Art and Utopia in Havana

From the Utopiart show.
From the Utopiart show.

By Irina Echarry

HAVANA TIMES – Utopiart, the union of the words Art and Utopia, is the title of the expo which these days is exhibited in the Hispano-American Cultural Center in Havana.

Installations, videos, photographs and paintings entertain with the art and imagery from countries as diverse and distant as Mali, the Netherlands, Belgium and Cuba.

So much to see: paintings made with colorful beads, umbrellas forming a large sphere; Inti Hernandez who, inspired by the tiles of his house, tries to decorate-and clean the ground of the city.

The expo is distributed throughout the building; you can see works in the Cernuda Hall, the protocol area and, after climbing the beautiful staircase, on the top floor.

It’s a good opportunity to appreciate the work of 14 contemporary artists with different social and cultural experiences, but connected by the plastic arts, the desire to express and a constant search.

The Hispano-American Cultural Center hosts the exhibition until August 29th. The open hours: 9.00 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

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  • Amazing culture again from Cuba! I just wish I was returning to Havana before the exhibit ends…..but it won’t be until October.

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