Brazilian Training Ship Anchors in Havana

Photo Report by Elio Delgado

HAVANA TIMES, July 30 — As this week began, a training ship from Brazil arrived in the port of Havana on a four day official visit in Cuba.

The ship left Rio de Janeiro the on June 5 and has docked at ports in Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The Havana public enjoyed visiting the craft on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

This is the first official visit to Cuba by the Brazilian ship, which has a crew of more than 700 – of which 33 are officers and 179 midshipmen.

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One thought on “Brazilian Training Ship Anchors in Havana

  • Socialist countries should be magnets for visitors of all sorts coming from capitalist countries: and they would naturally showcase the superiority of the socialist system to these well-impressed people, simply by functioning beyond capitalism’s clear limits. Then, these visitors would be coming to socialist countries on those countries’ terms — not, as happens far too much today, as privileged 1st-class royalty, as in the various cuban USD$ ‘resorts’, etc…

    So: show these sailors a good time, eh? Just not like _that_..!

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