Cuba Blames US for Exclusion from Americas Summit

Raul Castro, Juan Manuel Santos and Hugo Chavez in Havana on March 7th. Photo: Presidential Press of Venezuela

HAVANA TIMES, 8 marzo (dpa) — The Cuban government Thursday blamed the United States for keeping it from attending next month’s Summit of the Americas.

“There has been no surprise,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told a press conference in Havana. “It’s been the chronicle of an exclusion foretold.”

Rodriguez spoke at a news conference a day after Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos informed Havana that he would not invite Cuba to the summit that is to be held on April 14-15 in the Caribbean city of Cartagena, Colombia.

Santos told Cuban President Raul Castro that “consensus” on the invitation had been elusive.

Cuba has not taken part in any of the five past summits.

In recent weeks, some Latin American countries led by Ecuador’s left-of-centre government hinted that they might boycott the summit if Cuba is not invited.

The United States insists that only “democratically elected” leaders should attend the gathering. Rodriguez accused Washington of disrespecting Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

Santos said that Castro had shown an understanding for Bogota’s position. He said he hoped Cuba’s status within regional organizations would be discussed during the summit.

During his one-day visit to the Cuban capital, Santos also met with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who is recovering from cancer surgery.

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  • Using this reasoning Hondruras should not be coming also, installed by a US backed coup and presiding over a country that under its rule has become one of the most violent in the world.

    The ALBA countries should boycott this event.

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