Venezuela will have a New President in a Few Days


HAVANA TIMES — The chances of Venezuela having a new president are very scarce, bearing in mind the fact that it’s very likely that Nicolas Maduro will continue at the head of this country. And in the case Nicolas doesn’t remain in power, the new president will be Henry Falcon… who wouldn’t be “new” either as everyone here is well aware of the friendship between these two and Falcon’s ability to move between pro-government and opposition positions.

However, on May 20th, there will be a new president because, in Maduro’s own words, if the Venezuelan people vote for him then he really will start ruling like a president should and solve the country’s existing problems. Start over with a clean slate.

All of these years of poor government won’t appear on his presidential curriculum. He has even launched his presidential candidacy through a new party, not the old PSUV for this new Maduro. As of May 20th, Maduro will be a new president; because that’s what he’s decided and that’s that.

In spite of the fact that the number of Venezuelans leaving the country continues to increase, that the financial and social crisis is getting worse and worse every minute that passes by, in spite of many people not even seeing the sense in voting because they don’t know which of these candidates is the most ridiculous, Maduro is certain he will win.

We have already talked about food coupons, these handouts that are given every month via the Homeland card. Those who have been obedient or act as such and have this card, know that they will only continue to receive these handouts if they vote in Maduro’s favor. People know that their votes aren’t as confidential as the CNE makes them out to be, and very few people who receive these handouts are willing to risk losing them over nothing.

Because, in the meantime, Falcon is promising dollars for new wages, walking down streets and throwing fake dollar notes with his name printed onto them. I remind you that I am living in the same state where Henry Falcon was a governor up until a few months ago and for several years. His greatest achievement as governor was to buy a virgin covered in gold, the patron saint of Lara, in Italy.

There are more than enough things being said about the evangelical candidate, his best proposal being community soup pots to alleviate the hunger.

It doesn’t matter who receives the most votes. Many people will abstain, official media will say that the dreamed-about 10 million voted, which is the figure that Chavez always aspired to in vain (and Fidel even?). There will be a big million bolivar voucher for those who vote for Maduro, which will only be enough for them to buy a loaf of bread or, with a bit of luck, half a carton of eggs. Venezuela will continue to be steeped in misery for a long time, whoever wins, but I bet it’ll be Maduro.

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  • Maduro is heading Venezuela in one direction only, that of a One-Party Dictatorship modeled on Cuba. He has learned the lessons of the Castro model. Get power, control the military and only then declare that it is communist.

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