate with the then Deputy to the National Assembly, María Corina Machado.

The president of Venezuela was already ill and his words to the opposition leader were the following: “First I suggest that you win the Primaries, because you are out of the ranking to debate with me. I am very sorry, but that is the truth. An eagle doesn’t catch flies, deputy”.

This past Sunday the primary elections of the opposition parties in Venezuela were held.

The hard work carried out by candidate María Corina Machado bore fruit: the people, tired of poverty wages, of the daily deterioration of their quality of life, tired of the lies and embezzlement of the nation by the leaders of the governing PSUV, tired of the lies and submission of the majority of the leaders of the historic opposition parties, took to the streets to vote for a candidate who, throughout her political career, has been persevering and has not allowed herself to be bought or intimidated by the government of Nicolas Maduro.

It did not matter that the government prohibited its media outlets from covering the primary elections. The fear of losing jobs, miserable bags of food, or that there was no gasoline in many parts of the country, or that the internet would be cut off when the votes were counted did not matter. People came out of the poorest neighborhoods, from the middle-class neighborhoods, and asked to exercise their right to vote for whoever they want to represent them in the 2024 presidential elections.

It became clear this Sunday, October 22, that Venezuelans want and need a change in government and will come out to demonstrate it in the best possible way: through voting.

And the eagle?

The fly ate the eagle.

Illustration: Onai

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