A Heart-Felt Reflection for Nicaragua

Illustration by Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – Four years since the April 2018 citizen rebellion in Nicaragua and the subsequent massacre and ongoing repression, hundreds of US citizens from different faiths signed on to a letter that reflects their pain over the extremely sad human rights tragedy in the Central American country.

The letter was released on Thursday and continues to circulate in hope of greater understanding of the desperate situation and spark prayers and actions for peace and justice. It is a call to not forget Nicaragua, at a time when many people’s attention is focused on the Russian invasion, massacre and destruction in Ukraine.

Among the signers is Sister Helen Prejean, a Catholic nun whose work on behalf of prisoners was made famous in the Oscar-winning film “Dead Man Walking”, and Robert Ellsberg, the editor-in-chief of Orbis Books, which publishes works on liberation theology.

Ellsberg stated: “The same principles that inspired so many of us to support the original Sandinista Revolution and its campaigns for justice and on behalf of poor, cause us now to protest the oppressive policies of the Nicaragua government, and plead for the restoration of free speech and full civil rights.”

Reverend Paul Shoaf Kozak is another signer of the letter and an Episcopal pastor at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Boston who lived in Central America and now works with the unhoused population and Nicaraguan migrants.  As he wrote in an article also appearing in Havana Times: “We have heard the outcries of injustices and stories of pain and suffering noting how the Nicaraguan government has unleashed violence and aggression against its own people by imprisoning, silencing, threatening and punishing anyone who is not in agreement with their policies.” 

Multi-Faith Open Letter for Nicaragua

“And what does the Lord ask of you: only to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with  your God.” Micah 6:8 

As we approach Holy Week and recall the suffering of Jesus’ Way of the Cross, the tradition of  Passover when the Jews were freed from slavery in Egypt, and Ramadan, a time of rekindling  the meaning of community, we are called to pause and reflect on the suffering in our world.  

This holy season, we U.S.-based people from diverse faith traditions who have signed below, are thinking about Nicaragua and the tragedy that has been unfolding over the last 4 years and  that has caused the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans. 

Today we raise our collective voice in favor of peace and justice as we address the Nicaraguan government.  

We begin by remembering all the Nicaraguans who were killed as a result of the protests that  began in April 2018 –both the people who decided to protest as well as the police officers. We  remember all those injured in the conflict who continue to suffer the consequences. We  remember the more than 150,000 people who have fled the violence in search of peace, tranquility, and a life of dignity because they feel threatened in their own country.

Today we also remember those who continue to be held in Nicaragua’s jails and prisons without due process just for expressing dissent and raising their voices for human rights and justice. All  Nicaraguans, regardless of their opinion of their government, are part of the blessed country of  Nicaragua.  

How is it possible to speak of peace and reconciliation with so many families subject to the crushing effects of imprisonment, exile, and grief? How can a nation prosper under the weight  of so much suffering?  

It is the responsibility of the government to defend and protect the lives of all its citizens, including the lives of those who dissent, and it is the responsibility of people of faith to raise our  voices when citizens feel defenseless. 

Progress is only possible when citizens can exercise freedom of expression and when the dignity  of all people is valued and protected. Peace and stability can only be achieved when the rights  of all people are respected. Reconciliation is the fruit of justice. If the words of reconciliation  are not rooted in concrete actions that contribute to peaceful coexistence and the common good, they are little more than dust in the wind.

During this time of prayer, reflection, fasting and commemoration, as people of faith we urge  the government of Nicaragua to heed the cry of its people by liberating the more than 170  prisoners who have expressed their dissent. This would be an important step towards restoring some semblance of tranquility among the Nicaraguan family. Peace is only possible  through justice.  

“Speak up for the voiceless, Defend the rights of the dispossessed! Raise your voice and judge righteously! Defend the poor and the needy!” Proverbs: 31:8-9 

Signed by:* **

*Institutions are listed for identification purposes only.

