11 thoughts on “An Artist’s Opinion of the New USA-Cuba Accords

  • Thank you for the link to that interesting website. I have learned something new. While there are no “pure blood” Taino in Cuba, many Cuban’s have Taino mtDNA. An article on the website spoke of rural communities east of Camagüey where traditional Taino cultural practices are still maintained, if often folded in with Spanish & African cultural influences.

    That said, I still think the painting would be more relevant to rent events if the figure on the right was a Cuban military officer, as the proposed normalization of US-Cuba relations seems to be driven by US business interest on one hand, and the Castro regime oligarchy on the other.

    Perhaps the artist could add ordinary Cubans (Creole, African & Taino) lying down on the bottom of the image, with the other figures, US dollar & FAR general, standing on them. That would be most appropriate.

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