Cuban Sculptor Deny Lear Castro (Video)

Video by Elio Delgado Valdés



HAVANA TIMES – Deny Lear Castro is a young Cuban man of the times. In the 1990s, he dedicated himself to making money however he could, and he didn’t study in spite of having a mother who worked in Education.

Many young people like him went looking for livelihoods which would allow them to be a little freer of the Special Period crisis’s economic shackles, not bothered if this might land them in trouble with the police.

There are many young people who find themselves in this position today. Some of them finish University and then work in the private sector in jobs that have nothing to do with what they studied.

This phenomenon should be studied, because an entire generation is being lost, who are awarded degrees that they aren’t interested in, or wages that don’t get them to the end of the month.

Deny, a sculptor now after a lifetime of problems when he was younger, has found an escape from reality in his artwork.

However, he feels discriminated against in the artist circle because he didn’t study at an art academy like San Alejandro, and he continues to be on the sidelines of the Law. He now has his own family and he dreams that his son will one day study at University and not run into any problems with the law.

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