**We have honored the requests of those signers who asked that their names be withheld for security reasons.

Sister Helen Prejean, Catholic, Congregation of St. Joseph

Rev. Leo Shea, MM, Catholic

Rev. Paul Shoaf Kozak, Episcopalian, Cathedral of St. Paul

Rabbi SAM Luckey, Jewish, Kehilla Community Synagogue

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, African Methodist Episcopal Church, New Roots AME Church

Aroub Yousuf, Muslim

Robert Ellsberg, Catholic, Publisher, Orbis Books

Lyn Fine, Buddhist, Plum Village Order of Interbeing, Dharma Teacher

Vijay Parameshwaran, Hindu, Beloved Community Interfaith Network

Rev. Craig Scott, Unitarian Universalist

Rev. Patrick Cabello-Hansel, Lutheran, Edina Community Lutheran Church

Rev. Joanna Lawrence Shenk, Mennonite

Michael Levi, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Dan La Botz, Secular Humanist

Sister Carmela Abbruzzese, Catholic, Associate Professor

Patrick Ahern, Catholic, Sacred Heart Parish

Lucas Allen, Catholic

Marcia Antopol, Jewish

Jane Ariel, Jewish

William Arnold, United Church of Christ

Joanna Axtmann, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Dr. Kathleen Bailey, Roman Catholic, Professor

Sarya Baladi, none

Marcia Bates, Lutheran

Kevin Bates, Lutheran

Vivian Baumgartner, Christian

Sr. Jane Beckman, OP, Catholic Dominican

Br. Brian Belanger, OFM, Roman Catholic, St Mary of the Angels

John Bell, Buddhist Dharma Teacher, Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism

Mark Benjamin, Christian Supervisor, Saint Andrews

Jim Berger, Jewish & Buddhist

Denise Bergez, Unified Buddhist Church, Dharma teacher

Terry Berman, Jewish

Kathleen Bermingham, United Church of Christ

Pat Berning, Catholic, Bellarmine Chapel

Richard Bishop, Catholic, Catholic Worker

Deacon Dr. Amy Blumenshine, Evangelical Lutheran Church

Alan Bone, Disciples of Christ Christian Church, Clergy

Rev. Dean Borgman, Episcopalian, Assisting Priest

Andrew Boyce, Roman Catholic, St. Catherine of Siena

F Jerry Braza, Buddhist, Dharma teacher

Michael Bremer, Roman Catholic, carpenter

Patrick Buckley, Catholic

Kathy Bull, Christian

George Bur, S.J., Roman Catholic, Campus Minister Saint Joseph’s University

Patricia Burke, Roman Catholic

Patricia Butler, Catholic

Ann Butwell, Catholic

Rev. Luisa Cabello-Hansel, Lutheran

Michael Camacho, Catholic, St. Benedict Parish

Matthew Carnes, S.J., Catholic, Associate Professor

John Carpenter, Episcopalian, Church of St. John Baptist

Rev. Dr. Judith Carpenter, Episcopalian

Robert Cerise, Catholic

Candace Chang, United Church of Christ Hope Central Church

Rabbi Oksana Chapman, Jewish, Temple Emanuel

Rachel Choppin, Jewish

Ann Clennon, Dominican Catholic

Marjorie Coello, Christian, Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Dr. Ellen Coffey, Jewish

Martha Collins, Christian, Old Cambridge Baptist Church

June Confer, Quaker

Ann Connor, Catholic, St. Plus Church

Chris Conyers, Christian

Michel Cote, Roman Catholic, Dominican Friars

Martha Crawley, Catholic, Loretto Community

Dr. Brit Creelman, United Church of Christ

Jain Cromwell, Catholic, Saint Rose

Laura Cryan, Catholic

Rev. Charles Dahm, O.P., Catholic, Dominicans

Kathryn Dalton, Catholic, St. Elizabeth’s Parish

Dr. Daniel Daly, Catholic, Associate Professor

Paul Davey, Catholic

Devon Davidson, Quaker, Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Bette Davis, Baptist, Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Margaret Day, Presbyterian, Church of the Covenant

Maria Fernanda De Nadai, Catholic

Marie Dennis, Catholic, Pax Christi International

Hope DeRogatis, Presbyterian, West End Presbyterian Church

Anne Dievler, Quaker, Adelphi Quaker Meeting

Carol Donahue, Catholic, Educator

Alicia Donahue, Spiritual

Dawn Dones, Catholic

Marjory Donn, Unitarian Universalist

Julie Downey, Jewish

Mary Doyle, Catholic

Faith Drescher, Roman Catholic, St. John of the Cross Parish

Virginia Druhe, none

Maia Duerr, Buddhist, Chaplain Upaya Zen Center

Lucy Duff, Protestant Christian

Alaine Duncan, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Louise Dunlap, Buddhist, Deepening White Awareness Sangha

