Venezuelan Situation Resolved Quickly

The people’s drone. Instead of C4…. a mango. Mr. President, HUNGER is also an ATTACK!


HAVANA TIMES — President Nicolas was protected by his competent security force, who displayed exceptional professionalism, as should have been.

I could leave this article at that really, with some photos I found on Facebook about the event. In these images, you will see the great danger that the famous working-class leader was exposed to.

It’s also worth taking a minute to appreciate the national intelligence agencies’ extraordinary work as they were able to locate the authors of such a dreadful crime in less than 24 hours. I don’t even think that they found the miserable man who served as a scapegoat when Kennedy was assassinated as quickly.

It’s as if more than half of the people who are still here in Venezuela were watching a horror movie in which the Government and a small percentage of Venezuelans are taking part in. Those of us outside the movie know who the murderer is, where they are lurking and we are shouting hopelessly at the victims: “look there”, or better yet, “don’t be stupid, he’s lying to you, don’t believe him!”

Of course, the victim is never going to hear us because it’s a movie. The worst thing is when the murderer comes out of the TV screen and comes after us, like in the classic Japanese horror movie “The Ring”. You don’t expect that to happen, so even though we know who the murderer is, they’re going to get us however they want to.

I talk to the murderer in the movie, I tell him, “look, they didn’t need assassin pigeons or drones with C4 to knock Kennedy out of the game. I could make a never-ending list about presidents who were assassinated. However, the murderer in this case is the president of a country and presidents don’t talk to women wearing broken shoes.

He is killing everyone who wants to denounce a frustrated assassination attempt.

Young and not-so-young people continue to escape Venezuela, you can hear them on the other side of the line, when they tell you they work nearly all day and all night for miserly wages, but at least their stomachs are full.

Every week, I learn about someone else here who has died because they were sick and they couldn’t get medicine, or because they had an accident trying to get to work on one of these trucks that now serve as public transport without having the bare minimum safety to be used as such.

Every month, I confirm that I’m still losing weight. Great! I tell myself, I can eat anything I want and not have to worry about getting fat. But, obviously I can’t… and then I start fretting over what I’m going to wear because my clothes are getting looser and looser and I’m not a very good seamstress.

The level of helplessness among the Venezuelan people is growing. I believe that the level of rage is also growing proportionately. And Nicolas knows this all too well, no matter how stupid he wants to appear.

A psychopathic government knows how to make itself look like the victim when they already know the date and time we’re all going to die.

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