A Garden in Havana’s City-Center

By Irina Echarry

deverdearte01HAVANA TIMES — The afternoon of Friday, June 14 was as hot as most of the days we’ve had this spring in Cuba. It was hard to imagine a place where one could find respite from the intense heat and rest, particularly near Havana’s city-center. This was, however, exactly what I came across.

I am speaking of the exhibition entitled “Deverdearte”, by young visual artists Alejandra Oliva and Manuel D. Lugo, who installed an artificial garden in the Cernuda Gallery of the Spanish-American Culture Center in Havana.

deverdearte07deverdearte05Flamingos, artificial trees, an elaborate sofa which sprouts from a wooden log, a stretch of lawn which invites you to take off your shoes and take a relaxing stroll across the gallery – these are some of the elements of the garden which address our senses – even our sense of touch – and help us feel and remember that we are a part of nature.

According to the artists, “the simulation of organic nature is a commentary on how we deny the process of evolution, an attempt to shed light on a number of phenomena, objects and things (…) Within the space of the exhibition, the reference to nature is a metaphor for social, commercial and artistic processes.”

The exhibition, located at 17 Malecon, between Prado and Capdevila streets. It is open to the public Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until July 20.

Oh, and do ask for a bag before you go in. You’ll want something to put your shoes in after you take them off to walk over the garden’s soft lawn.

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