Dr. Linda Elaine Easley, Indigenous Spirituality Traditions

Maria Edelen, Buddhist

Tracey Edwards, Methodist

Emily Egan, Roman Catholic, Campus Minister

Rabbi David,Elcott, Jewish, Congregation Kol Ami

Joe Eldridge, United Methodist

Caroline Ellenbird, Episcopalian

Jane Ellis, Humanist

Robert Ellsberg, Roman Catholic, Publisher, Orbis Books

Mary Ellsberg, Quaker

Joana Espinosa, Catholic

Tomeu Estelrich, Catholic, Director Center for Ignatian Spirituality

Dr. Joseph Fahey, Roman Catholic, Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice

Christopher Ficeto, Roman Catholic, Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

Marilyn Fichtner, Catholic, Dominican

Dr. Adrianne Fine, Jewish

Mary Rose Fissinger, Catholic

Arthur Flanagan, Catholic

Ruth Flower, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Daniel Flynn, Catholic, Church of the Resurrection

Rev. James Flynn, Roman Catholic

Karen Fogliatti, Quaker, Mt. Toby Friends Meeting

Margaret Foltz, Roman Catholic, St. Veronica in Mt. Carmel

Michael Fonte, Catholic, Holy Trinity

Kenny Foscue, Unitarian Universalist

Margie Frohlich, Jewish

David Fu, Agnostic

Rev. Don Fulton, Lutheran

JoAnn G, Roman Catholic

Gary Gabor, Roman Catholic

Alicia Galleta Gallegos, Roman Catholic

Sarah Ganton, Catholic

Mairead Gatcliffe, Roman Catholic, St. John Neumann Parish

Paul Gates, Roman Catholic, Basilica of St. Mary

Nan Gefen, Jewish, Teacher

Patricia Geier, Catholic

Rev. Kevin Gillespie, SJ, Roman Catholic, Pastor Holy Trinity Church

Karen Glenn, United Church of Christ

Charlie Goedeke, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Judith Goedeke, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Josetta Grant, Catholic

Marion C Grant, United Methodist, Retired Clergyperson

Sister Marya Grathwohl, OSF, Roman Catholic, Sisters of Saint Francis

Ginny Greene, Christian, Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Josh Grode Wolters, Catholic, Holy Spirit Church

Tim Groves, Christian

Esta Gutierrez, Jewish

Rev. Edgar Gutierrez-Duarte, Episcopalian, St. Luke’s

Grace Gyori, Presbyterian Elder

Caroline Hall, Protestant

Jun Hamamoto, Buddhist, Dharma Teacher

David Hamilton, United Church of Christ Hope Central

Kristin Harper, Ecumenical, Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Joe Hastings, Catholic

