Collective Exhibit at the Guayasamin Center

Irina Echarry, photos: Caridad 

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 28 — Opening recently was “RGB,” a collective art exhibit that brings together the oversized works of eight Cuban artists from here on the island.

Featured at the Oswaldo Guayasamin Center in Old Havana, these works are being exhibited from different generations, genres, styles and forms of expressing concern for various social themes, be they people coming and going from airports, youth roaming through shadowy worlds, lines of people at the market or at the bus stop, crowds in which individuals become lost in the similarities, and where — sometimes — someone stands out.

The artists use language, techniques and ranges of colors to exhibit states of spirits triggered by daily scenes in which each person contributes their personal vision.

This contemporary look at situations in which the social being intervenes or develops indicates the commitment of these artists to the reality in which they live, making this a good opportunity to be touched by something recent in Cuban visual arts.

The participating artists are Aluan Arguelles, Jesus Nodarse, Yuri Santana, Miguel Angel Mulet, Alexis Puig, Alejandro Gomez, Yurgen Rodriguez and Michel Chailloux.

The exhibition will be open through October 10.

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