Dennis Heaphy, Roman Catholic, St. Cecilia parish

Carol Heath, Protestant

Claire Heinzelman, Christian & Buddhist

Otto Hentz, SJ, Roman Catholic, Professor

Rev. Timothy Hickey, CSSp, Roman Catholic, Our Lady Queen of Peace

Bill and Billie Hickey, Catholic

Karen Hirsch, Jewish

Ann Hirt, Catholic, Lay Marianist

Dr. Bill Hirt, Roman Catholic, Micah Marianist Community

Rev. Joe Hoffman, Episcopalian, RiverFlow

David Hollenbach, SJ, Roman Catholic, Professor

Anne Holzman, Jewish, Shir Tikvah Synagogue

Jane Hopkins Walsh, Catholic

Polly Hoppin, United Church of Christ

Burt Howell, Presbyterian Worship leader

Lisa Huerta, Roman Catholic, St. Pius V Buena Park

Janna Hunter-Bowman, Mennonite, Associate Professor

Isra Hussain, Muslim

Maggie Hynes, Catholic, Holy Name Church/Saint Christina Parish

Mary Jo Iozzio, PhD, Roman Catholic, Professor St. Katherine Drexel

Rev. Bernice Powell Jackson, United Church of Christ

Elisabeth Jacobs, Episcopalian, St. Mark’s Church

Rev. Laura Ruth Jarrett, United Church of Christ, Hope Central

Rev. Julia Jarvis, interfaith, Buddhist

Pam Jeffers, United Church of Christ

Johany Jeune, Catholic

Anne Johnston, Buddhist, Plum Village, clergy

Rev. Sharon Jones, United Methodist, Spirit Wind Fair Trade

Kimberly Kamara, Jewish

Abdoul Kamara, Muslim

Calia Kammer, Christian

Anna Kancharla, Christian

Jeffrey Kaneb, Roman Catholic, Visitation Parish

James Keenan, SJ, Roman Catholic, Professor

Fr. Patrick Kelly, SJ, Catholic

Christopher Kerr, Catholic, St. Dominic parish

Hamilton Kimzey III,Disciples of Christ Cherry Log Christian Church

Lisa Kiser, Presbyterian

R Klein, Buddhist, Community of Mindfulness

Marcelline Koch, OP, Roman Catholic

Jane Kovel, Jewish

Kate Kremer, Catholic, Spiritus Christi Church

Virginia Kruse, United Church of Christ

Anisha Kundu, None

Rabbi Susan Laemmle, Jewish

Sr. Katrina Lamkin, O.P., Catholic, Dominican Sister

Jackie Larner, Buddhist/Shambhala, Shambhala Meditation Center

Rachel Lausch, Presbyterian

Daniel Leahy, Roman Catholic

Mark Leahy, Christian

Aurora Leon, Buddhist, Plum Village Order of Interbeing

June Leonard, United Church of Christ, Hope Central

Yehudit Lieberman, Jewish, Jewish Gateways

Kaira Jewel Lingo, Buddhist, Zen Order of Interbeing and Vipassana, Dharma Teacher

Hunter Linton, Methodist Christian

Sister Leslie Little, Catholic

Zvi Littman, Jewish

Julie Litwin, Jewish, Kehilla Community Synagogue

Peter Loan, Christian, United Methodist Church

Fr. Prakash Lohale, OP, Catholic, Office for Interreligious Dialogue

Lucy M, Catholic

Donald A. MacMillan, SJ, Roman Catholic, Priest

Liza Magill, Catholic

David Makransky, Mahayana Buddhist

Eleanor Margulis, Jewish, Jewish Gateways

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Jewish, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice

Rev. Rob Mark, Presbyterian, Church of the Covenant

Marjorie Markus, Community of Mindfulness

Eric Martin, Catholic

Sara McAulay, Unitarian Universalist

Carole McCabe, Pagan, Delhi Bonfire Circle

Colleen McCarthy, Catholic, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker

Tim McCarthy, Catholic, Holy Family

Ariana McCormack, Catholic, Regis College

Sister Patricia McCormick, Catholic Sister of Loretto, Holy Family

Nei McCullagh, Episcopalian

John McDargh, Ph.D, Episcopalian, Associate Professor

Dr. Kent McDonald, Presbyterian, Pastor/Professor Whitworth University

Sister Rosemary McGuire, Catholic, Dominican Sister

Reg McKillip, Catholic, Dominicans Sisters of Sinsinawa

Barbara McQueen, United Church of Christ, Hope Central

Rev. Kathleen McTigue, Unitarian Universalist

Daniel McVay, Catholic, St. Raymond of Penafort

Edward Medros, Jewish, Walnut Street

Diego H Meneses, Presbyterian, Elder, West Side Presbyterian Church

Sylvia Metzler, Ethical Humanist, Philadelphia Ethical Society

Connie Meyer, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Sarah Miano, Roman Catholic

Sara Miles, Episcopalian

Sister Jean Miller, Catholic

Alexandra Mills, Protestant

Joyce Minkler, Roman Catholic

Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Lutheran, Professor

Rev. Robert Moore, Ecumenical Christian, Emmanuel Church

Rev. Terrence Moran, Román Catholic, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

Mary Morasch, Buddhist, Portland Sangha

Rev. Susan Morrison, United Methodist

Sharon Moy, Buddhist, Mindful Peacebuilding, Order of Interbeing

Birgitte Moyer, Buddhist, Order of Interbeing, Flowing Waters Sangha

Harriet Mullaney, Catholic

Luke Murphy, Catholic

Rev. Johannah Murphy, Unitarian Universalist

Dr. Melody Nadeau, Protestant Christian, Professor Siena College

Joseph Nangle, OFM, Catholic, Franciscan Order

Charlie Neill, Catholic, Blessed Sacrament Church

Joy Nelson, Lutheran

Rev. Paula Norbert, United Church of Christ

Margaret Nuzzolese Conway, Catholic, Saint John’s University

Thomas T O’Connor, Roman Catholic, Saint Cecilia’s

Maureen O’Reilly, Catholic, Sacred Heart Parish

Fr. Sean O’Brien, Catholic, Franciscan Friar, St. John’s/St. Ann’s Outreach Center

Ada Okun, United Church of Christ, Hope Central Church

Peter Olson, Buddhist

Laurie Olson, Community of Christ of the Desert

Dr. Joe Orlando, Catholic, St. Therese Church

Matthew Orlando, Catholic

Sophia Orlando, Catholic

Dr. David Ostwald, Buddhist, Flowing Waters Sangha

Erik Owens, Christian, Associate Professor

Dr. Ronald Pagnucco, Roman Catholic, Associate Professor

Laurence Paquette, Episcopalian, St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church

Vijay Parameshwaran, Hindu, Beloved Community Interfaith Network

Reena Parikh, Hindu

Rev. Carolyn Patierno, Unitarian Universalist

Marie Pellissier, Catholic, Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Anne Perkins, Roman Catholic, St Augustine’s Church

Rev. Dr. Allie Perry, United Church of Christ

Will Peters, Catholic, St Ignatius of Denver

Steve Piper, Roman Catholic, Our Lady of Loreto

Sister Noella Poinsette, OSF, Catholic, Sisters of St. Francis

Daniel Ponsetto, Catholic, Minister

Stephen Pope, Roman Catholic, Professor, Saint Cecilia Parish

Linda Porche, Catholic

Laurel Potter, Christian, Boston College

Dr. James Pustejovsky, Roman Catholic, Our Lady, Queen of Peace

Sister Barbara Quinn, Roman Catholic

Sister Elyse Marie Ramirez, O.P., Roman Catholic, Dominican Sisters

Estelle Record, American Baptist, Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Deacon Tony Remedios, Roman Catholic, Our Lady Queen of Peace

Christopher Reynolds, Catholic

Leena Rijhwani, Hindu

John Wright Ríos, Roman Catholic

Kate Ritger, Roman Catholic

Merilie Robertson, Christian, Knox Presbyterian Church

Jolee Robinson, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Steven Roche, Catholic, St. Joseph’s Chapel

Catherine Roche, Roman Catholic, Fairfield University Chapel

Kelli Rodrigues, Catholic

Kathryn Rodriguez, United Church of Christ

Rev. Ellen Rohan Ball, Christian, Pastor First Congregational Church

Lianna Rose, Nondenominational Protestant

Penny Rosenwasser, Jewish, Kehilla Community Synagogue

Kate Ross, Protestant, Wesleyan-Methodist, Newton Covenant Church

Phyllis Rothman, Jewish

Donald Rudrud, Lutheran, Retired Pastor Calvary Lutheran

Mary Ruppert, Roman Catholic, Our Lady Queen of Peace

Christine Ruppert, Catholic, St Camillus

Will Rutt, Catholic, Intercommunity Peace & Justice

Maria San Miguel, Catholic

Dr. Dennis Sardella, Eastern Catholic/Byzantine Melkite, St. Mary Church

Marjorie Sardella, Eastern Catholic/Byzantine Melkite, St. Mary Church

Rev. Anne Sawyer, Episcopalian, Rector St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery

Dr. Michael Scahill, Buddhist

Carl Scheider, Catholic, Guardian Angels Church

Jacqueline Schmitz, CSJ, Catholic

Florence Schwartz, Jewish

Dr. Chloe Schwenke, Quaker, Professor Adelphi Friends Meeting

Margaret Scollan, Roman Catholic, St Elizabeth Ann Seton parish

Jill Seaman-Chandler, United Church of Christ, Hope Central

Nisi Segor, Buddhist, Plum Village Engaged Buddhism

Dr. Michael Serazio, Catholic, Associate Professor

Rev. Miriam Shelton, Presbyterian

Rev. Dorri Sherrill, United Church of Christ

John Marvin Sipp III, Eastern Orthodox, PhD Student

Rebecca Shoaf Kozak, Episcopalian, Cathedral of St. Paul

Jacqueline Shrader, Catholic

Rise Siegel, Jewish, Temple Emanuel

Sara Silver, Reform Jewish, Hebrew Tabernacle

Russell Simons, Christian

Nancy Small, Catholic

John Sniegocki, Roman Catholic, Professor

Reuben Snipper, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Katherine Sogolow, Catholic

Steve Solnit, Jewish

Dr. Peter Spain, Catholic

Rev. Dan Spencer, Lutheran, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

Christopher Spicer, Roman Catholic, Paulist Center

Rev. Terry Steeden, Disciples of Christ, Hope Central Church

Corrie Steeves, Catholic, St Catherine of Siena parish

Penelope Stokes, Progressive Christian

Fr. Gerald Stookey, O.P., Catholic, Dominican Friar

Norman Strike, Lutheran, St. Stephen Lutheran,

Rev. Leona Stucky-Abbott, Unitarian Universalist

Mark Swanfeldt, Methodist

Vincent Sweeney, Roman Catholic, St. Cecilia

Rose Swift, United Church of Christ / Disciples of Christ

Donna T, Methodist

Julie Taberman, Christian / Congregational & Disciples of Christ, Deacon, Hope Central Church

Karen Taberski, Spiritual

Jill Tarter, Agnostic

Rev. Dr. Norman E Thomas, United Methodist

Dion Thompson, Presbyterian, Journey Church

Dr. Margaret Thompson, Spiritual

Victor Thuronyi, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Meghan Tobin, None

Steve Trainer, Catholic, St. Joseph’s Parish

Michael Travis, Prince George’s Peace and Justice Coalition

Jim Trelstad-Porter, Evangelical Lutheran, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Deacon Michael Troutman, Evangelical Lutheran, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

Marcia Tugendhat, Unitarian Universalist

Hector Tyser, Anglican, Church of England

Jeff Van Wagenen, Quaker, Litchfield Hills Friends Meeting

Ana Vanegas, Congregational, Sexton First Congregational Church

Daniel Verinder, United Church of Christ + Disciples of Christ, Hope Central Church

Margaret Vitullo, Quaker, Adelphi Friends Meeting

Katherine Ward, Roman Catholic

Cathy Webb, Quaker, Society of Friends

Kaethe Weingarten, Jewish

Rachel Weinstein, Jewish, Beth Chaim Synagogue

Sue Weishar, Ph.D., Catholic

Jakob Weiss, Roman Catholic, St. Bede Catholic Church

Rev. Prof. James M. Weiss, Episcopalian, St. James’s Parish

Julie Welch, Quaker

Caroline Wessels, Catholic

Grace West, Episcopalian

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, African Methodist Episcopal Church, New Roots AME Church

Mary Whitehead, Christian, Community of Christ of the Desert

Sara Wildavsky, Baptist, Interfaith Chaplain, Imani Community Church

Shannon Wilson, Engaged Buddhism, Many Rivers Sangha

Rev. David Winters, Presbyterian

Abby Wolfson, Jewish

Robert Woolf, Catholic, Good Shepherd

Dr. Crystal Wright, Buddhist

Rabbi Bridget Wynne, Jewish

Julia Yoshida, Catholic

Rebeca Zuniga, none, Denver Peace and Justice Committee

Name Withheld, Christian, Maestra New Life

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, Inclusive Catholic, Community of Christ of the Desert

Name Withheld, Christian, Hope Central

Name Withheld, Jewish

Name Withheld, Protestant, Hope Central Church

Name Withheld, Episcopalian, Curate St Titus’ Episcopal Church

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, Quaker

Name Withheld, Catholic, St. Giles Parish

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, American Baptist, Deacon

Name Withheld, Catholic, Catholic Worker

Name Withheld, American Baptist, Minister of Music

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, Methodist

Name Withheld, Episcopalian, Priest

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, United Church of Christ

Name Withheld, Protestant

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, None

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, Jewish

Name Withheld, Jewish

Name Withheld, Lutheran

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, Catholic

Name Withheld, Lutheran, Assistant Pastor to the Bishop

Name withheld, Catholic

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